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My little pony special halloween épisode

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How would he feel about me being in love with a cartoon pony?

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I just finished reading The Precipice and I think it's his greatest work. Last week I was shitting on Goncharov because I'd read The Same Old Story & Oblomov and figured he was a one trick pony but I was quite pleasantly surprised.

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Seamus Heaney's is considered the best contemporary, Klaebers is probably the best and what I would reccomend if you are serious about it and his introduction is great.

Tolkiens prose translation is okay, ive read it because I like Tolkien up to you tho. Sellic spell is fun and his essay The Monster and The Critics is a fantastic start to getting stuck into the academia of it.

Christopher Cains essays are also great. Dont fall for the christian colouring arguments by pony tail athiest viking larper academics.

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its his usual juxtaposition thing. i like ziz but hes coming off as a bit of a one trick pony. watch his recent interviews and its almost the same thing or thats just the inevitable getting old and losing edge.

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I used to cop a lot, but never copped no drop
Hold mics like pony tails tied in bobbalobs
Stop and stick around, come through and dig the sound
Of the fly brown 6-0 sicko psycho who throws his dick around

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One trick pony pretends he has anything important to say

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“I will be dead one day,” I explained to to my employees while holding my hand up in the form of the 4chan and ever so slightly wiggling it back and forth in rapid succession.

“I unironically believe that DFW, was a retard, and that those on 4chan are eho rip on DFW are basically him but differently, and that you’re as unaware as being him as he was!” You al fall silent, one girl ijn the audience scratches her nipple, another strokes her pony tail, some guy scratches his balls, half the room looks at me like im a retard.

I turn around, bend over, and squeeze the upper part of my sack like i was squeezinf my clit while i make the 4chan sign with the same hand. A few people laugh, most start booing so i turn around and squeeze my left nipple and doing the 4chan sign, while i donthe 4chan sign in front of my crotch and start jerking off, IM LOUIA CK, I AM LOUIS CK, and start stomping around like i had long legs like conan obrian and the crowd goes wild and then i drop to ththe foor on my stomach and start humping it and reach back to my butthole and do the 4chan sign and start playing with my butthole and i can go on if anyone wants me to.

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It is absolutely baffling to me that people think Beefheart is in any way opaque. I see shit like, "What does the song 'Safe as Milk' mean?" He's describing his apartment, you fucking idiot. All his lyrics are just surreal observational poetry. That's it. He's a one trick pony. But it is a very excellent trick.

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I care about people. Don’t lump me in with some pony shit

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my lil pony: printed edition
whats a major

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Welsh is a bit of a one trick pony, but most of his 90s output is worth a read. He's been repeating himself since then

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I hate most of Yang's policies and what he represents.
But /pol/ has become so infested with ultra-serious boomer reddit faggot niggers that we need some way to get them to leave. And this meme has potential towards doing it.

My-little-pony-pol drove out them out before.
Maybe yang-gang-pol will drive out them out now.

There are people on that board who honestly think of themselves as christian conservatives and it's disgusting. They take themselves way too seriously and the board has just become so unfunny and unable to self-depreciate.

Disgusting. Really, really disgusting stuff. They've completely forgotten the true ideology: happenings.
Makes me sick.

Clown world needs to fought with clown world, and these absolute brainlets cannot understand that. Imagine actually using 4chan to discuss political "isms" and not just throwing shit at niggers and jews. Jesus fucking christ what a mess.

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>I can think of many things greater than a pony. I can't however think of anything greater than a god.
You just aren't being creative enough.

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To clarify here, you have defined a magical sky pony as a magical sky pony and then after that added that it is the greatest thing that can be thought. God is much more interpretive, and as it is just a name, does not carry with it any implications on its own besides "what is greatest" (the common thread in monotheism). Whether God is a being, immutable, etc. is still up for debate. When I said there was short sightedness in atheism I was referring exactly to the tendency to reduce complicated conceptions into ridiculous caricatures such as God as a sky fairy. I do not deny that laymen household piety does this too but it shows a lack of effort in understanding the arguments and is itself a fallacy.

I would argue pain certainly is greater than it's privation on the grounds that it contains more reality. Hot is more real than cold for example. Still, thought is used loosely in this definition of God since that which is greatest might have inconceivable qualities.

I try not to bog myself down with identities as identifying with atheism lead me to write off genuine aspects of the human experience. Still, I contest with a lot of theological assumptions or am at least undecided (i.e most proofs are sound until they start using the word 'being' to describe God without arguing for it). So maybe agnostic is what I am but I come from atheism as opposed to theism.

