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When is /lit going to stop being filtered by the fact he went nuts and started a cult--the outcome of which was ritualistic suicide? I mean, it elevates the whole event to kino precisely because Mishima himself evolved into something almost entirely non-based (in reality, where that slang comes from).

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mfw we still have an aristocratic class that rules and leads us, only they are leading us down the road to doom instead of the apex of humanities' collective potential

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summer is ending / chill wind whistles between trees / causing leaves to fall

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I'm no giga chad but;
>life comes crashing down due to coronameme
>decided to finally get /fitlit/
>the consolation of the ancient greeks helps me shrug off my old worries
>never been so fit with friends and girls commenting on my gains/body
>finally started learning a language
>never been doing better at uni
>first time in my life I'm completely comfortable with who I am
>just excited to keep on improving
>old crush gets back in contact
>cute girl from my area pests me for dates
>think I'm finally ready to be a good boyfriend to someone
>feelsbadman dating two girls at once but do it anyway as not sure and been without intimacy for so long now
>after sex with both say they just want a FWB set up

damn even when you make it you'll always be forever alone

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>actually live his life
What a fucking spook. You speak as if there is a literal way of living life.
Terms like that are what the status quo of people tell you to make let you know you are living in a way they dont enjoy/like. Its slave morality.

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>Reading at library, it's quiet
>Start feeling lonely and anxious, go out before it gets worse
>Want to read somewhere other than the library
>Remember how alone I felt, don't want to feel that way again

I want to enjoy reading but this always turns me off. Any way to get over it?

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You're fucked. Only one way to get through this situation with your honor intact.

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