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I just realized YWHE is running a racket. He created demons to devour human souls and the only way to avoid this, is by praying to him. Like: why create the demons in the first place?

And I came to this conclusion that YWHE and Muhammad and the Pope and Jesus and Satan are all filthy kikes forcing you to play a rigged game. If you praise Satan, you're praising a kike. If you praise Jesus, you're praising a kike. If you praise Muhammad, you're praising a kike-fucker, and your children are considered kikes if the mother is a kike, so all of Islam are kikes.

If you praise Thor, the entire mythology got kike-ifies into oblivion by a kike priest, so Thor is now a kike. Similar to Zeus and Pan.

In fact, Pan is also a kike by association with Satan.

Why are we praising kikes if they ultimately want to destroy us? I'm high btw.

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