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Hey /lit/. I'm currently going through the (so called) "classics" and one author I'm wrestling towards the idea of skipping would be the famed Ernest Hemingway.
When I went to buy my latest batch of books I checked out a few of his own but I didn't feel like reading "A Call to Arms" simply because I've read a lot of war books and I'm a bit battled out.
Now my first hearing about Hemingway was in like.. Senior english class in high school? We read a really short story by him about camping in the wild and all that but before we did my teacher sorta went off on a monologue about how she really didn't like Hemingway, thought he was overrated and outdated, and that his works were way too overly masculine.
So was that true? Is his work going to just be forgotten due to it's outdated and non-progressive views. Should I just skip it and move on or is his work detrimental to literature? What did you think of his work?

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Cocked, locked, and ready to rock.

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How many of you are serious about writing and not just here to be a part of an online community and pseud and meme your way through the days?

For those of you that are serious, how many books do you read on average per year? How much do you write? Short stories or novels?

What do you do to try to improve your craft?

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>I am thirsty
>I'm thirsty
>Give me water (BBE)

I thirst

Translations matter.

Kill yourself.

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Stop stealing my prose commie.

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You think that that that you're holding there will stop me? Think again kid

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/fit/ is a toxic cesspit of fragile beta males who delude themselves into thinking being stronger (read: thicker thighs) will somehow solve their crippling insecurities and utter lack of self control, self esteem, and ability to think. Most /fit/izens are losers with no social life, romantic life, career, or any redeemable qualities. They do not possess the cognitive capacity or self-awareness to realize the sad state of their life, and will likely die of AIDs, steroid overdose, or suicide before they can change.

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>Neglects her children
>Cheats on her husband
>Is a bitch to everyone
>Does her shitty "art."
>Kills herself because nothing can satisfy the female ego

I honestly can't understand if the awakening is a cautionary tale against feminism, or just plain shit.

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>Why do men always cheat?
They don't, only the most sexually attractive men can afford to cheat. If you don't want to get cheated on, stop going after the very top of the sexual market.

>Why are men so afraid of commitment?
Maybe because you, and all other women, put out on the first date, and highly attractive men know they can continue this. Again, if you want a committed loyal partner, stop aiming for a highly attractive, rich Chad.

>Why do men only want sex?
They don't. They only want sex with you, because you're uninteresting and don't have more value than your pussy.

Any questions?

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>mfw an author uses a word with more than three syllables

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Shouldn't you be on /pol/ right now, pledging full allegiance to an arbitrary, subjectively created idea of cultural and racial identity that nobody but /pol/ agrees to, and is also just as susceptible to change?

Or are you going to stay here for a while and shit up this board, and then leave when you realize you have the brain capacity of a ground squirrel, and really should go back to your blue-collar group of Libertarian and Conservative playful Fascists pretend-playing with actual Fascists because it's taboo comedy?

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what was the most masculine book by hemingway?

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My name is Hemmingway, and my gun will blow you away

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>using a word with more than three syllables

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>tfw you will never machine gun U-boats off the Cuban coast with Papa
Why even live?

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Also a KGB agent and U-boat hunter. How could one man be so based?

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the fuck you say about iceberg theory, you little bitch?

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Beg pardon?

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Added everyone whom I don't already have as a friend.
I feel like some of the best - if not the best - reviewers and users on Goodreads browse /lit/. The connection between the two is really awesome since you'll find the same quality on the website but no memes/shitposting/trips/other bullshit.
Anyways, feel free to criticize!:

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>>>/pleb who makes himself feel better by putting down patrician tier literature lovers/

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The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine by Ernest Hemingway. Cowboy Bebop.

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