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Will learning neuromarketing help me sell more off my shitty porn rpg maker games on steam at higher prices?

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>reading Cypherpunks
>"Like the soldier who slew Archimedes with a mere sword, so too could an armed militia take control of the peak development of Western civilization, our platonic realm."
>didn't start with the Greeks
>have no idea what he's talking about
>mfw /lit/ was right

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Uneducated high school dropout here, what books will help me become more cultured and well-read like you people?

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I just want to say that I was coming back from college and started to rain so I walked faster and slipped in the crosswalk, falling on the ground and a lot of ppl saw it

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You aren't fooling anyone
>God and the power of anime are on my side
Fucking kek

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I noticed the same with Jack Vance, but I still prefer the silly Cugel and Rhialto stories

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I don't get it

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>tfw can't commit to true living

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So what's the moral of Venus in Furs? That I shouldn't pursue femdom because it's a self-defeating relationship that will end in me losing the girl to a man willing to engage in a normal relationship? Is this the final blackpill for femdom?

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I’m too ugly and dumb, fren

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Yes fren?

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I define 'good' as simply what I do. In my opinion, it is impossible for men to do things they consider evil. The action cannot at all be taken unless the brain justifies it's goodness. The most horrid acts of cruelty were taken by those who saw them as noble deeds. Hence people should be regarded as creatures of pure good.
Am I wrong in this?

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He got me though. I'm retarded.

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>spend half the book lamenting the fact the humanity never accepts pessimistic views because they're blind sheeple obsessed with life blablabla
>spend other half of the book telling the readers how much you don't give a fuck whether they agree with you or not

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>tried studying c++ in college
>couldn't comprehend pointers and gave up
Being a brainlet is suffering

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Actually I should have given an example like "Paul is taller than Peter" to give you a better idea of relations. The cat one is a different category usually.

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OP here. On second thought, I just reread your post. You wrote an in-depth, genuine criticism and deserve a better response than my shitty initial "hurr-durr read the opening."

> fucked up it is to conceptualize every situation in terms of these shitty-Darwinian power dynamics
Hard to argue with this. An argument could be made, though, that such dynamics are an underlying structure for every interaction, though there are many other evo-psych dynamics at play too. If you look at your gf and the first thing you think is "how can I come out of this encounter with more power?", you're probably a huge fuck. But if you look at your gf and think "power isn't related to this interaction in the slightest," I'd say you're a wishful romantic.

>What kind of sociopathic shit-tier life is this, where you think this of your friends? I've had my friends since childhood.
When I read this law, I just assumed it means to separate your friends and work. If you start a business, don't hire your friends, etc.
But I suppose that's my own bias for the book turning me into an apologist. At first glance; yeah, it's sociopathic.

>what context are these laws to be used in?
Context, in the book, is taken to be up to you. Greene says power is in every situation, but you shouldn't navigate every situation by the laws. It's more like a toolbox than an instruction manual.

>Read the Culture of Narcissism OP
Put it on my list. Thanks for the rec.

>The mere fact that you spend time on 4chan suggests that you don't have the work ethic of 80-120 hour work weeks required to make it to the true, real top
Ouch anon no need to murder my soul

Overall, I think you're pretty good at roasting the trend of narcissism being repackaged and sold under "Self-help." But I do think Greene is a fair amount deeper and more complex than others in his genre, and the book works just as well as a set of historical case studies. He put more effort into one chapter of 48 Laws than most gurus put into their whole book.
It does seem shallow when you only read the laws (they're written for dramatic effect), but I can assure you the book isn't the same brand of reddit-redpill-sociopathy.

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Just finished reading Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon. It's the third of his books I have read after Gravity's Rainbow and The Crying of Lot 49 and would consider it my favourite.
One thing that gets me down though is the way that reviews I have read have critiqued the way that narrative is structured. As opposed to the Gravity's Rainbow structure where scenes drift in and out of focus almost like a dream, Bleeding Edge actually has a focused narrative which the reader can easily follow.
This is something which I felt allowed Pynchon's prose to flourish as opposed to suffer. Instead of trying to decipher what the characters were doing and how they ended up there, you could enjoy his witticisms and observations from the regular narrative structure.
This may seem like "Uhhh just get gud reading scub" kind of review, but it's refreshing to read a Pynchon novel where the subject matter is something where the references are not lost on me at all and the structure is simplified to allow his prose to be centre stage.

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