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As my belief in Christianity faded, so did my interest in PKD. I feel I can no longer take his ideas seriously. Thoughts?

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I wish I can read Plato and Aristotle instead of reading them on Wikipedia and brag about being a philosopher here.

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>tfw laying in bed.
>The knowledge of consciousness impermanence condemns you to the nightly acceptance of your death.
>Every moment is your last.

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Not him, but i actually did this a while ago.

p1: If i do not exist in any form, then i cannot experience any form of existence.

p2: If i do not exist outside a simulated reality, and perceive a simulated subset of existence, (Eg, a computer program), i must then be a product of a reality in which the simulation belongs. Otherwise, i could not experience the illusion of existence.

p3: If i do not exist within the boundary and conditional parameters of actuarial reality, i do not exist.

p4: If i exist, in any form, there must, by extension, be an existence in some form to necessitate my ability to perceive and interpret it.

p5: Actuarial reality exists if i exist.

p6: If i do not exist, i cannot know if actuarial reality exists.

p7: If i cannot know if actuarial reality exists if i do not exist, i must exist as a subset of it, under it's parameters, in order to exist.

p8: I exist, because i am experiencing existence.

Therefore, if i exist, an actuarial reality exists separate from my experiences and interpretations.

The takeaway from that is that you can prove an objective reality exists outside your perceptions through pure logic.

- Signed, Steve.

Not that anyone cares, i don't have a degree. Fuck you, school and 4chan.

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This m8

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