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Bakker is King.

Simple as.

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Based Bakker making people seethe all of these years later.

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Coming this summer.

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NYA, but this unironically. 2023 is the year of The Apocalypse.

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No. Life is suffering. One day though.

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I can't go back to dragons that don't scream "ahhhhh, CUNNY!!!" as they attack the heroine.

The cursed undead dragon was cool too I guess.

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>is lose from his containment thread
Bakker hater esl
Kellhus reigns supreme in hell
Though you screech and cry and shit
The Dunyain predicted all of it

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The /sffg/ roiled. The very extremity of their passion, wailing as old women one moment, whooping as young boys the next, oppressed them, and for all their frantic gratitude the Anons found themselves turning, as all manly souls turn, to anger and contempt. Anonymous posting is never so cheap as when executed for the lulz; and they were, in the end, cruel, spiteful, bitter shitposters.
So they began baying for the blood of their foe. Anon could feel it as much as they, the need to affix their sin to disposable Animefags.
“Brothers!” he called, hoping to gather them once again within the harness of his voice. “Broth—!”
Their Holy Bakker-Shill had returned from his three day ban.

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Hi there sorry for the delay. Get in touch with me please, I would enjoy hearing from you and reading your work in progress.

>protonmail dot com

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he won't

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they're predictions for the next book desu

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One final book was all they required.
“Let!” “Them!” “Read!”
The Bakker-shill stared across the threshing expanse of madmen. His every glance revealed some depraved vignette: Readers shaking with anticipation, their eyes rolled to white; Readers hacking out their own poorly-written fanfiction; Readers memeing like mad dogs, smearing shitposts upon themselves and others …
“We! We are the Readers!”
And he could feel It, the Spider that was the God …
“We! We are the Zaudunyani!”
Seizing his voice with tempest lungs, blowing truth as a howling roar.
“The Wicked-that-are-Holy!”
It seemed so obvious … so true …
“And we shall pick of the lowest bough!”
As if his heart had become an unconquerable fist.
“And we shall write—write!—upon the premise that He—He!—hath given!”
Hands outstretched over the ravenous multitudes …
“We shall fanfic what Bakker hath prepared for us!” he screamed.
And so led them all into irrevocable damnation.

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