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He gave Maria a piece of scrap paper before walking off towards a taxi bank. Maria stared at all at her surroundings, the large spires went up hundreds of floors, in the middle of the city was a large structure that went all the way past the clouds. Maria pulled her suit case along out of the way of passersby and looked at her map.
“What was the address again…” she mumbled to herself, it was still raining. Maria flagged a sky taxi awkwardly, to her surprise there was nobody driving, only a soft but comforting voice said.
“Where would like to go this evening Ma’am?” Maria placed her suitcase in the back before saying to the bodiless voice.
“Sector 3, Block 17, Tower 32.” Maria settled down in the passenger seat. “Are you a robot?”
“I’m a AI, not a robot, my body is being repaired, but I don’t actually need to be in the vehicle to operate it.”
“Sorry if I offended you, I’m new to the city. How do people normally refer to… androids and stuff.” Maria smile at the little camera that peered at her.
“’Accelerators’ is a broad-based term in reference to various humanoid machines and other non-human intelligences.” The taxis hover engines activated smoothly and before Maria knew it the taxi was in the air gliding though the sky, the storm clouds were beginning to pass however a smog still remained. However, no matter how smooth the drive was it still felt as if she was in the cockpit of a fighter jet, by the end of the trip she felt sick.
“You’ll have to walk the rest of the way.” The taxi flew off, Maria walked along the footpath, everything around her felt so sterile and clean. Few people were walking down the streets. ‘This is a more affluent district after all…’ Most people were either still sleeping or they simply travelled in vehicles rather then walk.

that's all I have written so far.

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I'm 18 and quite a few of my many friends have read philosophy and political theory books.
Since I live in australia and the legal drinking age is EIGHT TEEN YEARS OLD. I often invite my FRIENDS over for dinner and we taste fine wines (except me for I am a whiskey man)

After drinking 6 STDs (Standard Drinks) worth of WHISKEY I get maximum
I then proceed to reproduce to protect the future of my australian multi cultural society.

Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment is my favoute romance novel.

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