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I can think of many things greater than a pony. I can't however think of anything greater than a god.

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>Anselm defines God as "that which nothing greater can be thought." And if something that exists is greater than something that doesn't, God exists. So the question isnt if God exists, which even atheists should agree with by this definition, the question is "what is God's nature."

The most embarassing Christian argument I have yet read. Here, let's rephrase it:

Anon defines Magical Pony Creature as "that which nothing greater can be thought." And if something that exists is greater than something that doesn't, Magical Pony Creature exists. So the question isnt if Magical Pony Creature exists, which even atheists should agree with by this definition, the question is "what is Magical Pony Creature's nature."

Replace Magical Pony Creature with literally anything you want, the "argument" (I would not call it one) is the same.

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I wonder if Greg Johnson reads /lit/.

Greg, keep up the good work, but for the love of God don't ever repeat that fucking time you indulged a My Little Pony faggot's LARPing.

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Are these books based?

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Tess of the d'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy
Gone to Earth by Mary Webb
Kim by Rudyard Kipling
The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
The Good Companions by J. B. Priestley
Brighton Rock by Graham Greene
Animal Farm by George Orwell
Moby Dick by Herman Melville
Ivanhoe by Walter Scott
The Red Pony by John Steinbeck
Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie

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It's alright. I would hate it less if Orwell wasn't such a one-trick pony.

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>The pony doll ALSO has a Sonichu amulet.
Kill me now please, i want off this timeline.

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Terrible names, all sound like my little pony episodes. Do you know why Twilight got so big? It had a fucking brilliant title and cover. Look at it. It catches your attention, it implies female temptation. The first time humans committed sin. Sin is fascinating, it's forbidden. That's exciting. What does twilight remind you of? A romantic time of the day, sun going down. Warmth of the day escaping, the cold of the night approaching. Yet the night is romantic, in that coldness there's mystery and beauty. Leaving the comfort zone, entering an adventure.

You need a good cover, and you need a striking title to go with it

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my little pony or smtg

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Princess Celestia wore a pink bikini and purple bra, while her sister, Princess Luna wore a maid costume. The Space Marines chained the poor rulers of Equestria and lead them to a stage in Canterlot. They were to be flogged like little ponies in front of their subjects. Dolph Hitlur did this because he was a Nazi and Nazi's invented BDSM. They placed Luna's and Celestia's body in chains and whippy them with whip. They went Neyeeyey at each hit of the crop. Their dirty untermenschen bodies were bleeding and sweating, their coats dirty with dirty passions and their tongues out in painful ecstacy. The Space Marine Nazi who whipped them noticed this and whipped them even harder while he thought of the Emperor inserting his mighty Nazi shaped honor into their filthy Pony Tolerance.

The sound of the whips were punctuated by clop clop clop clop HNNNNNGGGGG! The crowds jeered and panted as Celestia and Luna unleashed fluids of passionate passion after the 17th strike. They were dirty little ponies who enjoyed being ruled over by the ubermensh Imperium. After making the Princesses unleash more bodily fluids by subjected them to more BDSM, the crowd became bored and were now waiting for a new pony princess to have BDSM fun time with the Nazi's.

Princess Twilight Sparkle sat on a wooden horse, while Princess Cadence was in a cage with a blind fold and a ball gag. They were the next candidates to be BDSM'd by the the Space Marines.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," laughed Dolph Hitlor, his evil unlicensed Nazi weapon hanging out of his power whities. "I am culturally enriching ze ponies with my rich Nazi culture. Nazi Space Marine!"

"Ja Mein Nazi Primarch!" A burly Space Marine approached his Primarch.

"Bring out ze Nazi Cross and Nazi Branding Iron, so we can Nazi crucify ze princesses after we Nazi whip zem!"

"Jawol! Mein Nazi Primarch! Zen we Nazi brand zem with za Nazi symbol, Ja?"

"Ja! We shall Nazify zem usin za Nazification machine! Zen we shall have a Nazi dance party!"

"Vith Nazi costumes and Nazi cake?"

"And Nazi muffins and a Nazi MC/Rapper."

"Oh boy! It shall be ze Naziest party in ze entire Nazi sector!"

"Nein! It shall be za best Nazi dance party in ze entire Nazi universe. We shall be za Naziest!" Then Hitlor snapped a Roman salure. "Nazi Salute!"

Both the Space Marine and Hitlor saluted each other. Hitlor then excused himself to go into his Nazi office and Nazi ponder his next Nazi attack, and laugh maniacally inside. Nazi laughter of course However, something interrupted his Nazi meditation.

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