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For reference, this is the curriculum that American high schoolers must master before the school graduates them:

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Beau Pere
Interview With A Vampire
Pretty Baby
Piccole Labbra/ Little Lips (1978)
Le renard et l'enfant
Case 39 (2009)
Bastard Out of Carolina(1996)
My little princess
Let Me In
Hounddog (2007)
Bridge to Therabithia
Taxi Driver
Meagan Is Missing
water lilies
Ronja Rövardotter
La Boum
Blue is the Warmest Colour
lilja 4-ever
Summer Eleven
Innocence (2004)
The Man from Nowhere
Let the Right One In
Cannibal Holocaust
1985 Alice in Wonderland
Les Valseuses
Le Corbeau by Clouzot
Pippi Långstrump (Series)
The Conjuring
garden of the night
Moonrise Kingdom
This is Love (2009)
Secret of Moon Acre
My Girl
A serbian film
French version of "My Father the Hero"
An American Crime
Sleepy Hollow
The Nutcracker in 3D (2010)
Lawn Dogs (1997)
Eva (2011)
Harriet the Spy.
Peter Pan (2003) also nice
Nancy Drew (2007)
little miss sunshine
hide and seek
Lou (2010)
Thirteen (2003)
Christiana F
Dustbin Baby (2008)
Race to Witch Mountain
The Sitter
Dog with a Blog
eric rohmer film called pauline at the beach
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Virgin Suicides
because of windixie
kid svensk
Angel - main character name is molly, three sequels
The Call
Les dimanches de ville d'Avray (Sundays and Cybele)
salo 120 days of sodom
Colour Climax
Fucking Amal
Festen(The Celebration)
Children of the Corn
Hop Hop Hora
Show Me Love
We Are The Best
Involuntary (2008)
She Monkeys
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
Young Ones

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Pretty much, yep. Here's a helpful chart, but you can replace "Greek Epic Fragments" and the Trojan War history book with something like Anabasis, Argonautica, the Greek biographies of Plutarch, other philosophers like Epicurus, etc

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Is it a meme or actually useful and worth following?

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Is there one of these for the Romans?

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I've decided to start with the Greeks and I've found three charts on the wiki. Are any of these charts deemed superior to the others or is there an alternative option to start with the Greeks rather than the charts.

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What is the correct order to read the books in this chart? I've already read Mythology by Edith Hamilton, now I should read The Trojan War: A New History, because it's a preparation for the Iliad. I know it may seem like a silly question, but this chart can be a little confusing at times, since it has several color guides derived from the "main" books, so I am in doubt about which ones to read first. Thanks in advance

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This chart is a good, if over-extensive guide.

Edith Hamilton's Mythology is a really, really good starter. Then read Strauss' book followed with the Iliad/Odyssey (I prefer Fitzgerald's translation, Fagles is lacking the intensity of the original.

Then I would actually read Xenophon's Memorabilia (Bonnette translation) for your introduction to Socrates before reading Plato. Extremely interesting and enjoyable read

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I just realized I'm retarded and forgot the pic related.

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I can't speak for others but, I have begun to read more and more classics. I view it as a sign of growth, as when I first started getting back into reading I had no interest in them and thought many were just overhyped pseud works read solely for looking smart, not for enjoyment.

Now, not only am I wanting to read them, but I often see why a given work is a classic and highly enjoy it. Big change considering I started out just reading scifi books I wanted to read but hadn't.
Starting with the Greeks is unironically when it began, it got me into ancient historians, works from other civilizations. Now I'm actually enjoying shakespeare. If you don't like any of the classics it's probably just a sign you need to read a little wider variety of authors and continue to grow

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'When do I end?' is a bad question.
Start by finding a book on the history of Ancient Greece, then read Homer, then read Plato and Aristotle. I highly recommend reading Thucydides and Herodotus too, as well as theater if you want.
A lot of self-directed learning is deciding independently what you want to read. Be truthful with yourself and read what you think is important. The skill for figuring out what's important grows the more you understand about the subject which is why reading a history of Ancient Greece is valuable for you as well.

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Don't be sad, Anon. I'm also closing in on 30 and started reading fairly recently. First I read a couple books from the /lit/ starter kit. They are mostly high school tier. Then I started picrel and am now reading Herodotus. The books are exciting and surprisingly easy to read. My recommendation is to read what you find fun or interesting, and keep at it. I try to read at least one hour per day, at least 5 days a week. To get into it you could read in bed and on the toilet instead of using the phone.

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Post and discuss your favorite works by Grecian authors

Preferably you have read at least a few of picrel before posting.

Merry Christmas /lit/

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I'am going to ask hear because fuck making another thread, i finished the The Illiad and The Odyssey(Fitzgerald) translation and now i'am looking for more ancient greek stuff, epic poems, tragedies and comedies. I realize most of them are lost and we don't have many on text i just wanted to ask if pic related is a good way to go about and if someone would add anything else or perhaps suggest a different translation to what is given. Also i had the exact opposite problem to op's. The Illiad was so much more interesting to me as it had no boring moments and the driving force of the whole story is given to us right away. Outside of a few chapters like 'A gathering of shades' most of the Odyssey seemed very uninteresting especially the chapters focusing on Telemachos who is a complete non-character.

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It might be good to use the classic chart, I'm not sure how many people have actually gone through it but I've already done it and I would be fine reading everything again or the very least participating in the threads of books I've already read.

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Is there a /lit/ chart out there for philosophy that spans all of human history? Basically looking for an overarching path to follow so I can get the gist of all major movements/schools/ideas...

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Which similar flow charts would /lit/ want? Currently working on one for Feudal Japan.

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Just do this chart and then if you want analyses I found the best ones were

Plato on Knowledge and Forms - Fine
Plato and the Socratic Dialogues - Kahn

NOT 'Plato and the Post-Socratic Dialogues' by the same guy

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When will jannies start banning the threads which shitposters, who will never take their time to read a book, create "asking" for books on stupid themes just as a way to bypass the rules of the board and establish a thread filled with shitposters arguing an edgy subject?
Their intentions are clear as day and add nothing to the board.

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Hey, at least I read Gilgamesh. I'm also planning to eventually grab myself more Bronze Age memes.
Ancient literature can be quite shitty at times (fragmentary nature, complete alien nature due to being removed so far from current mindsets) but they it is also quite comfy.

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