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>The bible

Christ almighty, you dummy. Yes, there are a large number of books with over 9.3 million in sales. Maybe like 500+. Do you understand how small of a number this is?

>According to a study conducted by Google Books, there have been 129,864,880 books

This is officially published books. Only 500 have attained sales greater than 9.3 million, comparable to the 9.3 million views on Project Pat's song Gorilla Pimp.

>500 / 129,864,880 = 0.00038% of books
>Roughly 0.0004%
>1 of every 250,000

Have you ever won a contest against 250,000 people? Do you understand how low those odds are? I have a prolific cannon, and I give my books away for free, and all of some 29 people maybe downloaded my new book.

>my highest articles
>Rich people being attractive: 6.2k views; 12% actually read it
>Prostate article: 4l views; 32% actually read it
>Gay smut > 500-1k views; 30% read rate
>then paltry shit (majority of my work)
>Academic articles> avg. 20-100 views 40% read rate
>short stories> 10-20 views; 30% read rate
>books> 4 books, many out for years, 500 free downloads, read rate, probably close to 0%

The expectation that even one person will read anything you write is extremely optimistic. Expecting your words to be "profoundly influential" is pretty much being insane. Text has been replaced with video, and very few people are willing to read anymore.

I write because I'm a delusional egotistical schizophrenic, and I just love to hear myself talk. People are largely illiterate, and even those that can read generally refuse to. 99% of people will read nothing in this thread, they will just shitpost their cry for attention then leave. That's it.

One of my books is 990k words, do you think anyone has ever read that book? No. I highly doubt it. Not even the government. Maybe a text crawler, but even that is likely an overly optimistic expectation.

The irony is that people think that "writing something" will change their life. It won't. It won't accomplish anything. People put faith in writing for the same reason trannys put faith in crossdressing. They want a change, they want something different, so they are forced to believe that the answer to their problems, their suffering, and their discontent lies in something they don't have. They force themeselves to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side because they need hope, they need to believe that something will lift them from their misery and suffering.

Does that work? Look at trannys and tell me that their "grass is greener on the other side", because it's not. Despite this blatantly being true, countless idiots still pursue this path and walk around like ugly men in drag because they NEED something to believe in just to get through their life, even if this belief is completely baseless, dysfunctional, and likely a source of great suffering in their life.

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>Hardship and individuality are taken away for simple hedonism in return

You do realize that 98% of humans cannot actually redeem these opportunities. Hardship and individuality do nothing but cause endless suffering in the lives of most people because they lack the mental capacity to actually allow these freedoms to produce value.

You're essentially giving each human a lab bench full of very powerful chemicals. While 2% of people may be able to use reagents like freedom, individuality, hardship, and ambition to produce things of value, for the 98% of humans with limited mental capacity, they just hurt themselves.

The problem is that the state indoctrinates the peasants into believing that "So long as you handle the chemicals on the work bench, you will produce great value". This is seldom if ever true for most people, but regardless, they all approach the work bench and brutally maim themselves with improperly handled freedoms.

It's sadistic to say that this world is a dystopia just because the peasant is dehumanized. The peasant is buffooned and tortured for his lack of humanity as it is, Huxley provides a world where the peasant can avoid this torture instead of this "idealistic" world where you convince every nigger and their mother that each and every one of them is a titan of industry that is also a doctor, a successful professional entertainer, and professional basketball player.

You just end up with a bunch of peasants spending their time trying to play basketball, make shitty "entertainment", have terrible "entrepreneurial" ideas that at best turn into scams or crimes, then fail of of school because they are "so intelligent that they don't need school".

The world offered by Huxley is humane and beneficial for the vast majority of people, even if we are forced to sacrifice the "magical negro" archetype of the current western propaganda, that's still much better, considering that said propaganda produces little more than failure, suffering, and strife in every peasant who puts faith in that delusional idealistic bullshit.

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>a massive population of adults with the mental capacity of children.

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>key fascist figures
>created by the same globalist media propagandists as every other politician
>literally believing you have a choice
>believing that your "opinion" is relevant"

That's tragic, lil fella. According to the CDC, 88% of American adults are legally mentally retarded with less literacy skills than a 15 year old. Why in God's name would the people who own and enslave you care about your "opinions" given the fact that 88% of slaves are legally mentally retarded, and those who are intelligent are too risk-averse. contented, and meek to ever question of fight their owners.

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This post >>18548847, that one is me. That talks some quality shit talk. It attacks these people and their faults. This is personalized shit-talk. The shit you faggots jack off too is pre-fabricated bot-level non-sequitur shit talk.

>be human
>shown artisanal, master crafted shit-talk
>shown pre-fab bot-crafted ersatz shit-talk
>human prefers the ersatz shit-talk
>because ersatz is designed to appeal to illiterates, wastemen, and subhumans

Be better. Improve. Do something. This is fucking pathetic. Sit behind a keyboard and learn to master the art of talking shit. You faggots just parrot bot-crafted shit-talk, yet you're so fucking stupid that you think these statements are "badass, hilarious, and cool" and use them to stroke your baseless ego substantiated by a purely delusional level of perceived intellect.

This delusion of "perceived intelligence" is created entirely by circle-jerking with other retarded faggots on this board, all of whom share this fantasy of being "literate and inteligent". The state of alleged intellect on this board is no different than the alleged womanhood at a meeting 50-something tranny hon monsters all saying "You're such a beautiful and real woman".

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>Has anyone ever got even close to BTFOing Nietzsche?

The CDC. Pic related. People are retarded.

>Man makes guitar
>Nobody has hands
>The end

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