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When I was in high school I strongly believed in the power of ideas to be a life altering influence. I can't say I ever read voraciously but I had a strong interest in philosophy, political theory, literary fiction and so on. I always hoped that I would find something that would "blow my mind" so to speak and have a profound effect on how I see the world. And when I think about my life I can actually recall a few instances where I had what you could describe as epiphanies where my attitude towards something has changed, and I could trace the train of thought that lead me there to a book. But these moments are all in the past now. I feel like that period of my life where these things could happen is behind me. I still read, but I feel like I lost something crucial. I suppose I lost or am losing the faith that engaging with these texts is worth the effort, and perhaps because of that I am losing the ability to truly engage with a text on that deep level where the kind of experiences I'm looking to have happen. Or maybe it's the other way around. I don't know. This post and this thread is my attempt at understanding what's going on. Have any of you had a similar experience? How did you overcome it?

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well, if thats true it isnt worth it
precious human birth and all that

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>literature is the thing I'm good at,love reading/writing
>choose STEM instead because I didnt want to be a teacher
I regret it to this day

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>ITT: people discuss IQ as if anyone here is intelligent or worth talking about
Face it lads, people who are genius have already proven so by 18 years old. You can cope forever, but deep down we all know that we are worthless ant people who will be forgotten within a single generation after we die. Reading philosophy, writing, endless hours of practice, or whatever else will never change anyways.

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Is there a novel about the internet? Or one that touches the philosophical and psychological implications of life with internet in the modern day?

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Embrace Lain!

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Its a terrible job. Even though I got the promotion I didn't get a raise despite being overly qualified. I can't barely afford to live on my own, to the point that I may have to move back in with my parents. When I told my boss that and needed a bit more money he scoffed it off and said "we don't have the money to pay you what you want right now, maybe next year" meanwhile going and hiring 8 new people at the same pay as me.

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>he thinks physical suffering compares with mental

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I would get so much writing dune and wirit more often if my splling wasnt so fucking arful. Even in my notes and outlines it's hard for me to look the canst missspillings. I stragl to spill words clols enaf for spillchk to reknise what I'm writing. Then I havf to run spillchek on allmost evry word and use spech to text for what I missspelld to badly.

Or I can use speech-to-text software which can make a simple 4chan post take half an hour. This is especially true because it often fails to recognize what I'm actually saying. It can't understand memes, slangs/ethnic slurs or my mild New York accent and I need to carefully read over every sentence it prints or trick it into saying what I actually want.

Ether whae it's defaclt and time comsuing.

>useing Micrococks Word
>not useing vim

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I can't spell ledable englsh. I falled evre spelling test in grade skoll and thay told me it was a disablaty and I could naver liren how to wite. ( I was alredy dignostd with autesum.) I naver knuw a livf outsied of skoull so this defekt became a core part of my idenaty. to this day I live in sham over the fact I can't spall my full name. Without my vane atemts ta witeing literature, my life woud have no perpase. I sragrl to miss spell words clos enaf for me to be able to read it lit alone have spllchac make it preantabe. I need spesh to text sorftwer to feel vagly humen, but I haet myself for it.

This defact has damd me to the loer drags of humanaty.

I desrv deth.

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wew lad I want to be a pretty girl.
Feels bad man.

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>going to finish school one year later than my friends since I had to repeat a year due to depression and zero motivation
>balls deep in my finals atm, cant bring myself to study however because I will write good grades in history, politics, german and english with ease and fail at chemistry anyway
>should probably be happy that school is over and done with soon because our piece of shit education system is what almost lead to me suiciding and made me depressed but Im almost kind of sad since I only now start to connect with the people I go to school with
>going to university soon, will probably study history and philosophy
>excited to meet new people, mainly girls desu
>overweight fuck, starting to work on my health now and preparing for finally getting good at martial arts and starting MMA instead of just doing karate halfheartedly
>want to start writing and have many ideas for short stories but cant bring myself to start because I have no clue how to bring these ideas to paper, Im afraid that my writing will be either bland and uninteresting or just seem autistic and cringey
>this goes for both, philosophy and fiction
>want to make youtube videos discussing and interpreting movies and books, maybe some vidya related stuff but not for vapid youtube fame but just as an outlet, viewer community should ideally stay very small
>desperate for a girlfriend, could probably ask a certain girl out but Im afraid of rejection
>cant discuss philosophy or literature with my friends save for one because they only read limited boring stuff like game of thrones or other fantasy novels and no philophy at all, one doesnt know himself at all, can never explain and doesnt want to explain why he likes/ dislikes certain themes and elements in fiction, probably the most well adjusted to society out of all of us, the other is borderline autistic who thinks hes always in the right, unironic reddit tier atheist, both love about "le funny and stupid feminists" and watch edgy "humour" youtube videos, laugh about nazi and 9/11 jokes not because they are funny or witty but because of the topic alone, another friend is very funny and chill but doesnt like to talk about anything serious, last friend is true bro and the only one who I feel is on my level even if hes probably smarter than me which secretly urks me in a way even I myself ackknowledge as petty, we are training karate together and he tries his best to keep me motivated, honestly dont know why he even puts up with me
>tl,dr: Im afraid that Im a pseud and not nearly as smart as I think I am, feel inadequate to the great writers and philosophers, yet am one of the only two remotely smart and insightful people I know

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i don't believe in God, should i read the Bible anyway? is this better than the Odyssey?

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