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>The same childhood friend reported in a letter that Columbus had provided one of the captured indigenous women to him. He wrote, "While I was in the boat, I captured a very beautiful twelve year old Carib woman, whom the said Lord Admiral gave to me. When I had taken her to my cabin she was naked—as was their custom. I was filled with a desire to take my pleasure with her and attempted to satisfy my desire. She was unwilling, and so treated me with her nails that I wished I had never begun. But—to cut a long story short—I then took a piece of rope and whipped her soundly, and she let forth such incredible screams that you would not have believed your ears. Eventually we came to such terms, I assure you, that you would have thought that she had been brought up in a school for whores."

>Ywn rape native lolis so hard they go into Stockholm syndrome mode

why even live anons?

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Can someone provide me with a download link for this book- ''The sacred bee in ancient times and folklore''?

I'm really eager to read it!
Thanks in advance!

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I am also interested. On a related note: Do people still construct folklore?

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Isn't that what urban myths are?

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Read Maeterlinck's book (on bees) as well.

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Is this worth reading?

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Unironically the movie managed to convey the themes and story in a better more engaging way than the novel. Brett Easton Ellis is a hack btw.

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>Unironically the movie managed to convey the themes and story in a better more engaging way than the novel. Brett Easton Ellis is a hack btw.
I really like the movie. I read the synopsis, thought the dual personality theme might be better explored in the book. But if the movie is sufficiently good I'll just read something else on my list :S

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The book was ten times funnier than the movie. Also, Ellis has a good ear for dialogue.

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If you've already seen the movie there is no point in reading the book, the only worthwhile part of it that isn't in the movie is Bateman knifing a young child in a park and his feelings of disappointment about it it's very redundant (even though that was the supposed point) to the point of near unreadability.

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It's fine entry-level edge-core but it's not a great novel.

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The loudest have the final say,
The wanton win, the rash hold sway,
The realist's rules of order say
The drunken driver has the right of way.

The Kubla Khan can butt in line;
The biggest brute can take what's mine;
When heavyweights break wind, that's fine;
No matter what a judge might say,
The drunken driver has the right of way.

The guiltiest feel free of guilt;
Who care not, bloom; who worry, wilt;
Plans better laid are rarely built
For forethought seldom wins the day;
The drunken driver has the right of way.

The most attentive and unfailing
Carefulness is unavailing
Wheresoever fools are flailing;
Wisdom there is held at bay;,
The drunken driver has the right of way.

De jure is de facto's slave;
The most foolhardy beat the brave;
Brass routs restraint; low lies high's grave;
When conscience leads you, it's astray;
The drunken driver has the right of way.

It's only the naivest who'll
Deny this, that the reckless rule;
When facing an oncoming fool
The practiced and sagacious say
Watch out — one side — look sharp — gang way.

However much you plan and pray,
Alas, alack, tant pis, oy vey,
Now — heretofore — til Judgment Day,
The drunken driver has the right of way.

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I feel bad for Wojak. He doesn't deserve all of this.

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very nice, thank you for sharing

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>No matter what a judge might say,
>The drunken driver has the right of way.
this one seems like an inconsistancy in the message. the judge has the power of the state behind him and can enforce his verdict. the drunk driver only has power during the time of his drunk driving.

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Is Ethan Coen an alcohol?

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It doesn't stop you dying and the drunk talking away.

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are humanities students adverse to analytic philosophy because they recognize they lack the brainpower to understand contemporary science?

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Humanities students have always been subject to the power of the day. Previously, religion and empire wore the crown.

The recent adaptations of US Imperialism have turned the humanities into a kind of mysticism, at once neutering prior forms taken by the humanities... and also using cultural studies as a tool of soft power.

Continental philosophy and critical theory are just part of that toolset, in a similar way to how modernist art was used for soft power in the cold war.

Analytic philosophy is too much a sincere autistic endeavour to ever be useful for conquest.

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science it's pretty strict and structered, while philosopy, history and literature are more opened, you can feel free while you study them or even criticize them since they are subjective(with exceptions of course)

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Anyone got any nonfiction recs relating to the Renaissance? I'm interested in anything from broad histories to biographies of individuals.

I need super entry-level stuff because I know nothing about the Renaissance.

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Burckhardt's wonderful history coined the term Renaissance; Huizinga's equally wonderful history (The Autumn of the Middle Ages) best disputes its application.

