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I can't be the only one who wants mass death and ruin, can I?

Maybe if everything is stagnated, if everything is dried up and wasted... a little spilling of blood would be the thing to lubricate the gears of history, eh?

Would it be so wrong to wish for a major war? I'm talking something that would alter the global order. Like a war between the European Union and Turkey, or even the big daddy of them all: a war between the United States and China. A war that, no matter who won and who lost, the status quo of the planet would be inevitably altered. Something that you couldn't just walk away from with business as it was before. Something that would permanently alter the nature of the world.

Is it so wrong to wish for a war like that?

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Either Moby-Dick or Book of the New Sun

I have extremely, unfathomably degenerate fetishes and have actually used my skills as a writer to write out erotica of them which I post on /trash/ from time to time. I post them as anonymous Pastebins to cover my tracks. Literally no one knows I do this, I even had some of my online personal information exposed recently and still no one picked up on it.

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>implying the collapse of democracy in the United States won't usher in a new wave of iron morality

Biden can't save you fuckers. Whether he wins or not, the United States' days as a democracy are numbered. America will go full monarchy like Rome before it, and the first of our autocratic rulers will probably be a right-winger.

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