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>Suppose you asked leftists to make a list of ALL the things that were wrong with society, and then suppose you instituted EVERY social change that they demanded. It is safe to say that within a couple of years the majority of leftists would find something new to complain about,some new social “evil” to correct; because, once again, the leftist is motivated less by distress at society’s ills than by the need to satisfy his drive for power by imposing his solutions on society
This man represented everything he hated.
Truly a psycho.

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uhmm sweetie not sure if you're familiar with this school of shitposting but I'd advise you to wise up on it before snapping at me okay mr. grumpy pants

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sorry sweetums this reply: >>10875706
was meant for this loveable but uninformed boy: >>10875492

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This has to be an ironic bait pasta, nobody can be this stupid

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Congratulations, you made me smile.

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How is this form of speech called? The one where you substitute simple words with fringe synonyms to impress the 16 year old pink haired girls at the philosophy club and anger normal people with your pretentiousness?

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What's some basic liberalist literature?

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What the fuck is liberalistism/liberalisalism/whatever it is even supposed to stand for? Does Sargon (or his ilk) even have a consistent worldview?

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A suicide manual.

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Stop relabeling basic bitch-tier political positions.

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some horseshit made up by a pseudointellectual who wants to be a speshul snowflake.

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broke: a rascist, Eurocentric celebration of the exploitation of Africa and her people
woke: an earnest appraisal of empire, the natural inequality of man, and its impact on the psyche
bespoke: company man blows the fuck out of everyone's ivory quotas with some canoes and a pack of feral groids

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Ascended: a story about a man reaching into the core of human nature, discovering the most terrible of truths.

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What are you favorite history books/recommendations? /lit/ rarely seems to talk about them.

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In the middle of
>A people's history of the united states
>Madame Bovary
>The New Testament
Thinking of starting another, shall I start a new hotness or finish off the old and busted?

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Any recommendations for books that will give me a boner and make me cry? Not at the same time.

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thousand cranes

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your mom's childhood photo album

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The Elementary Particles

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ITT we talk about literary characters everybody hates but you feel sorry for.

Me, I thin Holden fits the bill, pic related.

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Tom. He's basically me, but if I decided to kill myself rather than trying to be optimistic about life.

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Tom. He's basically me but I became optimistic about life rather than killing myself ;_;

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Ewmbehr Ewmbehr. Works in olfactory enchantments, dabbles in other sorts of lures, too.

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I think it's tough for younger people to relate these days. Holden doesn't have the proper cultural capital to justify complaining about anything. Because of that, relating to him makes them uncomfortable.

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>People don't like being showered with truth
Hello Holden

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I often see L'Étranger recommended as an entry-level book for French-language learners.

What's an entry-level fiction book for Italian?

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In all honesty, besides analytics, does there seem to be any reason to go beyond the Greeks for philosophy?

They seem to have figured everything out, everybody else just copycats.

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Any form of democracy is atrocious; mob rule is atrocitous

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>besides analytics

Which contribute nothing.

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Acknowledged folly

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This individual has made a good post. As many political philosophers have pointed out, like Rousseau, what Athens actually was, was an aristocracy.

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No it is not. Our democracy allows everyone to vote.

But is that really what you want? Technically speaking, an aristocracy is most certainly a bad form of government, unless it is based on a metric OTHER than money. In other words, if the aristocracy was based on intelligence, or even better, a combination of intelligence and morally good behavior. I’m sure the Greeks wanted this type of Aristocracy, but it was out of their reach. They had a wealthy aristocracy just like the Romans

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Broke: Jordan Peterson
Woke: Coyote Peterson

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those leather hats are for fucking faggots and posers

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but he's australian.

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His videos are fun but he needs to work on his acting, yelling AAAAAAAH IT'S LIKE LAVA IN MY VEINS, AAAAAH! and rolling around for 5 minutes isn't how people act when they're in untold agony

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I choosing between this book and The Trial. Looking for a somewhat easy read since I’m buried in work and can’t put a lot of time and effort into reading.

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Hesse is good with poems and words in general.
The plot of his stories aren't really his strong suit.
I don't know if it is very good if you don't read it in German language.

