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Catholicism has Augustine, Pascal, Dante, Hopkins, Waugh, Dryden, Chaucer, Broch, Ricoeur.
Protestantism has Milton, Herbert, Donne, Yeats, Browne, Sterne.
Judaism has Benjamin, Bloch, Celan, Stein, Zukofsky, Heine, Roth, Bellow, Kafka, Proust, Zweig,
Orthodoxy has ?????
Hmmmm. I can't think of anything. What does Orthodoxy have? Also Dostoevsky is adolescent literature so he doesn't count. Is Orthodoxy intellectually bankrupt?

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does god believes in himself? and if he does, what happens if he stops believing? does he banishes from existence?

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Should I get a pastrami sandwich, fries, some slaw, and a root beer float, or should I use that money to get a few books by Jung?

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>mfw atheists take the Big Bang and Darwin's theory of evolution to be truths that are simultaneously self-evident and empirical

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What's the difference between morality and ethics?

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What's your life philosophy /lit/?

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If you read the Bible, you will unironically be better read than 99% of literate people.

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What is the purpose of buying books if I can read everything for free online?

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So... has anyone read Axiom's End?

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Any books about why consumerism is good? Consumerism bad takes seem to usually come from reactionary politics or edgy teens that are from well off families. I would like to hear new takes other than durrr the destruction of the western civilization.

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Which is the smartest board on 4chan?

Which is smarter, /lit/ or /sci/?

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There are no bad emotions. Depression, resentment, hatred, love, joy, anxiety, etc are all good. Denying emotions is bad. Trying to save yourself from life by denying resentment or passive emotions is bad. Life is not a problem to be solved. There is nothing to save yourself from. The more one feels, the more one experiences, the better.

Any books about this?

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Do you think it's possible for someone to write a thousand-page epic poem in a mixture of English, French, German, Latin, Greek and Hebrew, with a lot of really obscure words in all five languages, AND for it to be good?

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Why does /lit/ hate Audible?

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I was wondering if you have some real books recommendations about online negotiations and freelancing....
I'm trying to edit videos as a freelancer but I don't have any idea about how to not get cucked by ching chongs who ask for 10% of the actual price
the only book directly related to the subject that I've read is
>start with no
any suggestions? the more recent and related to the subject the book is, the better

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Can I say I've read a book if I've only listened to the audiobook?

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What are some books that teach you to be more articulate?

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Wait so I should lie about being a virgin? Will I actually get bullied?

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Why reread books if you can't add them to goodreads and increase your number of books read? Or do you read a different edition each time and add all of them so you don't waste your time?

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what should i read before nietzsche?

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>locris is in italy

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What's the non-Western canon?

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tourist from /tv/ here, should I start reading "The Wheel of Time" books before watching the show? I'm a casual (slow) reader who has read and loved the A Song of Ice and Fire books, but that's it when it comes to fantasy. I heard the books are set in a matriarchal society ruled by witches and the author has the same fetishes as I do; but if I'm going to read a book, I'm not just going to for the porn, I'm also for the worldbuilding, politics and cool magic stuff.

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>watch election debate
>both parties yelling over each other, mainly trump though he never shuts up
>one person states a "fact"
>other person says no your wrong no thats not how it is no i dont think so
>repeat over and over

books on the art of honest debating?

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