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What are some good books with maxims?

I don't mean books where maxims can be found but a book full of maxims, like baltasar Gracian's "Manual Oracle and Art of Discretion".

Post a maxim you liked from the book as well.

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>and but so then

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I literally have no more lightsources adequate for reading once the sun goes down.
I am in a room with 4 broken lightbulbs and amazon said the new lightbulbs won't arrive till monday. we only have 8 hours of daylight currently and I am a nightowl type desu.

>i dont even have candles

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Money and wealth beyond keeping a roof over my head and my belly full aren't and have never been good motivators for me. Family would try to get me to get better grades in subjects I didn't care about by bribing me, it didn't work. All sorts of jobs tried to get me to work harder for more money or bill more hours because I had to hit a quota or else I wouldn't get a "bonus." None of it has ever really been interesting to me, and I have a minor in business and a law degree. The entire prospect of the grind in order to get a high score just doesn't seem like an attractive thing. Sure I could read 40 books on best business practices and create a dropshipping empire or play the stock market, but I don't really want to. The end goal doesn't create "value" for anyone but myself. I'd prefer to satisfy whatever pervasive feeling nagging at me for accomplishment in other ways. Sure, money would be nice, but at a certain point all it does is give novelty and more stress. You could spend your money on fun distracting entertainment, but then you lose your money that makes you more money! Moderation is key when getting hookers and blow with your millions from the stock market!

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>reading stuff I wrote at 16

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Is everything a cope? Philosophy, logic, reason, nothing really matters. Since we are irrational beings, beauty and feelings are actually more important than the stuff listed above.

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Thanks bud.

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No, not just that, footnotes themselves provide a feeling of agitation from reminding you that you are reading a book. You can't get lost. You are self aware of everything going on. You know the sub-stories going on within the footnotes and their rather tangential relation to the rest of whatever spot you are currently reading. It's supposed to be frustrating when used in fiction, but it also enhances the world building experience and adds another layer of depth to characters and the book as a whole. The "It's tennis brah" is a line spat out by people who don't understand the satire of academia and the point of certain aspects of post-modernist literature.

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How can I chill when people are laughing with my book? it's supposed to be SAD

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>tfw actual reddit comes into thread and you realize 13 year old poltards aren't that bad

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>he dismisses the Lord and Savior of the world as a "kike on a stick"

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/lit/ btfo once again

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>Charles... This is... *sips* water

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I spent hours yesterday looking for info on various translations of Moby Dick before realizing that it was originally written in English.

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>reading the books

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>being this paranoid and wrong

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>he doesn't know what syntax is

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>he answered seriously
>the words are actually pretty good
absolute madman

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