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Explain why christcucks are so obsessed with try to reconcile Nietzsche and Christcuckery.

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If life ultimately is all about asserting yourself, then resigning from life and other symptoms of depression is admitting defeat? Why do some people have a much greater will of assertion and stamina to keep going in the face of adversity? Is the life force of Will not equally distributed amongst all the matter and Beings of this world?

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>taking walks... is... LE GOOD
>you must take walks to be... le GREAT MAN
why is he so onions?

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was he a nihilist or anti-nihilist?

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Most books are not worth reading?
A writer that can't summarize their book in a page or ten isn't good- the quality of a story is, it, in 25 words or less?
literacy isn't intelligence but a byproduct of society and in some cases stupidity?
The cover is the most important part of the book?

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>There are no facts, only interpretations. Truths are just a sham. Slave morality is guilty of this.
>A-also master morality is g-guilty of this too, my interpretation of how the world works is above b-both master and slave and is objectively the best.
>B-but I will make this objective interpretation vague and have everyone misinterpret me to oblivion!
Why? Literally just say "no you're not supposed to revert to robbing, raping, enslaving, and killing" instead of saying over 1,000 pages praising masters if you're going to trash them anyway. Let me guess, saying what you actually mean would be "forcing your will on others" and therefore there is some lust to enslave humanity in me.

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Anyone else despise philosophy? It's basically self-help slop written by grifters who have accomplished nothing in life but fooling teens into thinking they're intelligent.

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>Good is actually LE bad because it is base. But it's beautiful!
>Evil is actually LE good because it is grand. But it's ugly!

>We should do good, not out of good or goodness, but rather because it is beautiful compared to evi. We will make the beauty of good grand enough to stand out in its own right, and that will be the new standard grandness to replace evil.

>in turn we will become beyond good and evil! And then we will be free of the lust to dominate others once and for all!
There, summarized this faggot's words up into one single post. It's like some gay mishmash between vulnerable and grandiose narcissism

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>I shall give to unfortunate, lesser beings NOT out of pitiful compassion but rather OUT OF AN ABUNDANCE OF POWER AND SUPERIORITY INSIDE ME
What is the psychological-scientific implication of this?

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>The man of virtue, too, helps the unfortunate, but not, or almost not, out of pity, but prompted by an urge which is begotten by the excess of power.

LMAO this faggot is describing narcissism, why do you like him?
>"Whereas prosocial behavior is often regarded as an altruistic act, there can also be egoistic motivations behind seemingly prosocial behaviors. Given that individuals high in narcissism express less empathy towards others and feel their own lives are more important than those of other people, they should be more likely to engage in prosocial behaviors if driven by egoistic motivation."

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Is he misunderstood?

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A gene isn’t proven superior to another untill one dies out and the other survives
If all human beings got wiped off the planet in nuclear holocaust but cockroaches survived, cockroaches would have been proven objectively superior to humanity
No living race can (by definition) be superior to another as such.
He helped to lay the ground work for the correct understanding of alot of the evolutionary psychology which is the basis of proper national socialist theory
In particular he is useful in breaking the myopic and purely ignorant premise of the
>>>”is ought”
> What about epigenetic changes being induced by certain preservatives like BPA?
What about it??
Your example in no way shape or form critiques my premise (and what’s more you should have KNOW it didn’t critique my premise)
You are a describing a stimulus of the natural world which effects the genetic make up of human beings
I never denied (and even stated) ther are HUGE amounts of various stimulus which effect the genetic make up of human beings from various forms of radiation to dietary inputs
It doesn’t make the fundimental basis of human life any less genetic
ALL life IS definitionally genetic
(Again, if this seems to be intuitive and obvious that is because it IS; the only reason it’s worth saying is that knowledge of this is so hedemonically denied in philosophy as you are only further demonstrating here)

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The entire concept of the Übermensch is just a beta cuck cope. Maybe if Nietzsche wasn't so autistic and terrible with women he wouldn't have had to write an entire book about how society sucks and he's better than everyone. Like holy shit we get it bro, you like going up into the mountains and thinking and shit, but you know what you won't find in the mountains? Pussy

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I like this guy but I hate the way he writes. Schopenhauer is much clearer and much more enjoyable to read. Who else can I read that is similar to Nietzsche?

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>”The weak shall perish.”
>Becomes the weak
>Gets perished

Nietzsche writes the setup, nature writes the punchline.

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Don't make your child read until first they have a strong enough sense of Self. Otherwise their mind will just be shaped by the books they read throughout childhood and adolescence and so they won't really be true to themselves

Prove me wrong

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Why do none of the Nietzschefags here ever bring up the fact that he was a materialist who thought that metaphysics, religion and theology were copes for being weak in real life?

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What did he even do?

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Like it or not, this is what the greatest philosopher looks like

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>cures le depression


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>doesn't drink alcohol because it numbs pain
>listens to music

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Ideal in Greek sculpture
>strong, dominant
Ideal in Christian sculpture
>skinny, oppressed
Was he right?

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A thread dedicated to my favorite Nietzsche poems :)

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