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I just said. This guy appeals to the individualists, but in the meantime, we have to organize a resistance to a system that will see go extinct

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I hope you report all the spammer, trolls and off topic brain fart posters too.
This thread isn’t the worst thing around here

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I was at work all day.
>Why don’t you go watch tv
Why don’t you just post what you like and I post what I like, and you can ignore me?

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Marx is an influential socialist economist from a hundred and forty years ago. His movement is not my movement, nor can it honestly be anyone else’s in all truth. Bits of the man’s lessons still hold up, but only fools believe in a proletariat class rising up and seizing any power.

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Haven’t read. Did you read it?
Took a crack at this one. Very thick academic language kept me from going too far

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Well what would you like to know?

There’s several varieties, like species of flowers growing up through the cracks in the concrete. Eventually they’ll overtake the concrete.
I don’t have to be dogmatic about one variety, I think we’ll, if given a chance, decide on what’s best with time, perfect them.
People need to be more forceful and stand up for themselves. The sniveling I saw this Christmas season (offline) was positively disheartening. Individualism without community is a mistake, though I love Nietzsche, we can’t fracture like that. At least not yet.

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Only a child would believe people would start randomly committing crimes in an anarchist world.

Individualism is always on the minds of anarchists, even when they’re so-called collectivists. There’s no making life work in either extreme. A balance is obviously best

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Why do you make things about me all the time?
So you seek out hard to read books, fine. Knock yourself out. I read fiction for pleasure, and the nonfiction for pleasure and knowledge.

Here. Read this.

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This book is full of dense academic language. Žižek readers will understand it. Haven’t read something like this since Hero with a Thousand Faces

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No, an anarchist.

Reading several things at once, so it’s always hard to answer these questions. Here’s one. I should finish the Shakespeare I started a while ago

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...I’ll circle back around to reread some worthy authors in my reclining years, but there’s too many and not enough time.

Well look at Stephan King reader here, judging me on taste

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There ya go.

Just read Democracy at Work by Wolff, he doesn’t mention the state that much.
Getting Free by James Herod and this is also in my next to read slot

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The usual proactive stuff. I’d like some more titles too.

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I’m hoping this book is of a similar theme, but the other titles of Richard Sennett sound great

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Anarchism is about challenging all unjustifiable hierarchies. Absolutist individualism is achievable in such a world, but the masses cannot operate that way, so it isn’t a contradiction to say anarchism can be collectivist, not at all.

I just DLed this book. Anyone familiar with it? Your thoughts?

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