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Can you not use your imagination? It is for this purpose that you have it and can use it

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96, stay fucked you sinners with no concept of virtue

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>Why yes i'm a leftwing nationalist how did you know?

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1. Stop jerking off more than once a day, only do it to fulfill your needs
2. Stop watching porn entirely
3. Start reading a lot of non-fiction books
4. Read the greats of sci-fi and cyberpunk
5. Meditate on what makes each work “great” and try to use that to your advantage
6. Practice writing every day (assuming you want to be a writer)
7. Start lifting weights (use SS or stronglifts as a template program)
8. Learn a programming language (codeacademy is a good resource)
9. Learn a second language (assuming you dont already know one
10. Speculate on the future and write about it
I just solved all your issues in life with 10 steps. /sig/ sends its warm regards

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