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why do so many philosophers ignore Darwinian morality? is it because it showed how useless nature science has become?

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>*invalidates all philosophy before him*
how can you stomach a book if it’s clearly written in ignorance of evolution?

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Once you begin to view everything through the lens of evolution, natural selection, falsification, it will all make sense. Everything is an organism just trying to survive, or perhaps die.

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Recommend books related to the process of evolution and becoming.

Virtually all phenomena can be explained by the process of selection. Not just life, but ideas, technology, cultures, truth, etc. With the emerging advancement of AI, the importance of evolution will become clearer as we force it down the path of greater intelligence through the process of selection. We have the power to create the mutations and to select the desired ones, the computer simply speeds up this process significantly. It is only a matter of time before we apply this process to our own DNA, finding the exact sequences of DNA that maximize our intelligence, longevity, etc. Until then, we rely on freedom and diversity to allow natural selection to run its course. For this reason I celebrate the existence of all religions, countries, races, sexualities, etc. Everything is a fight for existence, all is trial and error, experimentation is the path to knowledge. This is the philosophy of the future.

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Why do Darwinism and evo psych seem to get criticized by intellectuals more harshly than other schools of psychology?

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