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skip plato's laws and move onto aristotle? y/n

read pretty much everythibg else he wrote

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>he still hasn't read the greatest Australian Nietzschean

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Robert Crawford, Doulas Huyghue, Christopher Brennan, Barcroft Boake, Roceric Quinn

O horseman, gazing down the west,
What seest thou afar?
Is you a mirage dream, indeed,
Heat-born, shape-thronged, sublime?
Or but a mirror of the things
That thou shalt know in time?

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>is you
What the fuck is this nigger dialect

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The yank is obsessed with bl*cks, cannot think of anything but! Cope more over superior Australian poetry, your inferiority will not change!

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Based anon, fanks

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Name a more based character in ASOIAF.

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Sup /lit/,

Super excited with my first novel's 3rd draft. Not only I think the whole thing has improved A LOT since the previous version (both regarding the story as well as the flow of the writing), but I also managed to drop the word count substantially. In fact, my sources tell me that for a debut fantasy novel I should aim for someone around 100~120 K words (and definitely not go above 120 K), so I'm excited to finally manage to get under the threshold

So, to be honest, I just wanted to share my excitement, as I think people I know IRL don't really get how awesome it is to polish a draft down thousands of words

Also, since this is my first novel (or even first writing experience ever), what are you guys tips?

Anything I might implement on this current project?
Anything I can potentially implement on my next project (2021)?
Any pitfalls or common mistakes you know/experienced?
How many beta readers should I find at this point? (*)
Should I even bother querying my novel to an agent?

(*) => I already had 5 people read the previous version; feedback as mostly positive, but those are all non-writers

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Not really my thing so i can’t comment on the story. But you made a grammatical error on the second paragraph. It should be “Lord Fynhowl HAS” not HAVE.

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not gonna lie, textually it's bland from the start, cant say anything about plot or characters as im not a fantasy expert. you seem to be new here so i'll compliment the map, it looks comfay

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>It should be “Lord Fynhowl HAS” not HAVE
Thanks for pointing that out! Fixed

Also, I wonder how no one has noticed this before (including myself, after reading the whole thing so many times)

Also, any further comments/mistakes you can point out? I would love to hear thoughts on the story/flow/promise of the first chapter, but if all you can provide is grammar/writing feedback, I'll take that as well! :)

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It's not really subtle to the point some bits are redundant or awkwardly said. I like how declarative it is considering the genre and I could read it more, you seem to have good ideas but some punctuation, grammar (again not technically bad but "horned head... horns" seems like it could be said once for better effect) and some cliches could maybe use some work. I don't think the cliches in showing the demoness is powerful is really bad but it makes you wonder if there's a more clever way to express it. I read a lot ln so this style really works with me and I'd be really interested to see your world-building and story progression play out.

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Thanks man! That's good stuff

If you want to read a little more, here is chapter 2:

>"horned head... horns" seems like it could be said once for better effect
Definitely! That kind of stuff is something I really tried to polish during my last revision, but there always a few of these that manage to sneak past me. I will take a look at this one specifically, but do feel free to pinpoint more examples like this!

>I don't think the cliches in showing the demoness is powerful is really bad but it makes you wonder if there's a more clever way to express it
Any specific thoughts on how to improve? Or maybe particular bits that you thought it is too much showing off?

>I'd be really interested to see your world-building and story progression play out
If you are truly interested, I can include you on the list for beta reading and send you the whole thing :) or we can take it slow and just dump a chapter at a time here, that's alright as well

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>1, 2, 3
>everything else

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Don't forget Bawerk

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based brothers

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I want to turn my relationship into a polygynous cult dedicated to me, books on how to achieve this?

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"Wow, you don't like being touched or hearing loud noise? I'll leave you alone then."

"Oh neat. Thanks."

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isn't that the town that banished all young men so they could have all the women for themselves, boomer paradise

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How is this any different from Tinder?

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Imagine having so many wives, yet somehow they all look the same and also like you

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kek who made this pic

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What does /lit/ think of William Godwin?

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What happened to Price when he ran through the tunnel? There was some anon here who posted an in depth analysis but I never got around to reading it.

