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From wiki:

Further information: Discrimination against atheists
Legal and social discrimination against atheists in some places may lead some to deny or conceal their atheism due to fears of persecution. A 2006 study by researchers at the University of Minnesota involving a poll of 2,000 households in the United States found atheists to be the most distrusted of minorities, more so than Muslims, recent immigrants, gays and lesbians, and other groups. Many of the respondents associated atheism with immorality, including criminal behaviour, extreme materialism, and elitism.[6] However, the same study also reported that, “The researchers also found acceptance or rejection of atheists is related not only to personal religiosity, but also to one’s exposure to diversity, education and political orientation—with more educated, East and West Coast Americans more accepting of atheists than their Midwestern counterparts.”[6]

and you don't think there is a good reason that dawkins, hitchens, maher, etc. should speak out i in favor of atheism? not only are they right, but atheist are a minority and the most hated one at that, so they should be out proselytizing and spreading the good word to convert people to fucking sanity.

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The scientific/mathematical facts(?) that he used to eliminate everything by the process of elimination except Christianity. Those "facts" that would've never been available in a theocratic/non-secular/Republican/redneck/dumbass society....or do you not fucking get that?

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