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>people dicking around, not talking about anything of importance
>not reading
It's /lit/ in real time.

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Bizzaro is the fucking most idiotic writing ever. Hell, here you go:

"The muffin man made some muffins. And when the kids came around to buy the muffin man's muffins, they asked for his specialty muffin. His specialty muffin was double chocolate muffin with a glaze on top. The kids would flock to the muffin man for those muffins! The whole family would enjoy the muffins! They all ask for the secret recipe, but muffin man doesn't tell his secrets!

But you, dear reader, he will share with. Inside his kitchen, the muffin man works his magic. First, the muffin man takes a commercially-bought muffin mix, puts it into a bowl, takes a steaming, chocolate-colored diarrhea dump into the mix. He then bakes the muffins. When they come out he cums all over the muffins, creating the glaze and completing the muffin. Know you know the muffin man."

There. I made that up right on the spot, and it's better than 82% of all bizzaro. Pay me now.

(Expect to see this story/idea stolen to be included in a future anthology. I know one of you faggots will steal it.)

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>Why do you assume i deserve better by default? I am glad to finally have a gf and it has improved me.
>it has improved me
Not by the way you're talking. It would appear she has your balls under lock and key, and she's the one twirling the keyring.

Because you're so willingly allowing this, I'm (maybe wrongly assuming, probably not) you're an inexperienced "nice guy".

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>5 shekels
You over skekeled.

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>Mostly shitty to a few decent poems too.

Had to fix that for you.

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