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Does anyone get the "Salad days" reference cause I'm going to post another reference and I don't want to be banned again.

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im him wait a few years

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Im a writer but Im really not. Im not an author nor a poet. What I am is a thinker and an idealist. I think of abstractions and concepts and the fluidity of consciousness. I perceive, contemplate, and interpret the world around me. I will never write poems or novels or any theories of thought. I only write my thoughts in their abstract form. Some are significant and some are absolutely bizarre. I am both inspirational and sorrowful, sometimes at the same time in a single thought.

What would you call me?

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I have a chance at happiness right now. These last few years have been a torrent of mistakes and dysfunctional moments, from blowing all of my money on Filipino whores and strip clubs to starting an affair with a married student at my adult education teaching job to seedy late-night drunken massages from Chinese teenagers in the arse-end of a mainland city - goddamn, but right now my girlfriend loves me and thinks I'm the best person in the world and she doesn't know any of this. Everyone loves me and doesn't know any of this. My father is a serial cheater and a sociopath and everyone loved him too. Everything is suspended on a thin sheet of glass and I can see the hell below that's waiting for me if it breaks.

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How do I get over my crippling writers block?

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I get that feel, anon. The best thing you can do is to produce things creatively to fill your time, continue to put yourself out there, and try your best to mature your views on both platonic and romantic companionship. From there it's just a lot of hoping. Maybe it will come, and maybe not. But if it does not, at least we can take comfort in knowing that there was nothing we could have done to potentially change that outcome.

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Chapter 15 has a most beautiful poem in it, and then a savage reply to all the nice guys out there from a hit girl named Marcela, whom I wish to rape.

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If you're lucky, you'll find someone as equally delusional as you, and you'll both die together before the love runs out.

Conditional love can never be eternal

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