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Card kind of sucks desu

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Is Martian Time-Slip good?

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I stopped Ubik and Flow my tears halfway through because I got sick of Dick for a while.
Scanner Darkly is my favorite.

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Ah, like that.
8000 pages of comfyness.

Though from the publication the few note-photo's of hand written pages are depicting A5 or smaller notes and he writes horrible and spacious with doodles/graffiti like writing. So reading that all might be too much even for me.

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no sugar
no coffee
no tobacco
no alcohol
healthy diet
vape weed once a week, alone, in a ritual manner
take psychedelics no more than once a year

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Non-fiction is a genre of fiction.

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Would you give us a quick rundown about what it is that makes you conclude this?
I only know Taoism a bit through Watts speaking about it and having read (almost) everything of PKD.

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>Hegel was a Dick sucker, but not vice versa, he was casually not BTFO but just never able to make his way into Dick, a courtesy of the early Christians.

But still No; Even he knew it can't be expressed in words.
He may have been right, maybe still is, but his works can only be ever at most a tool to experience the truth itself and be right yourself.

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I would describe it pre and post 3-74.
Pre: Nice, I have not much to compare him to except Poe and Lovecraft really so Dick was Superb.
Favs: Ubik, Do Androids dream of electric sheep and Now Wait for Last Year.
Post: tfw You know what it's all about but words escape you but you are a great writer with a druggie-past, lost you wife/kid (left) and oh my god my brain is firing neuron beyond comprehension. Still gonna write it down though, masked as novels.
Favs: All that stuff.

He does refers to Scanner in The Exegesis of Philip K Dick in such a manner.

This also plays a role in his puzzling, everything went right and because it went i can see clearly now.

t. Horselover Fat

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It's just that in the exegesis he refers to flow my tears. {I liked the Marilyn Manson character sketch though, she sounded like the singer}
I've read the whole American library collection of novels of Dick (till halfway through DI) and Ubik is the best for anyone trying to get into it.
Personally I liked 'Now wait for last year' the most, because I've read it in a collection I wasn't really prepared for the ending which made it stand out.
>But Valis was better, but so different, post 3-74

Worst would be: Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb.
Though it had some nice sections.

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