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>so, i'm failing trigonometry...
>yeah, learning a second language actually decreases your memory and stuff so i have only learned english
>i can't wait until i have that 60 KAY STARTING!
>how does 0.9999... = 1?
>*college major by IQ thread*(/sci/ actually choose their major based on their future percieved intelligence)
>post your library!(they all have like 10 books on their bookshelf in a corner of their bedroom, brand new and clearly unread)
>post your gf(thread is a joke)

>Trigonometry? I didn't feel challenged until algebraic geometry, frankly.
>Right now? I'm learning Irish. It's my 9th language, haha
>I don't read too much, just 800 pages per day... yeah I know it's not enough...
>*thread in fluent ancient greek at bump limit with 70 unique IPs*
>post your library!(they're literally private libraries in their houses, hundreds of books, all clearly opened and read)
>post your gf!(everyone posts their gf)

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