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The Franciscan Order was sanctified after the Pope had a dream where St Francis upheld the church.

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By imitating St. Francis of Asisi.

oh yeah bud. this film brings me back to 2016

The other interesting thing is I had published my first novella Serotonin Deficiency a week before. Theres a line towards the end "I'm terrified of spending my life in a psychiatric hospital." A week later I was in one. thought I caused it to happen by writing the book actually in kind of a Philip K Dick way. Started reading the Exegesis when I got out.

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coolest saint

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That's what ALL religion is like if you actually take it seriously. Even Judaism, practiced in its most extreme forms, is intensely radical. Let's not even get started on Christianity and its radicalism. Islam's radicalism is already on common display.

Most people are too pleb to follow a religion seriously.

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