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One copy of "No tengo boca y debo gritar" for sale on AbeBooks.
Only $400 shipped!

I buy/resell a lot of vintage SF.
I've only seen that edition you posted in the wild once - I bought it for $2 from guys who do junk hauling.
Other short story collections with that story pop up rarely.

You're best bet if you want a hard copy is this:

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man i dont know who the fuck to talk to about this BUT WTF is this how the world is i feel fucking cheated

i traved down the path of the Free thinking creative bought into the libertarian lie while living in a country that is the oppisite, now i have to bow to the Bureaucracy but didnt travel down "THE CORRECT PATH & TICK THE RIGHT BOXES" to get here & a entire world is barred of to me & i am qulified

these are the reasons people become terrorist/radicals & I THINK I SHOULD TRAVEL DOWN A SIMILARE PATH ya fuck it once i get out of this current storm i am going to walk that path

I HAVE FOUND MY PURPOSE i am one who fell through the crack & i am overqulified & the Bureaucracy is telling me to DIE so ya i will now dedicate my life for speaking the truth of those who fell through the cracks was contemplating suicide after the bureaucracy broke me mentally saying i have no value in its system

so fuck it

Praise CHAOS

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