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If you were writing a shitty, deplorable human being for a character that also read books, what would be their favorite book?

Pic related.

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Atlas Shrugged

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Are you saying Infinite Jest is for sociopaths, or are you just saying the book is shitty?

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That's easy

Come on try harder

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Probably just saying really shitty people are fans of the book, which I've noticed as well.

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He would read everything. From the so-called "Holy" Bible to the sunday Funnies, but the only thing he would always keep on him, was the Holy Qur'An

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An interesting plot event from Brothers Karamazov

Why does Zossima's body smell bad and decay so rapidly?

Personally, I think it was symbolic of his desire for Alyosha to leave the monastery. The smelly corpse actually served to set up the chain of events causing Alyosha to leave, almost as if Zossima was exerting his will post-mortem.

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If this is the TBK circlejerk I have a question:
What's the deal with Rakitin? I've read it three times and understand most everything else, but
>why is he a student of the monastery if he's apparently an atheist (I remember him quoting Nietzsche and criticizing the church in some way or another)?
>what does he have to gain from trying to break Alyosha's faith? It's clear this is his goal when he brings him to Grushenka
>why does he have it out for Alyosha, who seems to be extremely kind to everyone, to the point of mocking him as he has an emotional breakdown after his father figure died? That's not banter, that's just weird cruelty
>in the likely case that he's an asshole to other monks as well, why hasn't he been kicked out or something?

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Rakitin struck me as somebody stuck in a crisis of faith, and feeling very vulnerable as a result. He's overcompensating by putting forth this sort of edgelord persona. He almost reminds me of the Underground Man as a monk, somebody who gets perverse pleasure from sowing discord and making an ass of himself, but is secretly filled with paradox, doubt, and conflict.

I could see him have a similar "I can't be good, they won't let me" breakdown if D were to live and continue the story.

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This is an important point. There seemed to be a culture in the monastery and village at large that was always expecting miracles and concrete proof.

I grew up Catholic, and there's this whole tradition revolving around the bodies of certain saints remaining "incorruptible" from decay after dying. I wouldn't be surprised if there was something similar in Russian Orthodoxy. I think Dostoevsky was demonstrating the unworldly, misguided nature of faith demonstrated by such thinking, completely contrary to Zossima's teachings.

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Not only push the plot forward, but also to force Alyosha's character to develop. Remember that Brothers K was to be the first book of a trilogy called The Life of a Great Sinner, with Alyosha being the titular character.

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I really do wonder what direction the brothers would have taken, especially in two more huge books

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What's your excuse for not being a postfeminist, /lit/?

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I might be getting a PS4 literally just because of it, as much as it shames me to give away money to the corporate anti-artistic greed machine that Sony is.

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Fug same

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I'm not a cuck boy.

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Should I continue my path in becoming an English teacher?

I live in suburban New York (not New York Shitty, just north of it) and want to teach teen-to-college level kids the beauties and nuances of literature, not just crap they're forced to read through their curriculum (some works excluded). Honestly, it has been my passion for a long time, but is it worth the extensive work and lack of guarantee for a job (also the bullshit leftist politics in academia nowadays)?

Is it worth it, /lit/, or am I doomed?

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I wouldn't worry about that. I have a lot of friends who are teachers in ny and even though there may be some issues with private school kids, they pale in comparison to the issues of the students in the public schools. Teaching literature to public school students would surely be a thankless task unless you can get a job in one of the more affluent towns in westchester/rockland county etc. Most public school students aren't going to give a fuck about literature, I've heard countless horror stories about teaching in public schools in ny including a student stabbing another student in the classroom.

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Rockland is actually where I grew up and went to school, it's a story I've heard before.

Do they like doing what they do? Even if it is "thankless"?

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Seriously though, you are a fucking idiot.

You say it's been your passion for a long time yet you are discouraged by memes (le ebin leftist academia xD) and something that happens to everyone no matter their degree (extensive work and lack of guaranteed job). What a waste of air. It's not your passion, you are just insecure and want us to confirm your beliefs, so that if you fail you can blame it on someone else because they gave you "bad advice".

It's not always going to be nice, but to be a teacher you need passion, something that it seems you lack. And if teaching is what you want, it will be worth it.

Take this piece of "advice" from an actual English teacher who didn't need some random fags in a cantonese knitting forum to give him advice.

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No, most of them are fuckin worn down and jaded by the experience. Not to mention they get paid absolute shit

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I decided against becoming a teacher because I couldn't handle the idea of having my job dictate such a large part of my identity.

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In your opinion, who was the tragic hero?

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Both Caesar and Brutus.

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Cinna the poet

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Do your own homework

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Obviously Brutus.

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Does society still need religion?

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We need something, but classical religion is no longer the answer

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Maybe so, maybe not.

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Atheism provides no moral substitute other than hedonism so as of now, yes

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What works of literature feature a skeleton protagonist?

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All of them you retard, everyone is partly a skeleton

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Cerulean Butterfly's blog.

