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Góngora basically invented a new poetic language. You can speak of poetry in Spanish before and after Góngora. His work didn't only create the Generación del 27 (all of them were imitating him), he gratly influenced the modernists. For example, this verse from one of his sonnets:
>¿Cuál del Ganges marfil, o cuál de Paro
This is basically Salvador Rueda and Rubén Darío before they were born. The style of the Soledades predates Mallarmé (who read him presumably). Meanwhile, conceptism died with the baroque basically, although KEVIN's poems have a clear conceptist influence.
Some scholars argue that Góngora didn't invent culteranism, but even, culteranism is derived from conceptism, it's a big innovation from the previous forms of the baroque. Besides that, his genius was so supreme that the lack of a fixed concept and his focus on sensitivity did not rest his poems from expressing highly rational ideas. For example, when recalling the birth of Jesus:
>No fue esta más hazaña, oh gran Dios mío,
Del tiempo por haber la helada ofensa
Vencido en flaca edad con pecho fuerte

(Que más fue sudar sangre que haber frío),
Sino porque hay distancia más inmensa
De Dios a hombre, que de hombre a muerte.

This fragment of the sonnet both exalts the mystery of the incarnation while giving an incredibly succinct philosophical account of death and the vanity of human life.

tldr; Góngora is a monster, a titan, a colossus. Quevedofags can suck my dick right now.
>b-but muh cryptojew... but le funny nose poem

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menuda faz paleoibera

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