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Read Cellini's autobiography to gain a sense at just how frighteningly crazy merely living life was back then.

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Is eternal return real?

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If quantum fluctuations of the void generated the big bang and if the universe keeps inflating then it most likely is.

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I agree but i am a science brainlet and cannot comprehend space without objects in it so i don't know how the big bang occurred "in space" if that makes sense.

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not literally
but eternal return in the pascal way is
would you wish to live this day again and again forever?

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It "literally" existing is a real possibility given our current understanding of the creation of the universe.

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does it matter?

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Spoil the end of a book with no context.

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Shylock doesn't know the law

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99% of /lit/ has never got to the end of a book.

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1. they lift him up and proclaim him emperor and he says put me down but they don't and he thinks well at least now i can make people read my books

2. having left something nasty in the outhouse he goes back inside because there's dancing and he's a sucker for that

3. he's pretty happy to be doing something noble at last even if it is right at the very end of his life

4. she doesn't smile much any more but at least she married a good solid friendly fellow

5. only the drunk comes to his funeral

6. he's arrested for murder and she dies in childbirth

7. rather than live in a world where people are too happy for shakespeare he hangs himself

8. his niece steals the money and runs away with a circus man and he's upset until they mend his flower and drive the right way round the monument

9. he jumps out the window with the chaplain's enthusiastic support

10. they throw a dead dog on top of him

11. he tries to stay loyal to her in his heart but in the end he can't and after that there's nothing left to do but drink gin and love the boss

12. at least he dies picturing the rabbits so it could be worse

13. there's nothing left but rubble and a bird says all that can be said

14. they finally discover the silly woman was making it all up which really sets back relations between the people of the two countries in question

15. they catch him on the beach but an adult appears just in time so that's all right

16. although the sheriff obviously knows what happened they get away with it but still you aren't going to forget something like that in a hurry

17. he reads in the paper that the woman whom he promised to help and then abandoned after she stabbed her husband has drowned herself

18. she tries being a lesbian then she tries having a polish boyfriend then she has a vision and feels a bit better

19. so there he is on his coffin and the sharks don't eat him which is lucky

20. he finally gets back home and sits down with his child on his knee

21. she is pretty angry that he decided to allow himself to be shot, and butterflies don't help

22. they get married and he even gets a bit of his sight back too so that's all right

23. not only did she die but it's raining too so he will get wet going back to the hotel

24. equipped with new teeth he has no trouble getting a new wife

25. they settle down for a friendly game of cards and it becomes apparent there's absolutely no difference between them

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26. he's just too greedy and eventually he gets shot by the lighthouse-keeper

27. a car ploughs into him but he ties up his arm and carries on

28. it turns out he didn't even live long enough to kick off his boots

29. the three of them set out looking for the father although to be honest she probably isn't that interested in finding him

30. finally she has a rest from trying to organize everyone else's lives and marries him

31. he tries to explain to her how much he misses his friend who almost killed her sister and then wandered off and died in a snowdrift

32. sadly he probably got drowned on the voyage back although we'll just leave that slightly in the air

33. he finally finds the way out of the caves and the judge is happy his daughter survived

34. he's disappointed it wasn't a boy so he gets scythed but the harvard undergraduate doesn't hate the south whatever his roommate thinks

35. they cut her head off but even knowing how evil she is he still has a moment of regret because she's a cutie

36. by the time he gets back there's only the skeleton left

37. when he finds out about his mother he runs away and gets killed but his father forgives his brother so that's all right

38. after endless time-wasting they do kill him and what's worse it's ignominious

39. his future's a little uncertain but he does have fun watching his sister go round and round so things are probably going to be ok

40. having shot the monster and unmasked the villain they decide to stop in at a restaurant for a little supper as you do

41. just as they're singing along -

42. the friend he thought dead re-appears but what they had is gone

43. they decide to try to spring him from prison since he didn't even do it

44. his son gets hit by a car and he accidentally smothers him but work-wise things are looking up

45. he sets off for new york deciding not to strangle her with her own pigtail

46. she lies in bed pondering about stuff and probably they aren't going to split up so life goes on

47. the mad old woman burns to death and he discovers there's no place like home

48. she finishes her silly painting

49. his secretary isn't too happy that he did the right thing and now he has to deal with his ex-partner's wife too

50. they all sit in the restaurant looking out at the rain feeling quite happy they brought their holiday to a close when they did

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Bug gets killed by an army of apples

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>Can only write poetry in AABB rhyme scheme
Why am I such a piece of human garbage?