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>Dostevsky is better than Tolstoy.


War and Peace and Anna Karenina are just far superior than any of Dostoevsky's books. The only one that comes close is TBK.

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i like em both.

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War and Peace, more like BORE and Peace!

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This. The war parts were just useless and completely boring.

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TBK was better than anything Tolstoy wrote. But Anna Karenina was better than anything else Dostoevsky wrote.

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Best chapter

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try works
squeeze of the hand

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Squid wowed me for some reason
It is pretty standard prose for the novel so maybe i was paying extra attention when I read it

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When Ahab and Starbuck open up to each other. Honorable mention to the chapters before Ishmael and Queequeg get on the Pequod which were so comfy and fun (comfun).

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Societal Paladin, I sense your presence. Stop hurting people's feelings, you big jerkwad.

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I thought it said "I can smell your pubes"

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heh, no but really. that guy is around here trying to step on people, i can feel it. i can smell it, the stench of being a mean ass jerk.

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Link me to the other posts you think are me and I'll tell you if you're right.

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the term societal should have all the significance required, if that reference means nothing to you, then you likely are not said paladin.

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Why should I keep writing, lit? I barely ever have the motivation to write, and once I finally do, I hate everything I put down. How the fuck do you stay motivated?

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An added reason not to write is that it won't make any difference whatsoever to anyone who reads it.

Hope this helps.

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Because women are worthless whores

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you should write because i told you to.
doesn't hurt anyone for you to write.

just keep swimming swimming swimming

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That was surprisingly helpful. Thank you anon

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What is the best English translation of Don Quixote?

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Women are inferior to the white man

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Edith Grossman unless you have specialised reasons or preferences for reading a more antiquated one. Skip the Harold Bloom foreword altogther - it's useless.


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Grossman is garbage.

Smollett is fucking wonderful.

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Just learn spanish bro

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What does /lit/ think of him? Why isn't he /ourguy/ like /mu/? He's a thinker.

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Conan O'Brien? Not really /lit/ related.

He's looking orange as fuck. Is Trump starting some creepy fad where white people paint themselves orange?

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But he has many interesting thoughts.
>his unrefutable Beatles article
>questions the unnecesary age limits
>redpilled on same-sex marriage
>hates wikipedia. tried to get his own wiki removed but evil jimmy wales won't allow it.
>refuses to capitalize the pronoun "I", even in his published books
>acknowledges the importance of refrigerators
>recognizes that the critic is the true artist

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It is refuted by his refusal to include any sort of verifiable evidence

>muh middle class
>muh sold records
>muh racism

Very interesting indeed!

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ur right what was i thinking he's a genius

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huh, i saw this guy's list on russian lit the other day at random, odd that you mention him, had never heard of him before. seems like a cool guy at least based on his site.

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Dunder Fester Worcester

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where can I read a book about this

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your local library!

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Meanwhile, on Bizarro /lit/....

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If only I could stretch the night

I would take to sleep with such delight

If only I could stretch the night

I would seek and ponder the events of days light

And enjoy timeless delight

If only I could stretch the night

A month to opine the day

And a year to plan the fight

If only I could stretch the night

If the clock were broken

And yet still right

An eternity to be thankful

And to let go of all things trite

To be loose of the hurry to bed

And To be untied from the mornings bite

Oh if I could only stretch the night

Perhaps as death lives in me

The chance I just might

Exists in that long goodnight

A chance to hold times hands

And be blessed with an eternity of light

And the times I'd have before bed

Would outlast my spite

And spring me cleanly

Into next life

May time my sins overwrite

And hell hold its flame from my sight

And give me just a little more time

To turn my soul white

If only before my heart stands against me

I could set it right

If only I could stretch the damned night.

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Well, I only replied like that because I thought it would be funny. I didn't actually read your OP.

I'm sorry. Always keep believing in yourself.

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Here I was just thankful someone read it... It's like youre playing chess against my better nature and winning

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I really like "if the clock were broken / and yet still right" i thik most of this needs polish tho

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You need to start reading your poetry out loud. Just because the words rhyme doesn't mean it flows well.

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What's that back alley Tunisian knife fighter doing on here?

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charts used for writing? I had one a while back that helped with emotion, stemming from basic happy, sad and mad up to distraught and melancholic

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should have transexual in the rogue corner

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Fart piss. Mature. Extremely mature "fart piss"

Fuck fuck fuck fuck cock aaaaaaaa aaaaaa a

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rolling for trap master

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>when you're secretly having a religious awakening and the girl you just started dating goes on an atheist rant about how awful religion is

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>Not converting her to god with your dick
its like you didn't go full baptist brother

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Casual nihilism is part of the thot archetype, the cornerstone of their detatched, hedonistic worldview and obsession with posturing.

Kill all thots 2k17

>> No.8980220

Who fucking cares? What type of girl are you expecting to find? A philosophical and religious recluse who shitposts on 4chan? Good luck.

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Tell her you are religious, I doubt she wants to fuck a nutcase

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