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>enjoyable Mad Lad lit
Super Male, Alfred Jarry
A Clockwork Orange
Wallenstein, Schiller

And just about any picaresque — Don Quixote, Simplicius Simplicissimus, ect,

>Fruits of Graft, Wayne Jett
>Rothbard’s History of the Federal Reserve
>Anthony Sutton Wallstreet Trilogy
>The Creature From Jekyll Island
>Tragedy & Hope, Quigley
>Thomas Mahl’s book on UK interference in FDR’s final reelection
>Toynbe, Spengler [Decline], Foote [US Civ War] & Gibbon [Rome]
>Copelstone’s Hist o’ Philosophy
>Babylon’s Bankers; Financial Vipers of Venice — Joseph Farrell

>Napoleon’s maxims
>Von Moltke’s memoirs
>On War, Clausewitz
>Sun Tzu
>Unrestricted Warfare, 2 Chinese Colonels
>Ho Chi Min’s war material
>Col. Fletcher Prouty, Michael Collins Piper
>4G Warfare, William S. Lind
>4th Turning, Strauss & Howe
>Mackinder, and Mahan
>Mind War, MJ Aquino

>Microcosm & Macrocosm, Joseph Farrell
>Enneads, Plotinus
>Corpus Hermeticum
>Game of Saturn, Mark Adams
>Picatrix (wait for Liana Saif’s translation from Arabic, Warburg Inst.)

Have a good White Boy Summer, fren

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>get an A in a literature essay
>didn't read the book at all

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I'm not the one wasting your time. Creating this thread was itself a waste of time.

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>Hail, Ithaca! After many labours, after bitter suffering, gladly I touch your shore.

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>So whites not wanting to have to deal with blacks is racism

>and the only way to deal with that is to use the totalitarian government to force whites to deal with blacks and re-distribuite their resources to blacks?
Nobody said anything about redistribution. But to answer your question, no, businesses should not be allowed to discriminate based on race. You should not be allowed to refuse service, refuse hiring, or anything else just for the color of their skin.

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I’m not going to read a book with “fuck” in the title.

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>ahoy matey doubloons treasure rum oceans deck plank shark compass scurvy captain quartermaster yohoho flag hook telescope sail mast swab avast

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