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How do I break the cycle c/lit/? How do I escape the wagie-cagie and focus on writing more?

>be me
>born in a third world country
>study literature
>write a book and get it published
>start teaching to pay the bills
> have been teaching for 10 years
>no new novels written, only translated novels
>studying for an MA right now (for job qualifications)
>still have no time to write.

I've been postponing it for the last 10 years to finish writing another one. Will there ever be a plateau for the wageslave author or do I just HAVE TO make it with whatever time I have in my hand and try my best?

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Kindly reminder that the english translation of corpus aristotelicum by Oxford is available on archiveDOTorg in 12 volumes.

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Some Turkish uni
Master's in English Lit.
Lockdown at weekends.

QUESTION: is there any chance of me getting a PhD Scholarship anywhere outside Turkey in the same field? (any suggestions?)

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Has the argument been advanced since Mandeville?

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