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that was really good

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And so the OP sought to rhyme against the wooden grain,
That's not in pairs of rhyming verse which tend to the sound the same,
But fool he was because he thought that rhyme came clearly first
Instead of meter, sound, symbolic meaning in a verse.
Not seeing the utility of paired-together schemes,
He posted on a forum to express a limpid dream
To come across a form to make him feel like garbage less
But found instead these anons who just couldn't give a shit,
Who threw their fingers back and forth as they began to wag
And scream into their monitors that OP is a fag.

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Good news for you grandpa, poetry doesn't need to rhyme anymore

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that was really good

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it started off good

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>he reads archane texts without any understanding of philosophy only because lit recommended them and they give him that shallow edifying feeling that any sophist can conjure up

Don't tell me you actually do this, right?

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How old were you when you realised you understand nothing and never will?

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>knowing that realization hasn't come yet but due to poor life choices and ethics it will

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it hapens i circles, understand? - no, you don't

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maybe 11-13

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Peven Stinker. xD

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Probably 18.

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Are there any works of literature that are so notorious for being bad that people still consume them like how Plan 9 or The Room are to film, The Shaggs' Philosophy of the World is to music, etc?

I know of pic related but it's sci-fi so I'm not sure if it really counts.

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i tried to do that with Rama II but it was too bad. the works of chuck tingle might apeal to you

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Principia Discordia

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What do I answer?

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It's her reaction when you drop your trousers

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"Don't you know how to use a search engine you filthy whore?"

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good meme

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this. start quoting Ted Kaczynski's manifesto, it never fails

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Is evolution to a higher consciousness the meaning of life?

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I fucking hate fap bait, man. It's been a week since I last fapped: now you had to put up this thicccc ass.

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The meaning of Life is reproduction, keeping your DNA alive.

>> No.11187065

No, but getting that booty is

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The only thing keeping you from killing is your faggot self. So get out there and kill, kill like crazy!

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Why does this guy never take a specific stance on anything but instead makes vague assertions and theories?

Why does he fearmonger with "cultural postmodern marxism" when he seems incapable of ever elucidating on what that actually is?

How is anyone buying into this guy's 'philosophy'?

I mean, saying postmodern marxism is itself incredibly retarded seeing as postmodernism is about the breaking down of structures and marxism is about a collective building of structures.

like wtf?

btw the lobster analogy is the worst strawman ive ever heard

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>nobody denies hierarchies exist
There's plenty of people on the left that say that all hierarchies should be abolished. Some of them are smarter and say "unjust hierarchies" should be abolished, but that's basically a tautology.
Even in communes that don't allow explicit hierarchies to exist you inevitably find de facto hierarchies.
>also an empty appeal to nature fallacy
Screaming "appeal to nature fallacy" is the sign of a brainlet. "natural" is intended not as "found in nature" but as "proper to the characteristic of the thing or being in question".

>> No.11186675

>hierarchies are a natural byproduct of those differences applied in any setting that allows for even the smallest degree of greatness or success and as such they're a fundamentally good thing.

hierarchies are the result of power structures first and foremost

>> No.11186687

nigga you don't even now what the appeal to nature is

>> No.11186694

Power structures ARE hierarchies.
An appeal to nature is a type of informal fallacy where one tries to justify the goodness of something by saying that it is found in that way in nature.
I did no such thing, so there is no appeal to nature in my post.

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because hes a pleb

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Would Lolita be described as an erotic novel or a romantic one?

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Depends on what you get from the book. Some people find it a vulgar, smutty tale of a man repeatedly molesting a 12 year-old and some people find it to be a beautiful romance.

>> No.11186516

>Some people find it a vulgar, smutty tale of a man repeatedly molesting a 12 year-old
It's because they're not aristocrats of the soul. True patricians can clearly see that its the Romeo and Juliet of our times.

