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Why are women so mentally limited, bros? Is it a genetic fluke? A societal one?
It makes me really sad thinking about it. How do we fix our fairer half and turn them into complete human beings?

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>the chapter with Marie in the village with the children

That was beautiful

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>make thread only wanting some recs for lit that I'm unaware of
>off to a bad start, anons more interested in unrelated shit about the picture
>come back the next day
>see 100+ posts
>get excited
>it's devolved into an argument about Evola

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stop that. its deeper than that. sometimes the monster is unknowable

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God I wish I was british.
It sucks that I was born into an ex colony and thus can't really be patriotic and proud of my country.

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it make my head hurt

I go back to read malazan

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ok i concebe

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This unironically happened when I was 17 and it still scars me to this day

>in sixth form
>skip classes to walk into town and read in a coffee shop I like
>reading Brothers Karamazov
>three girls and their big, overweight homosexual friend walk in and sit down
>I look up and accidentally catch the eye of one of the girls
>she whispers to her friends and they all look over
>fat gay guy shouts “HEY WHAT’RE YOU READING?” over the heads of three or four elderly couples sitting between me and their table
>splutter out a ‘w-what?’
>he shouts again “YOUR BOOK IS BIG, SHE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT YOURE READING” while pointing to one of the girls
>I try and get the words out but end up saying “Duh brudhes Kamzov”
>at this point the elderly people have worked out when I’m reading and what I’m trying to say, looking at me with pity
>fat gay guy shouts again “WHATS IT ABOUT”
>don’t want to shout again so get up and walk over and say “it’s about Russians” and then go back to my table and sit down
>don’t respond to any more of he heckles
>get a napkin on my table with her number on as they’re leaving
>text it saying ‘sorry’ and then never reply again

Was perhaps both my worst coffee shop and worst public reading experience ever

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>read lots of books but my vocabulary never seems to expand
what do?

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Bernie the squib tried telling people the truth but the wizards stopped him

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How do I read faster?

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>tfw too dumb to read anthropic principle syntheses

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what's the minimal page count for a novel or getting published?

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