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this is a pretty good book, you can read it in one day and its defentley worth it; literally 0 reasons to not read it. dont listen to insecure /litpseuds:>

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Hey, pal, shove your 20th century literature up your scar tissue ass

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I really liked Demian but please don't tell 4chan or they'll say I'm a pleb

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demian is an easier read than the trial. but its a coming of age story so that might be way past ya

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I'm looking for some more big, beefy, 20th/21st century maximalist shit and I've read all the cliche ones already (Pynchon, Delilo, McElroy, Bolano)

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Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess

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Life and Fate

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The kindly ones

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Umbrella/Shark/Phone by will self

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Have you read strudlhofstiege ? Been thinking about picking it up, whats it like ?

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Just read the first seven chapters of this. It was literally just
>dude nothing is real lmao
>dude we know nothing lmao
>dude perspectivism lmao
>dude le wisdom lmao
Please tell me why this is regarded as anything but garbage.

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problem cuck? i bet you think you can know things

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Well, I'm going in. How bad could it be?

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Its a fantastic novel

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I hope so. It's a bit of an investment.

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Complaints from other readers I have heard is that it is banal, since its mostly a portrait of a life without real import. But if one is to consider that a life is of total value to the person living it, I dont think that criticism is valid. Also much of it is a depiction of medieval life and social mores, so it isnt all swashbuckling. There is a lot of baby having and looms.

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All of that sounds right up my alley

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Never heard of this book before but this sounds like something I've been looking for

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Why are so many male authors so terrible at writing female characters? pic related

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god i wish that was me

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How could I have lived long enough to get on this website? You are an Idiot.

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Not me

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What does this criticism even mean?
How are you supposed to write women?

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All the single ladies
(All the single ladies)
All the single ladies
(All the single ladies)
All the single ladies
(All the single ladies)
All the single ladies
Now put your hands up

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shelf is full, should i get rid of the manga?

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Well Vagabond will never be finished so you might as well.

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How is Black Cat?

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I don't know, i took this pic from google, but I read vagabond

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desu that collection looks pretty cool

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Get a new shelf. Or start doubling up books on the shelf like used bookstores do.

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Proud as F***

Finally got my book published!

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Why isn’t dawn capitalized?

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>virginity was part of their very identity and station in life
They are the Vestal Virgins.

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Not so! There are lots of successful authors who self publish their books. If you want to maintain financial and artistic control of your work, like all good authors, cutting out the middle man and self publishing is often most sensible way to do.

...Might not be case with OP but.

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>Hope you write many more.
Tears, bro. Tears. Have a (You).

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I was going to suggest he retitle to "THOT Process" - alas the title was already taken. There is even a THOT Process 2: Diamond Eye. Maybe OP can glom onto the franchise.

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The German peoples use to produce some mighty philosophers. Influential men asking and answering absolutely earth-shattering, profound questions. Nowadays, the German peoples lack any sort of modern philosophical influence and are not capable of discourse.

Why is this? Is it because the German peoples have been cucked into Bolivia? Why are they no longer able of producing profound thoughts and discussions?

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Unification killed germans.
They used to be a very diverse land, alike to renaissance Italy but then prussians and Nazis came and ruined everything turning germans into homogenised pulp devoid of tradition.

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>I don't know what I'm talking about: the thread

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This. Prussia was a mistake.

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Nietzsche talks about this at length. The short version is that Germans couldn't live up to their ideals bestowed by men such as Goethe, Schiller, and Schopenhauer and instead took to the drink.

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The Nazis and then WW2 and then turbo-americanization killed us

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I'm putting together a team.

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>white people

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Only like half those people are white

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good post

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Can /lit/ recommend some literature that isn't by white men? I want to diversify my 2018 reading list. I am sure that oppressed groups have some good novel material. I read pic related last year and enjoyed it.

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Karen Tei Yamashita - I Hotel
Kim Fu - For Today I am a Boy
Salman Rushdie - The Moor’s Last Sigh
Ishmael Reed - Mumbo Jumbo
Percival Everett - Suder
Zadie Smith - White Teeth
Monique Truong - Book of Salt
John Edgar Wideman - Hiding Place

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forgot to say, studied postcolonial lit for my undergrad so if you need more recs i’ve got ten thousand of em

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Second Mumbo Jumbo and Orhan Pamuk

For japs, Mishima and the Book of Five Rings

For chinks, all I'm familiar with is the Daodeching (take care to choose a good translation)

For womenz, Celia Green, Emily Dickinson, Wuthering Heights. Kafka and Lewis Caroll were basically women so you can go for them too. Don't read Morrison, she's the ultimate sap.

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Ayn Rand is also worth a try, at least if you can process ideas with more than a high schooler's level of nuance (/lit/ cannot).

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Who are the best black writers? I will not @ /pol/ responses

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