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>He doesn't see or want to admit that the unanimity always prevailing in the myths has to be based on mimetic contagion, which possesses the participants and which they don't recognize, whereas the Gospels recognize and denounce the violent contagion, as do the story of Joseph and the other great biblical texts. Nietzsche, to discredit the Jewish-Christian revelation, tries to show that the commitment to the side of the victims stems from a paltry, miserable resentment. Observing that the earliest Christians belonged primarily to the lower classes, he accuses them of sympathizing with victims so as to satisfy their resentment of the pagan aristocrats. This is the famous "slave morality."

>So this is how Nietzsche understand the "genealogy" of Christianity! He opposes, so he believes, the crowd mentality, but he does not recognize his Dionysian stance as the supreme expression of the mob in its most brutal and its most stupid tendencies. Christianity does not yield to ulterior motives of resentment in its concern to rehabilitate victims. It is not seduced by a contaminated charity of resentment. What it does is to rectify the illusion of myths; it exposes the lie of the "satanic accusation." Since Nietzsche is blind to mimetic rivalry and its contagion, he doesn't see that the Gospel stance toward victims does not come from prejudice in favor of the weak against the strong but is heroic resistance to violent contagion. Indeed, the Gospels embody the discernment of a small minority that dares to oppose the monstrous mimetic contagion of a Dionysian lynching.

>Nietzsche had to trick himself to avoid clearly seeing this. To escape the consequences of his own discovery and persist in a desperate negation of the biblical truth of the victim, Nietzsche resorts to an evasion so gross, so unworthy of his best thing, that his mind could not hold out against it. For it is not by accident, in my view, that the explicit discovery of what Dionysos and the Crucified have in common and what separates them occurs so shortly before his final breakdown. Nietzsche's devotees try to empty his insanity of all meaning. We can understand perfectly why. The nonsense of madness plays a protective role in their thought just as madness itself functions for Nietzsche. Nietzsche the philosopher was unable to sit back comfortably in the monstrosities into which the need to minimize his discovery was driving him. And so he took refuge in madness.

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>while empathy for victims manifests progress in the moral conscience of society, it nonetheless also takes the form of a competition among victims that threatens an escalation of violence.

Why is Christianity attributed with conjuring victim culture when Christians have been scapegoated as the greatest persecutors for the last 200 years? Did it come from the humanist movement?

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>the only good intellectual to come out of france

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>everything is mimicry and scapegoating
whoa... I never thought of it like that before...

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Thats more reason to kill the competition.

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He doesn't come out and say it, but it's obvious that he'd like to drink the blood of virgins to reinvigorate the nous and saw Aztec pyramid sacrifices as a humanistic alternative to mass democracy.

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So was he /ourguy/ or not? What should I read to get a good understanding of what he was about?

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