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I wrote a book 2 years ago about a guy who turns into a serial killer. This is the chapter where he kills his first retard. I sent it to some publishers and they all told me it was shitty and dark and edgy. tell me if they're wrong or right 4chan.

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How old are you now...

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what type of complexities? in the previous chapters it there are some. like he's mute from trauma in his past so his thoughts are like the window the reader gets to see that no one else does. People don't really know that he's mute because he keeps to himself so much.

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All the fucks in here distract from the prose and plot.

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he's meant to be violently minded, the type of guy who would say fuck every other word.

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I am writing sci-fi, I try to keep it a little bit realistic. So there is my question about one aspect of my story:
If my protagonist called the police and said that there is a bomb in the inner core - would they have to evacuate the whole planet?
Thanks in advance

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doesn't matter. more important, how would they evac a whole planet? how would there be a bomb in a core? if it does not explode or melt on the way down, how will it explode?

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dunno, I guess it will just be a fantasy novel

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De0ends on the country

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Whos inner core?

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sorry I am foreigner

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What books have you particularly enjoyed on writing/theory/fiction? These are what I've read and I definitely learned a lot outside of what I've read in fiction.

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I believe that books on writing are useless shit, feel free to prove me wrong by posting something you wrote here.

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These are books I've read for school, two grad and two upper level fiction courses. I'd highly recommend Eagleton and the bottom, they're wonderful introductions to theory. The middle is a good warm up for those. And if you haven't read Elements of style you're missing out.

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And as requested, excerpt of a letter to POTUS I mailed today:
>There are many cruel words, and off the top of my head, 'fag' seems quite fitting for you, but I balk on the word out of respect to cigarettes. While those little death sticks have been responsible for the plight of millions, unlike the painful degradation the comes with your association with life, the instant gratification resultant from smoking by the user is at least eventually graced with the mercy of death. If only it were as easy to demonstrate the cultural and ethical damage, intellectual genocide, and rape of discourse that you have so expendiently carried out, as it is to show the effects of smoking on the human body.
>The true depth of your mental laceration is so great that, were it to exist on the ocean floor and not in your painfully leaded psyche, I fear the mantle would swallow us all. There is no taxation of the human soul, I don't believe, but you come very close. I have wished ill fate unto many a person, but I fear no inordinante punishment, nor barbaric torture could in any way amount to what I think you deserve. You are not only a stain on the collective human spirit, you are without a doubt, the biggest douche to ever be forced onto humankind.
>I dare say that even a successful suicide attempt, would by association to you, be an insult to all those who have struggled with those thoughts, as if you took a dump (read: Trump) on Death herself. I suppose your only chance of redemption is to admit how much of a simple, bumbling idiot you really are, but since that is pure fantasy, I ask only that you leave the world standing. Just one leg will do, we can handle the rest. Thank you so much for your time. To reiterate, it is such a privilege to be able to correspond with the president of the United States of America, but what an absolute travesty it is that such penned beauty must to be read by (or at the very least intended for) you, Mr. President. Such is the horror of reactionary art. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Despicable. I'm no die-hard Trump fan either, but you have no class.

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Excellent criticism! I can tell by your PhD in fiction theory and published stories, novels, poetry and plays that are truly the expert writer of this image board!

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Was Camus really a hack?

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>just tell urself life is worth living and make up your own reasons
He wouldn't be a hack if we got the second half of his work.

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[email protected]

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Sent, thanks.

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ITT: pseuds

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>kantbot banned from twitter
>nick land banned from twitter
>BAP banned from twitter
>mena banned from twitter
now that the dust has settled was frogtwitter the most significant literary movement of the 2st century?

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Kantbot is still on Twitter.

By the way, what is the purpose of Kantbot? What is he trying to convey?

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kantbot is this guy


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Damn is this true?

I was banned a month ago...

RIP Bronze Age Perv and Mena, hope to see them on GAB

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Jakron of Akbar too, right? they're getting rid of all the morons. I like it.

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The most interesting accounts get banned.
The kneejerk emotive ones remain with their "don't be mean to ppl, btw basic income hello anyone? 2017?"

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What's the most cyberpunk piece of lit that isn't cyberpunk?

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came here to post this

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Some ballard

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Vurt by Jeff Noon

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Little, Big by John Crowley.

