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What do I read now that I finished reading this dude?

Should I read plato?

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Reddit: the philosophers. Aristotle was the best of the Greeks.

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Virtue is a mean between two kinds of vice, one of excess and the other of deficiency

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>the key to happiness is excellence
>except if you're ugly and have no gf, then your life is shit

>the right way to act is by following the middle way between the extremes
> except that sometimes this middle way is closer to an extreme than to the other one so you must figure out yourself what the right way is lol

>trust me guys, the earth is in the middle of the Universe
>no such thing as atoms, I know for sure
>some people should totally be slaves

This is the thinker that has influenced Western culture the most, everyone.

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What is the best starting point for Aristotle, and what are his more important works? I tried previously to start with Nicomachean Ethics, but it was far too dry and I was unable to finish it. I'm going to attempt his works again, but want to start somewhere else. Is Metaphysics a good outset?

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>wrong about all of his natural science
>overly reliant on his senses
>rejected Plato's most profound and correct idea (Forms)
>sexist and pro-slavery
>no writing skill whatsoever

Give me one good reason to read Aristotle if I'm not interested in Politics.

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I don't understand the intersection of Aristotelian logic and philosophy.

What fundamentally decides whether a "trope," or feature of an individual thing, is essential or not? What decides whether something is accidental? Why don't genera and species admit of infinite theoretical cross-categorisations, like:
>Genus: Animal
>Subgenus: Footed animal
>Subgenera: Bipeds + Quadrupeds
rather than Aristotetelians classifying "footedness" as not essential, as not a secondary substance?

What determines what gets secondary substance status?

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Can someone explain Metaphysics to me? Or point me in the right direction to get a better grasp

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"I'm the best flute player"

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