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>he doesn't known the Japs are the most racist society on Earth, and they hate roundeyes

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>said the Jew
Anyone who is anti-gay in 2021 is actually just a christkike, and you can't be a christkike without worshipping kikes. Judaism itself is a matrilineal death cult, which is why it seeks to feminize and incorporate what it can't outright destroy. AIDS failed, so now they're using the promulgation of transsexualism to deal with the gay problem. They do this openly in Iran and force sex changes on gay men because they don't have to do first world PR manipulation, but Islam is also kike ideology and in this respect they agree.
It won't work as a solution of course, because gay men will always exist as it's a genetic or developmental aberration, and the end result is that they grow up with a male brain capable of logic (unlike the female brain) and their natural proclivity makes them uncontrollable by females which breaks the modus operandi of kike subversion. You can tell this is the case, because any fag that doesn't get killed by söy poisoning or 'the culture' usually ends up more successful than a straight man the same age, and don't even have trouble ladder-climbing in kiked industries like media.

Think about it:
Women's suffrage? Men losing political control over women, to the benefit of Jew politicians.
Women in the workplace and consumerism? Men losing economic control over women, to the benefit of Jew executives.
Pornography/e-thots? Men losing sexual control over women, to the benefit of Jew pornographers.
The list goes on. Every societal evil is the result of kikes puppeteering females to control males.
They're such atrociously spoiled whores nowadays that 'incel' and MGTOW became a thing, because even straight men are sick of their bullshit. Notice the damage control by the (((media))) in this regard, by the way: if you don't buy into whore manipulations, you're an incel alt-right unperson now. You're one of them, by the way. Good luck playing the useful idiot.

>says don't be a simp while simping for female holes

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>Hes only ever read European authors

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>Imagine being the ESL newfag retard being this mad

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>Bought a kindle
Faggot detected lol

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He calls himself well-read and he hasn't even read 'The Will to Power':


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>Jesus Christ I dont give a shit about your libertarian marxist keynesian shitflinging i just want to understand better
Then economics is not for you, my friend.

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>he has to loosen his ball

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>I am a fairly experienced reader. I have read literally everything by Dan Brown
You'll fit in just fine around here.

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>She started reading the Waste of Time because of the TV Series trailer

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>he's not constantly enrolling in program after program to avoid the 'real world' and stay in the comfiness of the campus

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70%+ of readers are women.
70%+ of authors are women.
70%+ of people that work in publishing are women.

the only genres where men dominate readership and authorship are sci-fi and historical and high fantasy fantasy.

what does this mean for society and for literature?

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>the Nazis, they are the ones that really broke this whole conspiracy wide open about the rewritten history, true nature of reality and fake kike religions
lord it's /pol/ and /x/ in one

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>Imagine getting angry at an author over not understanding the words in a book.

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>there are people on /lit who study psychoanalysis

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>american tradition
>american culture

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>Posts anime
>Mentions cuckoldery

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>He refers to Kierkegaard by his pseudonims

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>all this butthurt by dumb fanboys

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>overcompensating for his low test levels this hard

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>he wrote this for fictional characters

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Just imagine wasting your time learning languages. I have transcended language. I just need a hint of what the author is trying to say. This gives me the coordinates to the relevant akashic record and I just read the record of universal thought instead.

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> he thinks writing some words will make him important

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