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Excuse me, I wonder if you could tell me what love of traps consists of

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His name has an n at the end

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The only real drunk /lit/ I can think of is Plato's Symposium

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>everything I have achieved is due to luck
>if I'd done whatever minor thing differently many years ago I would be a completely different person today

Books to cope with this feel?

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Where is Atlantis , you drunk?

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How do I become a better philosophy student? I love reading philosophy but never have a million questions to matters upfront and suck at philosophizing.

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Why am I no longer a racist after reading Plato and studying ethics and logic? Is this really where Western enlightenment can be found?

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Is there a right or wrong way to read Philosophy? Does reading the text 2-3 times and approaching it differently work best? Should I read the whole text in one sitting or is it ok to spread it out?

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was plato gay or was he just memeing? cause he seems pretty gay.

how am i supposed to take seriously someones advice on manliess or courage when they fuck boys for sport

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>metaphysics and kant are both gay as fuck
Guess where that gay as fuck nonsense came from?

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I've read:
"Mythology" - Edith Hamilton
"A New History of Western Philosophy - Volume 1" - Anthony Kenny
"Iliad" - Homer
"Odyssey" - Homer
"Oedipus Rex" - Sophocles
"Oedipus at Colonus" - Sophocles
"Antigone" - Sophocles
"History" - Herodotus

So, what now? Should i read one of the presocratics and sofists or should i skip to "The Trial of Socrates" - Plato and keep reading all Plato works, then full Aristotle, then keep going?
If i should read the presocratics, who should i read before Plato and which books?
Are they necessary at all?

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