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Seriously though, you all need to learn how to read, then learn how to talk shit. I'm over on /bant/ in /PBG/ and /STG/ because somehow that board, the alleged "cancer board" is more literate than this one. Really makes you question yourself, no?

Go thwap your dick on the cover of some book you pretend to read, cause I'ma dipset.

This is the truth. I'm serious. Read that original screencap. >>18548569 That's how you talk shit.


These people, despite being on a board for literature, somehow believe that talking shit in a manner that is subpar even when compared to the shit talked by 12 year old kids on internet video games, that's fucking tragic.

>Be allegedly literate and intelligent adult
>can't talk shit
>worse at talking shit than 12 year old illiterate

It's like the closest thing these subhumans had to a social interaction with another person is some fucking archaic shill-bot that just uses non-sequitur arguments to detract from posts that would otherwise encourage people to develop a meaningful degree of literacy.

>be human
>see bot online
>bot is 10 year-old shill-bot
>designed to attack images and long posts
>with non-sequitur statements
>refuses to address topic
>refuses to provide rebuttal
>literally bot-level insight and wit
>be same human
>"wow, this bot is cool. I want to be just like this bot"
>goes back on forums
>parrots the non-sequitur shill bot designed to promote illiteracy in peasants
>10 years later
>peasant is still illiterate
>still parroting illiteracy bot
>still thinks he's cool
>does this in his free time
>still can't read
>still can't talk shit

Literally circle-jerking with bots because you struggle with reading. That's 90% of this website, but it's tragic the board for "literate people" is the most ruthlessly infected by these subhumans.

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