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"getting to know" does not even matter when it comes to attraction. In fact, I'd say the only thing that matters is a man's direction and inertia in life.

The more momentum you have at any given time, momentum being your inner power and what you exude to the outside world, the more you will attract women.

As soon as you "slow down" to try and date and court a woman, you lose energy, and that energy loss repulses women. Do your own thing and always stay moving forward in life and women will naturally try and hitch onto you, because they see a man who is motivated, in-motion, and powerful.

If you lose your momentum and get stuck in a rut, you will never attract the women you want, and instead you will get stuck with the women who are also momentumless and dead weight.

Keep in mind that dating has become extremely unnatural since the invention of online dating and smart phones, also, society has made it purposefully much, much more difficult to flirt in-person with women. Add in the masks and vaccine passports and you have a perfect storm of loneliness and broken social skills coming up.

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Actually, I have a finely-tuned sense of social awareness.
>wrote a book after fucking 100+ women since I was 15 years old
>saw how much dating had changed in such a short time and how it was going to cause a bunch of loneliness problems and increased dissatisfaction with dating
>I was right
How would I be so good at getting laid if I couldn't read the room? I've been a 10+ year regular at pubs, can easily buy drugs in any city with my street smarts, can navigate the normie world when I need to, quite adeptly when I want to.
I already bragged with a ton of photos of my exes on here and their hot asses, my social awareness only appears odd to you because someone with any sort of confidence on this website is new to you.

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That's not very nice.

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He's not going to sell 1 copy of that shit book

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I literally wrote a book on getting too much sex


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Must kill you inside that a mentally ill boomer has lived a more fun life and continues to enjoy life more than you, all while encouraging other /lit/ posters to chase their dreams. I feel sorry for you, having chose the blackpill over optimism and cultivating your own inner strength.

Hope you find some inner peace, friend!

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DO NOT GIVE UP ANON! YOU CAN FIND LOVE. The online dating companies WANT all young men to be blackpilled and subscribed to their $50+ a month service FOR THE HOPE of finding someone when everything in society and those in power are doing is trying to keep you from making connections so you constantly have to use their apps out of desperation.

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Let's see a video of you curling 40 lbs x 15

I can do it on video... can you?

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Hard to live an adventurous life as a young man in 2021 when everything is so incredibly expensive... Those doing a YouTube channel, or who bought real estate a decade ago, or perhaps mooned on crypto, they have the finances to adventure... but who of them are writing?

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I feel like the truth is closer to:

"The women you attract and chase are just a reflection of who you are"


When I released my 1st book, I was addicted to cocaine and completely surrounded by addicts, alcoholics, junkies, social climbers, social justice warriors were just ramping up... it was when the revolution just begin in the west. I was so demoralized and such a nihilist just chasing more coke and more easy poontang. It's easy to get on that path, but SO hard to get off it.

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