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Can we talk about how this is one of the most fantastic books of all time?

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>tfw putting the finishing touches on my 6000-page masterpiece that will change the future as we know it

A. m.a. (Ask, my angels)

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>Lel so quirky xD

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Okay, I'll bite

what's it about?

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Oh, they will, they will beg for it.

It's a quixotic tale of a young artist that transcends first his irony and cynicism, then the demands of society at large and finally the demands of his physical body. The last 2000 pages are nothing but a description of the meditative hums he produces in his final hours.

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>he last 2000 pages are nothing but a description of the meditative hums he produces in his final hours.
where can i buy this history in the making

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I plan to have it published with a ceramic cover, it'll weigh 25 lbs OR MORE
A true patrician test

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Just bought this for $1, was it worth it?

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After Slothrop gets to Casino Herr Goering the work becomes clear and intimate rather than providing the reader with the sensuous analogue of walking through a sandstorm stark naked.

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>providing the reader with the sensuous analogue of walking through a sandstorm stark naked.

why did he do it that way, is he trying to be an asshole? or is it because "lel it makes sense you finish it kiddo"... I think I already figured out what the "big twist" is all about... when he talked about some girls private parts being "pixelated"... I don't want to spoil it to anyone and I'm not even sure if I'm right... but do you understand what I'm trying to say?
Also, who the fuck is the kenosha kid?

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*blocks your path*

what do?

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Man this thread fucked me up. I can't tell if op is really answering to himself or everyone ia roleplaying.

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>dude what if nuffin is real woaah

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Any books on walking and posture? Don't tell me to read Mishima

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go to a brothel. fuck a girl. no more a virgin, no more virgin walk.

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Threadly reminder that hiring a prostitute does not count as losing your virginity.
Paying for sex is glorified masturbation and destroys the mutual emotional component that defines sexual relationships.

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saw one on /int/ too.

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>t. virgin christcuck

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Writers with the worst fetishes? Do you know any apart from the most famous one like Joyce's?

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I'm going to be the next greatest of our time and I'm into feet, as is any creative genius.

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Fitzgerald was a foot fetishist

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why is everyone into feet????

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Rousseau had a mommy kink

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btw Joyce had the coolest fetishes i wish he was my daddy

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Which work are you currently reading?

I'm working my way through the edgelord trilogy so that I can fully appreciate Zarathustra

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help me /lit/! I want to read Nietzsche for myself and forum my own opinions but I don't know where to start.

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Read all the prefaces from his books in chronological order, then read his books and finish with Zaratusthra, then avoid suicide by becoming a christcuck since you are not overman

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>Whatever cannot obey itself, is commanded.

>so I start obeying VOLUNTARILY someone who I think is worth obeying so I can learn to obey
would you still obey him when he tells you to do [insert sth really bad]? Otherwise you are just role playing.

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>would you still obey him when he tells you to do [insert sth really bad]
> Otherwise you are just role playing.
roleplaying as what?

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LOL this is soooo us, /lit/

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I'll admit, I only finished Crime and Punishment because I love'd the FUCK outta Sonya

Sonya my fukin' lit-waifu

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Women were a mistake.

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>her retarded face at the end

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go back there

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With all of the underaged kids on this board this seems important.
Pic related is clearly outdated.
What would you change?

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I prefer the old one.

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This is a little better

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But this one and the top 100 list are the best imo, kids should just pick stuff at random and dive in.

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pretty good but it always bothers me that solzhenitsyn is slept on

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I wish Katie would love me

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do you have to be ugly to be a great, "maudit", author? an I too cute to be a great author?

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is /lit/ full of ugly people?


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i don't think you read my post

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This is how you start a goddamn right wing literature thread the right way, faggot.

What was that one facsist poet called again. I fortgit help

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>Right-wing literature
Pick one, you Commie pinko faggot

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buddy, you're posting in a right wing literature thread on a forum where everyone is anonymous and indistinguishable from post to post. since no one actually called you retarded i have to imagine that youre projecting

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What was the controversy? Some chicks sent nudes to some alpha marine and he shared them online?

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yeah, but more than one girl and to a facebook group of 30k marines.

They all got in trouble for it and the ROTC battalion I'm involved with at school got long lectures on muh women or whatever

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>30k Marines
Loyalists or heretics?

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>tfw there is a million editions of each classic and don't know what one to get

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>what one to get

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I can confirm Norton is excellent. The footnotes are almost always useful and never excessive. There are also many additional essays and lots of other neat stuff.

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Yeah, it's a good edition, I own it, but wouldn't you say it's better for a second read in which you were going to study the novel? I opened to a random page and looked at the notes, and they were about Melville's sources, where he might have gotten the idea for this, which seems like information a first-time reader doesn't urgently need. Was that never your experience?

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Huh, that doesn't look like the Franklin Library edition

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I love the kids that know Adorno

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Pedo fucking shit. kids are not for love!

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That's not Adorno, you fuck!

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>tfw had a dream i was having sex with laura flynn boyle last night
>in the dream realized it couldnt be real
>suddenly im just humping a wet mattress in an empty field

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Well if you're a girl that's to be expected
If you're a guy you might be gay I guess

Quick question: to those of you who remember your dreams, have you ever dreamed of having sex with your mother? I hear it is quite common.

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I dreamed my grandma left me pregnant once (I'm a dude btw). We have an unhealthy, extremely codependant relationship irl.

