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How do I into Scottish Literature? What are some essential Scottish books I should read?

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Scott is a good start. Read waverly or rob roy.

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it's extremely difficult for me to read fiction. ill get part of the way through and feel like im wasting my time and should have read something else. hence the second part of my (OP)

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>essential Scottish

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Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr jekyll and mr hyde.

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considering these. thanks.

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Alright, Sorry for being retarded with the other thread.
Anyway. Do I really need to read the book in linguistics before I start learning about PIE.

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How do I improve my reading comprehension?
Like I can read something and I will understand it, but I'll forget it immediately after. I feel like a retard honestly. I get distracted easy as fuck too, and I want to read but goddamn. What are some tips from yous guys

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dude, somethings not right up there. you seen a doctor about this?

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I was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, but it has never given me a problem before. Maybe it's because I haven't really sat down and read a book in a while?

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it's terminal

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Get some noise cancelling headphones and blast this while reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHW1oY26kxQ

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Do I really need to read a book about linguistics before I learn about PIE?

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Mods please delete. I messed up and it won't let me. I'm sorry.

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post larger images please

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what is this? images for ants?

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based retard

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Do people outside college ever discuss literature at a high level (analysis)?

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College graduates do.

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Well, not all of them. And they only talk about it sometimes. And they're not very good at it.

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I've heard from certain wandering peoples that, yes, this is a custom of one far off land

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all the time, we're waiting for you op

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Yeah, you can find people destroying art almost anywhere.

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I can't stop writing song lyrics about drugs I take to keep my creative to write good song lyrics

I don't want my audience to think I'm a junkie and that I have nothing else to talk about, but I can't write as well without drugs. What should I do?

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become a good writer, lots of writing usually fixes that

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But a bunch of amazing writers took a lot more drugs than I do to write

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they also wrote a lot

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How can I justify reading fiction, /lit/?

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you don't need to

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There are only so many hours in a day, anon. Sure, reading literature might enrich my soul, but I am a young fellow and work for a living. I could always be dedicating that time to investing in a skill or trying to find a new side hustle.

Can I really justify wallowing in things like fun when I could be toiling towards more tangible improvements of my life?

I am 24 btw

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Read as you walk on a treadmill if you have to be so autistic about it.

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I find often stories hold far deeper meaning then philosophy, even if it's water downed and not as thorough. Though I do respect the hustle in terms of not /consuming/, just read good fiction

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How many pages did you read today?

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I am a construction worker and read on my phone literally any second I'm sitting down or in the truck which can be hours a day, depending

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yo can you get a fucking move on

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thirty i think but i never count, it’s a bad habit

read one page right now

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I finished a book and started another. I think I'm about 40 pages into it. I don't know why you guys worry so much about page count though.

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>*gets hated on because plebs don't understand the main character*

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t. holden

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I could never empathize with a character who is so weak of character as to be molested

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shut up phony

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It's the plebs who DO understand the main character who hate it.

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I found this post on reddit that links to Wattpad, with the first two chapters of the ebook The Most Politically Correct Fantasy You'll Ever Read. It's kind of hilarious. Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/satire/comments/aojmye/the_netherland_tale_the_most_politically_correct/

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>I found this post on reddit

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Pic related.

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How good is this book?
Any other good books on the beggining of capitalism?

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There are no discernible origins to Capitalism so long as you consider it to be the ownership of private property, it probable predates the written language. We have evidence of grain speculation markets in bronze age Sumeria, and of what were (if not in name then in principle) joint stock countries in ancient China.

The word Capitalism was invented and used to describe all existing systems, but the principle itself reaches so far back into antiquity that its origins cannot even be seriously discussed.

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Capitalism is obviously more complicated than merely property ownership. This stretch back before the written word, the law, but the weapons and the customs where all there was of primitive law. Just look at what the native Americans owned in Pre-colonial times.

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Capitalism is more than just "private property". When noble has a field and a serf tolls it, it's not capitalism it's feudalism. In an economic system certain way of organizing production needs to be dominant in order to call it capitalism.

Until recently most people were (and in some countries still are) subsistence farmers, not wagies.

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Define "Capitalism".

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The book in OP defines capitalism as a system where essentially all goods and services are produced exclusively for profitable exchange, with labor and all other economic actors commodified and dependent on the market, in a compulsory way. Laborers have to sell their labor to the owners of capital to survive, and the owners of capital have to maximize profit competitively to survive. In this situation the market is fully dominant. This isn't the same as a society which just has a class of merchants going around buying cheap and selling dear.

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can i get /lit/ recs on individualism? both theoretical and fictional please.

thank you in advance

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Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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The unique and its property

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Both of these, Atlas Shrugged, and Fountainhead

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The spook and its own

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Currently reading The Consumer and I just wanna ask what the fuck is wrong with this man

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>he doesn't print PDFs of entire books via his printer, hole punch it, then put it in a binder

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>he doesn't write down the book then read it

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>He doesn't request that his library transfer rare books to a local branch so he can borrow them under a fake name and not return them

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>he doesn't print PDFs of entire books via his printer, hole punch it, then put it in a binder
People used to do this in 2011 for classes.

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Would prefer if it wasn't about world war stuff. I was hoping to find something comprehensive. Also stuff predating Charlemagne would also be sweet.

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Just searching a uni library catalogue and all but one I can find are in German sadly. But if you can read German, definitely the most charming stuff will be German books from the 19th century. Germans in the 19th century really liked to write "History of ______" books that were 91 volumes long and completely comprehensive for their 10-year second doctoral thesis. They're virtually guaranteed to have collated all the classic sources and to give you the mainstream, romantic narrative of the city.

>Geschichte der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, von Anton Kirchner.

>Die Entstehung der Reichsstadt Frankfurt am Main, und der Verhältnisse ihrer Bewohner / von Johann Carl v. Fichard, genannt Baur v. Eyseneck

>Geschichte der freien Stadt Frankfurt am Main, von ihrem Anfang bis auf die neuesten Zeiten

>Neuere geschichte von Frankfurt am Main, von Wilhelm Stricker

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these are great appreciate the help!

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Found an epub called Geschichte Hessens on libgen, which is a German language history of the area Frankfurt is located. Anything good or in depth will be in German desu.

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I have a book for you to look at. It's about a guy in college trying to get pu$$i, but not realizing that he is not very good at the strategies to doing so. If you got some time feel free to 'critique' it as well.


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What is the most /lit/ suicide method?

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A thread died for this. Faggot.

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hanging yourself by using a stack of your freshly printed book as a platform

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the thread wouldn't have died if anyone cared enough to post in it

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Either falling from a great height, drowning, or lung cancer

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>There is no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons.

>Many young people strangely boast of being “motivated”; they re-request apprenticeships and permanent training. It’s up to them to discover what they’re being made to serve, just as their elders discovered, not without difficulty, the telos of the disciplines

What are our weapons frens?

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who is?

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cuckphilosophy is based

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Deleuze and Guattari.

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succ bump

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any books that talk about the cultural control jews have in western civilisation?

additionally, are there any books discussing the choices the coalition nations made when they were against napoleon's emancipation of jewish people?

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There aren't any Jewish people and Japan and their country is just as fucked up

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There’s this book that gets posted here sometimes, it’s called The Culture of Critique, you may have heard of it.

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