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Close but it's actually his Nova Trilogy

This is acceptable too

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Hey /lit/
any advice of some books on serial killers and assassins in general, best if written in first person or whatever.

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I don't want to kill you by Dan Wells
But I think that's like, the third one. Holy shit. I think I read the first two. This is all coming back to me. How fucking weird. I didn't even- this is very upsetting right now.

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Yeah, the first one is I Am Not A Serial Killer

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thank, looking for them

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No prob. Just keep in mind that I think they're YA? I don't know. I usually find these things out years later.

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Child of God

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How many ECs does a person need to have before they can be considered genius-tier? I've six so far (almost seven) and I'm only nineteen. Should I go for more or is my current amount acceptable for someone my age? Also, what books are likely to trigger further ECs? I've read Ligotti, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, all that kinda stuff, is there anything more intense than those guys (not too intense though, haha)? Which books have caused you have to an EC and what's your score at this point? Kinda feel like I should try and experience at least three or four more before summer but idk!

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What is this EC you speak off ?

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>what books are likely to trigger further ECs?
>Which books have caused you have to an EC
my diary desu

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Existential Crisis

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13 1/2.

I think it ruined my life because from that point on I could no longer trust my parents or my teachers. Socrates truly does corrupt the youth. Thoughts?

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Zarathustra, 15, wtf is this shit at least I certainly look smart
Republic, 19, oh that's nice after all, I should've read it earlier
Beyond good and evil, 25, finally Nietzsche is great too, why the fuck did I start with Zarathustra ?

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Why not?

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You read it too early. At that point in your life your frontal lobe hasn't even begun the development into its adult state. It begins that at 15 and takes until 25 to finish, on average.

That's why you became paranoid and emo.

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The Republic - 23
Beyond Good and Evil - 21
Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Haven't yet.

I much preferred The Republic

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How to map out a novel efficiently?

I'm redrafting 90k words and I get fucking lost all the time.

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If you are doing it on the computer, make a text file, that you can store 'novel words' that may be relevant to certain sections, or even just every so often write

((((chapter 2)))


((chapter 3 ... talking about the kitchen

(section 4.... going to the bathroom)

so then you can use the 'find' feature on the word processor:

So if you wake up in the middle of the night and think of wanting to include the toothpaste brand in the bathroom scene but dont remember where in the 500,000 word document the bathroom scene is:

Find: toilet


If you are doing it all on paper: you need either a time machine to the past, or the future (where there is the text to in seconds scan all your pages and upload key words into your hard/soft drive cloud space ibrain face attachment that does what I originally said for you)

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Did you notice the way most authors refer to "women", in that anonymously collective way? Like talking about their relationships and personal lives. "The women" are always anonymous and non-important compared to the person talking about them, their entire beings collapsed to a single, catchall word. What I mean is that "Women" is usually used as an euphemism for a series of sexual relations with many different females over some period of time, rather than just that, a number of females larger than one. Like when Bukowski puts in as the title of his book, it's obvious to the reader that what is meant by it is the whole process of interaction between men and women, the "dating sphere", etc. A very utilitarian way of describing people, makes it seem like they're just objects to be used or something. You know what I mean?

I guess the inverse is also true, but it's nowhere near as widely used, probably because women don't talk about men as openly as men do about them. And to be honest I don't really know how to describe this clearly because the idea I have of it is rudimentary still, more like a feeling or something.

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Well, at least not in books. because there aren't that many women authors

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>I guess the inverse is also true, but it's nowhere near as widely used, probably because women don't talk about men as openly as men do about them.
>because there aren't that many women authors
You think that because you consume media produced by men.
You choose to not see the books written by female authors. All the thrillers and novels. Various best seller lists are in fact regularly dominated by females. Books you simply don't care about and thus not see.
People here dismiss the gigantic quantity of books written by women each year. This doesn't make it into your consideration.

In your claim,
>Did you notice the way most authors refer to X, in that anonymously collective way?
you could replace X with anything. X=economy majors. X=Brits.
What's your insight?

For starters, get the latest issue of the Cosmo Mag and you'll find out 20 tricks that make men go crazy for you.

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Are you a feminist?

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There are many, therr just aren't many famous ones. Probably has something to do with availability of education but even in the past 40 years most of the classic writers have been men. Its kinda odd, either I only read male authors unthinkingly without giving opportunity to females, or men just have more inmate ability than women.

