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Jewbro Levinas also goes in this category

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I'm taking a module concering Phenomenology & Existentialism, however, I've learnt that the term will be devoted to an in-depth study of Emmanuel Levinas' Totality and Infinity.
Should I consider my options and choose another module? I had hoped that it would be more concerned about Kierkegaard/Heidegger/Sarte, not an entire term dedicated to Levinas.

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the way he uses the concept of ‘height’ confuses me a bit, does he simply mean it in the sense of hierarchical importance/influence of the ‘other’ towards the ‘i’?

additionally, why did he feel the need to write so intentionally obtuse a manner? is it the Heidegger influence? Heidegger’s use of language is still far less flashy than Levinas’ is, and at least serves a purpose beyond waxing poetic.

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>screams at Heidegger

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I see quite a lot of threads about morals, but I've never seen one about Levinas.
Anyone here who read him?

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