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I literally can't find memes that represent how fucking stupid you people are.

>LARPing do-nothing Nazis, suck Jew dick all day
>LARPing tranny monsters claiming to be women

You, /lit/, you are the worst offender. It is physically impossible for a tranny to become a woman. It is incredibly dangerous for a /pol/ Nazi to go out and physically fight and kill Jews.

You, however, in order to realize and legitimize this delusion you use to substantiate your ego, the only fucking thing you have to do is read. That's it. You just have to read an argument, a few fucking paragraphs. Despite this, you refuse to do it. That's how fucking pathetic this shit is.

You are forced to LARP about being "literate and intelligent" because you have no willingness to actually legitimize your fantasy of being "literate and intelligent" by engaging with people by reading text and making sensible responses. That's fucking tragic.

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