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Fuck you nigger. I’ll have you know I won awards 3 months in a row for being a sales associate at Best Buy and helping sell many products customers enjoy today. You’re pathetic, just because I work at Best Buy doesn’t mean I should be treated less differently. Sure I get paid $13 an hour +bonuses but it’s a simple life. Everyday I wake up, comb my teeth, brush my hair, finger my ass to make it to work to help sell corporate goods to better your everyday life. All I do is tell what the electronics do, shuffle around products, ring up shit but it’s a decent life.

I’m 25 and have my own apartment and I’m single, didn’t have to go to school and it’s ok. Would I love to do something else? Sure, but I don’t have the time and I’m stupid.

Something tells me you don’t even deserve to lick the very sweaty seat of my managers chair.

Fucking kids come in and think everything is so easy, huuurrrr durrrr look how smarts I am, let me belittle those around me. So far I’m doing great at bestbuy and I hope to get employee of the year and work there until I die.

Smoke weed everyday, work hard selling for dr shlomo baggins and enjoy what little time for hobbies I have

Anyways I bid you farewell

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