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His hypnosis was interrupted with the voice.

‘’Think about the principle of duality: there are two mysterial brothers. There are two legs. There is one dick.. — with TWO balls. That man with two heads…’ — ‘Yeah, the same principle’, John John hastily attempted to demonstrate his abilities of comprehension but the man with the tattoo interrupted him with a loud ‘NO!’

John John retreated and was visibly confused, hanging there in space almost naked.

And the man continued, "that is exactly what I am trying to communicate right now, the two headed creature is only a pawn in the 5d maincraft game. And he cleerly got much sugar in him. He’s fruity, you dig? Two penises and one ball — what would that be?"

The situation was escalating quickly. The whole tone of what was going on was changing and John John started to notice it. The man’s suit started to change its colors and now was flashing rainbows. John John felt he was entering a less conscious state.

"John, concentrate! We are experiencing a sudden intervention. Our signal is getting diluted. We don’t have much time left. So I will speak abruptly. It is in the monadology, John. And the number two. Two kings — that Yakoob and the Yakoob of England. The common Hitchens and Hitchens, the Hated. Find the EGG SELLER. The two brothers, Big Bang, bada-bing bada-boom. Ayakuzak ala-la balls penny sssneed the future Chuck" —

The tattooed man was dissipating, flashing and glitching, and the whole situation felt unnerving; John John had a natural impulse to close his eyes. And after a moment, when he was able to see again — there was only him in the void; embraced by the soothing silence. Somehow he wasn't disoriented and knew that he would meet the tattooed man again. Only when? And in what circumstances..


He woke up on a concrete floor of an unknown facility soaked in his own piss. There was no one around to explain him what happened but luckily the door wasn’t locked. And he freely walked from the premises. The first thing he noticed — it was just before the sunrise, still dark with the first glimpses of morning visible on the horizon.

Apart from feeling uncomfortable in those piss-stained pants, he was somehow relieved: purity and meaning on the inside outweighed all outer inconveniences. His mind was clear and memories of the past night were vivid and meaningful. The egg seller.. Which reminded him that before all else he must eat some real food as it was all too easy to forget about everything and be untimely lost in that oblivion of a mind of his.

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