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>You choose to not see the books written by female authors.

How can I choose not to see something I don't even know is there? I wouldn't read whatever's topping the amazon charts either way, no matter who wrote them. But yeah, I agree on the rest. Literature is male-dominated, no surprise there.

You seem like you know what you're talking about, maybe you could recommend some interesting books written from a female perspective? If there's one. Something to contrast it with the usual male one.

>What's your insight?
There's no grand insight, just wanted to discuss this thing I've been thinking about. Yeah, you could refer to masses of people with single words, but this particular case stands out to me because it's mostly always sexual, the implication suggesting that there's an inherent connection between women and sex. While something like "economy majors" is largely neutral. "Women" denotes a pool of things the author has had, or is planning to have sex with, and nothing more. It's like something out of a documentary on wild life, a foreign object of study that is only meant to be interacted with in certain ways.

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I-I'm not the only one who masturbated after he read Avdotya's description, r-right?

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What does /lit/ think about this college article that draws comparisons between Drake and Ezra Pound?
It really makes you think... eh?

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Makes me question whether I want to go on living/10

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>barely read anything for weeks because I'm forcing myself through the brothers Karamazov and it's so fucking boring and shoves its stupid and trivial philisopical themes in my face and I know that if I don't read it and proclaim it to be a work of genius then people will say I'm a pleb

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Dostoevsky believed in redemption through suffering. He made damn sure his readers would be redeemed ...

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aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAH !

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Dostoevsky is actually a bad writer.

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>It's another "I'm the only genius in the world" thread

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>"Exceptions prove the rule."

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same desu

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Yes. That quote makes me want to rabbit punch people in the throat. It's a fucking cop out saying, and makes no sense. Fuck you. Fuck everybody.

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>88 . . . 9

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Wanna try something new. Anyone read this piece of literature? is it any good?

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Hey /lit/ any good christian philosophy books to recommend?

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you know shit except shit you were taught in junior high
this anon is good

>> No.9150824

Do you mean apologetics, theology, or actual philosophy?

>> No.9151068


Augustine, Pascal, and yeah Jacques Ellul.

Not even kidding about Augustine, The City of God is worth reading.

>> No.9151107

Seconding. Kierkegaard is too good.

>> No.9151295

Whoever that Fezzy Fez guy is.

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Post the most cringeworthy goodreads reviews you have seen here, or book reviews from other sites like amazon.

>pic related

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>doesn't get the point of a book taught in secondary schools
Are you fucking joking?

>> No.9151073

>already setting your conception of a book when you're only twenty pages in
>ur a wite man

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she is a big woman

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4 u

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>book about white men

ew ew no thnx.

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It was a joke, bruh because there wasn't much to relate to, which is half the reason a person usually loves a painting. Hence why I said paintings for the proletariat.
But if you like old, unremarkable things that were ahead of their time, Gilgamesh is all day bb

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Probably not my absolute favorite but like it pretty well

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This is the kind of ambience and aura that I dig.

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Very nice.

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And this too, things that are realist.

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He ripped down the flyer I had just put up and studied it with narrow eyes. "But, what the hell is a manga club?" he asked, pronouncing it "mahn-jah." "Does that mean 'vampire' in Swahili or something?"
"Funny no. It doesn't. But I wouldn't expect your pea brain to know any Japanese, so don't feel too bad." I was impressing myself with my witty comebacks. Who knew I had it in me? "ooh, you're so smart, Freak Girl. I wish I could be a nerd like you and start a mahn-jah club at school"
"It's manga." I corrected "Hard-G"
"I thought we would start with a little full metal alchemist" she said, reaching into a cardboard box and setting a stack of manga on the table "and if there is a little time, we could watch some anime, I brought in some Dot Hack Slash Slash Sign, have you heard of it? It's based on a video game sort of like Fields of Fantasy"
"Nice" I said impressed by her selections, and here I was worried she would whip out a Pokemon or Sailor Moon in a lame misguided addled effort to be cool.

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Was about to say this. Anyone who thinks that Miyazaki movies are anything other than style over substance Disney wannabes is delusional.

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Someone should write this like a scene from blood meridian.

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>He was crumbling the poster in his left hand
the narrator POV shift here was a bit confusing desu

>> No.9151168

Am I missing something? What happened between the 4th and 5th line, and who is "she'?

>> No.9151263

Well it's him obviously

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