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My gf turned into my mom once.

But my mom's a nice person so I guess it's not that bad.

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How do I convince my younger brother to stop wasting time with video games and start reading some books? As he sees it, all entertainment is made with the intent of escaping from reality, and when I suggest otherwise he calls me a pretentious asshole. He's not wrong, but I still care about him. He gets really irritable when he isn't at his computer.

What can I do to help him? I used to be the exact same way but literature really helped get me out of that hole. I just don't want to tell him how to live/think.

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He is right. What do you mean you got out of that hole? You are sitting on 4chan with a false sense of superiority, disparaging your brother, and addressing the lit board in hopes of your warped thinking being echoed and reinforced.

Grow up.

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Video games offer a better sense of immersion than books. This is just a fact. There are many good reasons to read, and immersion into a world is one of them, but it's being replaced by a medium that has become superior at immersion.

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I think video games are a great way to entertain oneself. There are lots of benefits to playing games, it's not just escapism.

Just let your brother play, OP. Maybe he'll discover literature later on, maybe he won't. And that's fine.

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Any Robert Aickman fans here?

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>Neil Gaiman quote on the cover

Imagine a picture of a frog holding a firearm.

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>tfw Gaiman quote ruins some Gene Wolfe books I have

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I almost felt that, with a few exceptions, I didn't understand the stories in Dark Entries but that didn't stop me from picking up Cold Hand In Mine recently. I haven't started it yet (may wait for autumn to roll around) but I'm intrigued to begin because I read that some of the stories are even stranger.

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kneel-gay-man actually has good taste, though, it's just his own writing that's underwhelming

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I have Cold Hand in Mine and Painted Devils and they contain some of the best and most legitimately unsettling stories I've ever read. I try to bring him up here now and then but his readership is still too small for the average reader to even be aware of him.

here's a neat little documentary on him:

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>writing erotica
>suddenly all will to write erotica vanishes
>write erotica while not masturbating
>ends up being more focused on the non-erotic aspects of the scenario and as such shitty masturbation material

someone help me with this problem, I have a deadline to meet

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yup, edging is your answer

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dumb frogposter gb2 /r9k/

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Stop writing and stop reading.

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Already trying that fampire

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Wear a chastity cage and post pics to make sure you're doing it right

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*reads Nietzsche once*

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*visits /pol/ once*

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You know, he really does have a punchable face

>> No.9286937

He's a 38 year old lunatic who should be in the care of professionals.

We can't go around punching the mentally disabled.

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Nietzsche is too dim even for Spencer.

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Why doesn't /lit/ treat right wing literature with respect? Is it the result of a monkey-see monkey-do relationship with their literature professors?

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The less you mess yourself over a superfluous distinction between "left/right" the more you'll educate yourself

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My IQ isn't sub 80.

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It's rather difficult to respect something that doesn't exist.

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This is crazy. Spengler, Evola, and Pound are held in high regard here (or their ideas are at least treated seriously).

Check the archives and warosu. There's been many, many threads about so-called right wing literature.

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I like that quote.

But will American Christians ever do this?

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How do you summarize his thought?

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nah he seems to get pretty annoyed about that actually. he makes a lot of effort to try to clarify that these people are not NRx, bc he wants the NRx brand to stay pure and Moldbuggian

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A lot of my interpretation of "useful idiots" comes from this short essay about a hypothetical post-democratic america.


>> No.9286668


while that's an entertaining notion its wrong, xenofem was started by six women collectively named Labora Cuboniks who branched from the early 2000s tech collective Autistici Inventati who were probably inspired by the ccru

>> No.9286905

I think there's a difference between useful idiots and appropriation of thought
You can throw the useful idiots in front of the bus

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Ok /lit/, so, let's talk about themes that are worth writing about, or even reading.

Is there such a thing as anything "worth" writing about? I've noticed a lot of the times I've talked myself out of writing something that I was feeling was because I thought it was not really lit-worthy, and no matter how good I managed to write it or whatever, the idea itself was not worth more than an entry in a shitty personal blog or would just fit in some YA fiction tier

But now, thinking better about it, I've come to think maybe there's no such thing as "worthy" themes. I mean, someone who doesn't know how to write would never be able to write something decent even if presented with the best philosophical idea, i think that's obvious, but maybe the reverse can also be true (ie: that someone who's into writing and has talent -not to say I have, in general- can make something decent even with the most boring or apparently cliched theme.

Is it really that important? Or is prose the most important aspect of writing?

I think I'm currently inclinating more towards believing the second.

(also in my case i don't think it was the best idea to stop writing, because i don't think i'll ever be the next literary genius or whatever, i use it just as a way to express myself and well... to believe the things that are into my inner self are not worth writing about could easily be interpreted as that life itself is not worth living)

And if I ignore an idea for a while it gets to a point that i just "lose" that idea, i mean, i'm not going to feel inspired to write it if I don't write it at the very moment I get it.

So. What are your thoughts on this?

I hope i get more serious responses than troll ones. Even though I know i'll get troll ones; but i just hope the proportion is favorable.

PS: As a note, if I have any grammar or spelling mistakes, it's because i'm not a native english speaker and i actually write in the one that is my native one.

I had to state it to anticipate the obvious troll response that if I redact like this it'd be better not to write anything at all and blah blah.

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