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I've felt like writing something about Melancholy lately. In my readings, I've come across different authors such as Schopenhauer whose writings are known specifically for his pessimistic outlook on life. Although my own worldview differs radically from his by lightyears, this pandemic has given me much time for self-reflection and change. I've also felt this "obsessive" urge to write something that is thematic and expressive of what I have been feeling these last few years.

I know not how the direction of my "melancholically thematic" writing will go, I may as well just go stream-of-consciousness and put down whatever enters my head without much outlining or structure in any way. I'm sure each of you here in this thread has their own way of doing things and may be sympathetic to what I've written here or just say "cope" and "tl/dr" but this is what's been in my mind lately.

Any of you melancholics reading this, please suggest to me how you tackle similar "compulsions" you do with your writing. I'd greatly appreciate it. And NO, I'm not feeling suicidal or edgy, so don't go sending me the "KYS" shit you do with other retards.

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