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“Hypocrite you are. What shall your individual freedom grant you? The novel that will save humanity? The end of world hunger? No. You shall sit and writhe. But you are not immune, you see. You will fall into temptation just like I do. Except my fall will be applauded by the world. Your fall shall fill you with disappointment and self-loathing. You will become a virus which slowly kills those around you. Do not be afraid. We lost. Have a drink.”

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"St Epiphanius, who devotes a few lines to them while confessing himself defeated in advance by their strange conduct, declares that it was their habit to reply 'Yes' systematically to all questions put to them. And he quotes a revealing example of Messalian response:
'Are you patriarchs?' 'Yes.' 'Are you prophets?' 'Yes.' 'Are you angels?' 'Yes.' 'Are you Jesus Christ?' 'Yes.'

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Because my axioms

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>the generation of the entire universe and all corollary, physical facts was an act of my own primordial free will

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No lol

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>We are competing with dead guys

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>what are you going to do? Are you going to squander your ONE life moping?


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Is it safe to combine these ideologies?
They’re all about reducing suffering, changing yourself to fit the situation rather than changing the situation, big emphasis on meditation
I don’t see any issue in combining them.

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All things turn to dust. The book is the story and, which will be passed down through what you get out of it culturally regardless of whether it is in a hardcover or paperback.

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>Is your dick the measuring stick for "female beauty"

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>Men only read men and are generally pretty happy about what they read
Literally me.

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>irregardlessly of this

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based on a true story

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fair enough

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literally him damn
wish he'd lose more weight so he can look good again

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