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>Not posting the original
shame on you OP

>> No.11187140

The prose is absolutely romantic (of course humbert is distorting the truth though) and not really erotic at all

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>you will never step off the train in Oxford and push a trolley loaded with vintage suitcases and a hefty trunk along the platform with other "freshers"
>you will never be led as an excited group into a large ancient dining hall already filled with genetically supreme students chattering amongst themselves
>you will never stand near an ancient podium and watch as a handsome, polite young man with extremely well-combed hair is sorted into Balliol College
>you will never see your cute, well-mannered, intelligent, maternal, tender Elite girlfriend be sorted into her house
>you will never arrive on stage positively dreading that you will be sorted into one of the newer built non-Elite colleges
>you will never hear good news and hug your upper class girlfriend beneath an ancient oak outside and anticipate your next three years together
>you will never shake hands with the elderly working class (poor) porter of your college and have him stutter in surprise due to your kindness and affability
>you will never stand on your bed wearing only pyjama bottoms (your "abs" quite distinct in the half-light) while your girlfriend stands wearing only your buttoned pajama shirt, slow-dancing to a romantic song
>you will never walk around the campus of the University of Oxford with your privately educated (~£36,000 fees per year, excluding other trivial - a few hundred here and there - costs), Elite girlfriend who clutches folders to her chest and is dressed in a suitably traditional and refined manner
>you will never protect your handsome, shy, skittish girlfriend when she arrives sobbing in your dorm room dripping with rain because she is scared she won't live up to her parents' expectations

Are there any decent novellas (under 200 pages) focusing on a romantic relationship between two students at the University of Oxford?

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>tfw dumb, ugly and poor

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t. socrates

>> No.11186870

Not quite what your asking for, but, if I hadn't yet, I'd read Beerbohm's Zuleika Dobson about now were I in your position, which I frankly own I cannot even imagine, so? I would also imagine that at your latitude the horse chestnuts are now in bloom (probably just out.. of bloom) as well.

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I responded positively to the same elements, but I don't know whether I "distrust" Meghan. I have not yet reached such royal levels of faggotry. Still, since she does't even come from that Black American Evangelical tradition, why incorporate elements of snake oil Evangelical huckstery and stylistic chimping into the service?

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>lmao at not being well off or bright enough to pursue academic work at Oxford


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Even Marxists understand that Kanye West does not have to read Nick Land to understand him better than anyone else.

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underrated thread
coonye sucks at music though

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Shameless self promotions allowed here? I have something I published on amazon, its free this week and figured why not.

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I'm not sure I'd be able to format things, and I don't know what 'Resids' is nor about investing in stocks. I'm only in my 20s, remember? Didn't exactly come from a wealthy family either.

>> No.11187292

I am going off to sleep, been up all night posting on here, other sites, and writing. Good luck to you and thanks to the person who actually downloaded the Novella!

>> No.11187302


I had to learn about finances, when your put up in your house for a long period of time you feel the need to add value to your family. We have no kids, but I read up on how to manage our retirement better and our portfolio. It helps I have a brother with an Econ degree....but that aside reading up on it proved more valuable then anything.


The above link explains the later. Earlier you invest in "SAFE" long term stocks, the better off you will be. S&P 500 and other such index funds are the best bet...just remember that as time goes by.

>> No.11187308

12k words is a novelette as I recall, a novella is 17.5k to 39,999 words, and a novel is 40k+. Anything below 7.5k words is a short story. Anyhow, it probably depends on who you ask I suppose, but good luck to you as well. I hope your health improves.

>> No.11187317

I'll look into it, because I'm big on the long-term game, however it might be a while before I can get started. $10-15 is a decent bit of money for me right now in my current living conditions, let alone $20+.

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head an argument by this guy mentioned in Nihil Unbound which sounded really retarded, but it may have been Brassier missing the point, not sure.

it was something against Kant, it's been a while so i forgot what exactly, something about the past existing

>> No.11186510

What did you think of Brassier? I found the pdf for this books a few days ago while looking for engagements with Foucault and Nietzsche...
That he starts out with a Ligotti quote made me think he is a /lit/izen at first

>> No.11186534

Zizek and Ligotti approve.
His other book, Ego, start with that.

>> No.11186569

it's been a while since i read it, i thought it was a refreshing view of modern scientific materialism in a truly nihilistic way, without trying to sneak in meaning without acknowledging it like most authors

some of his arguments sounded unsound or weird, but it may have been me being a brainlet

i think it's a good balance towards other authors that want to have the materialist cake and then add some bullshit magical word that allows them to keep all the meaning of pre-modernity while pretending to have truly overcome the challenges of modernity

>> No.11186585

>draws strongly on neuroscientific research
ah fuck this german autistic shit

read the Kyoto school or de Man or some shit if you want empty out selfhood

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