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I find pretty much all of it extremely deep (if by that we mean complex and far reaching), frankly.

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The fundamental difference between an explanatory text and a story with plot is that the first is a description, while the second a simulacrum. What is meant by this is that essentially, when I simply describe something, I'm not really giving an image of it; say I describe the laws of physics, the explain our world very well, but they are completely meaningless without an object to be observed. That's where plot comes in: the stream of information through which characters and world are presented gives the reader an object to form expectations and deductions with. By showing what Raskolnikov does and how it affects him, I'm showing you, rather than telling you about, this part of the human psychological experience; through the length of the plot, the reader can look at the story and see if what has been stated makes sense, if it is consistent, how it unfolds, et c.

I guess.

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>Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The fuck kind of literature class teaches HHGTTG? I wish our curriculum had that...

Anyways, off the top of my head we read
>Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
>1984 (more than once I think)
>Brave New World
>Fahrenheit 451
>Catcher in the Rye
>Heart of Darkness
>portions of Moby Dick
>Flowers for Algernon
>Animal Farm
>Of Mice and Men
>Great Gatsby
>Huckleberry Finn
>Grapes of Wrath
>To Kill A Mockingbird
>Romeo & Juliet
>sections of The Odyssey
>The Road

Surprised I remember all that.

That was basically all the good stuff. There were LOTS of cultural awareness books. It never ended. So many books about poor African refugees and oppressed Arabic girls. It killed me inside. They weren't inherently bad, but I think shoveling those down our throats made us collectively more racist.

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