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How to tell people you cannot read Latin without saying you cannot read Latin.

The way the language is structured even if you knew all the words in a sentence you wouldn't be able to make sense of it at all without knowledge about grammar. You need to know the declensions to understand if it's the gallic war, the war of the gallians or in gallia, a gallian at war, a beautiful gallian etc. not real examples, more than 20 years since I learned Latin, but I did it for 6 years and I can guarantee you, you won't get anywhere with just vocabulary in this language.

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Blacks, I have a question.

In several years I have amassed several devices such as keyboards, webcam, kinect, a gaymer PC, two drawing tablets, a gaymer gamepad, in addition to having the license of several indies game development programs.

Then I have the doubt, what I just did, in such a natural way and that it is to invest in my hobby as productivity to be more efficient.

Isn't this the accumulation of capital, the thing that automatically turns me into a bloody capitalist bourgeoisie?

So wouldn't this be like being an enemy of the Marxist model because now I own capital and obviously capital is evil according to the communists?

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why is capital evil?

Specifically the acumulation of capital.

Yes, I will buy expensive new tools and invest in my bussiness if these tools make my job easier/faster/better.

It's common sense.

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