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The state tells me I have to sign up for the draft and pay taxes, why can't it tell a 16 year old girl she has to fuck me?

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I only make around one thread a month, I'm more of a poster. I do blogpost and /pol/post though.

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this thread really put the shit taste of this board into perspective

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>After this canine mini gang-bang I interrupted my viewing; I was disgusted – particularly on behalf of the dogs – and at the same time I couldn’t conceal the fact that for a Japanese girl sleeping with a Westerner wasn’t far off copulating with an animal (at least from what I had been able to observe of their mentality). Before leaving the master suite, I downloaded all the videos on to a USB stick. Yuzu’s face was easily recognisable, and I began to imagine drawing up a new liberation plan, which consisted very simply (good ideas are always simple) of throwing her out of the window.

>At about five in the evening, as she did every day, the little girl stopped her bike outside the birdwatcher’s bungalow. She knocked on the door for a long time, walked over to look through the curtains, then went back to the door and knocked again for a long time before giving up. Her expression was difficult to decipher; she didn’t really seem truly sad (or at least not yet?), but rather surprised and disappointed. At that moment, I wondered if he paid her; there was no way of knowing, but the answer in my view was probably yes.

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Recently graduated college at 27, friends are drifting away, feel detached from people, can't relate to younger crowd anymore, lingering ptsd from being unvaxxed, experienced life in both the big city life and small towns, now reside in liminal dead end mid-sized city, scared to become a white collar professional and work for the rest of my life, competing seems futile and anxiety inducing, life seems duller than ever, feel like I'm waiting to die.

What should I read?

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Guenon's work was an attempt to appropriate Marxism for the purposes of reactionary politics. Guenon's work relies on a crude, mechanistic view of history which led him to believe that societies progress through linear stages from primitive to civilization. This teleological view of history ignores the reality of human experience, which is characterized by conflict, chaos, and contingency. Additionally, Guenon's philosophy denies the existence of objective truth and instead posits that all truths are relative. This leads to a relativistic understanding of morality which was dangerous. Guenon's philosophy ultimately fails because it cannot provide a cohesive explanation of the world we live in. It is riddled with contradictions and relies on faulty logic. Additionally, it ultimately leads to a reactionary political stance that is harmful to society.|

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>You're books

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But the people here are my friends

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What do you get out of journaling? does it sharpen your writing?
Maybe it grants some emotional catharsis?

is it comfy?

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>start book
>read 50 pages
>"that's enough for today"
>wind up completely losing interest

>start another book a week later
>read 30 pages
>"that's enough for today"
>wind up completely losing interest

>start another book a week later
>read 40 pages
>"that's enough for today"
>wind up completely losing interest

>start another book a week later
>read 30 pages
>"that's enough for today"
>wind up completely losing interest
Maybe this whole reading thing isn't for me.

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