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If you read the informers you know Price was always secretly rebelling against the Republican Yuppie norms his dad embodied. Tunnel was a super famous Yuppie club. I don't think it means anything more than Price getting drunk, coked up, and pissed off so he runs away, like the catcher in the rye maybe. The tunbel could also symbolize rebirth or that his effort ti escape is maybe futile since he's being "railroaded". Anyway when he comes back he's obviously been in rehab so don't discount that

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Pic related

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I think also Tunnel is kind of a lame club in the book, the coke they get there is substandard and the place is usual deserted or crammed with businessmen and the music is too loud. The times it comes up in the book are always when they are being satarized (the opening scene and when he goes there on Christmas). Compare this to Nell's which im guessing mcinerney and co actually enjoyed since it comes off with a good reputation.

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I don't get it, why is it so good? Maybe some of you who understand literature better can explain this to me.

This uneventful plot should bore me, but it doesn't. This passive "loser" of a protagonist should anger me, but instead I sympathize with him. The whole thing seems completely pointless, but it doesn't feel like it.

What did Williams do to achieve that? Nothing I can figure out.

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I asked myself the same thing

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Nothing about it is remarkable. I don't understand the praise that is heaped on this book and that goes for several other authors that have regained popularity through relatively recent NYRB editions

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It's quite simple really, that's the entire appeal of the book. Pretty gentle, inoffensively elegant and naturalistic prose working in a simple pathos. The quality it's often praised for is the stoic protagonist. Stoner is not a particularly emotional character, but I call it pathetic because his numbness itself is what's being passed to the reader, which works fine as a mimetic device if you're willing to accept that the reader also frequently experiences empty, numb disappointment

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It came from the soul and was written with care. Every chapter had a purpose. It's one of those rare books that isn't trying to impress you. Most books call attention to the author and not the content of the novel, which is why this board has author circle jerk threads instead of talking about content. This is one of the few books where people discuss the novel itself rather than discussing whether its attempt to be "innovative" was good or not. Also, this is short, so most people will invest their time into it. A lovely book.

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This website has devolved to LARPing and ceaseless shit flinging and there's no proper discussion to be had here. The disproportionate majority of you don't even read out of curiosity or love of literature, you read because you wish to adopt fringe political beliefs and spite the guys on the other side of the spectrum while gobbling down whatever a bunch of shitty twitter ecelebs want you to read to settle into a lifestyle that suits the contrarian drone.

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>I really want /pol/tards jumping in on me discussing origami with their retard schizoid takes
>Yes, you just reminded me that this site has a real unhealthy fixation with trannies.
Blame the trannies for being so fucking conspicuous.
Also seethe, dilate etc.
If your problem is people making posts like (((this))) or saying nigger then you aren't even addressing the real annoying side of /pol/fags, what ruins the climate is people making bait threads with some feminist screencap off Twitter and sockpuppeting threads ad nauseam.
Every single issue with 4chan in general would be fixed if social media screencap posters were instantly banned. And the porn posters too.

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>Every single issue with 4chan in general would be fixed if social media screencap posters were instantly banned. And the porn posters too.
I agree. Pretty much everything is permitted on 4chan, as long as it goes in the right place. The issue with /pol/tards is how everything needs to be explicitly tied into the context of contemporary politics. If something exists to a /pol/tard it exists as an expression of political thought, to which literally EVERYTHING ELSE is subservient. It gets really old. I don't begrudge them their politics, but I also don't need to be inundated with it everywhere I look.

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You seem to be of the paranoid schizophrenic tribe too. I've never met a tranny in my whole life, haven't heard of any, haven't talked to me friends or family ever about trannies.

Do you think they'll jump you and fuck you in some alley or some shit?

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You miss the point of pretty much everything anyone has said to you in this thread. It's almost impressive.

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This thread was moved to >>>/qa/3656669

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Imagine being culturally proletarized

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Any books on the philosophy of comedy? At home and work, I've come to reciprocate negativity with good humour. This has in turn improved my wellbeing. I wouldn't call this honkpilled as I still care about things. Are there any philosophers that have discussed this?

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Siggy F "Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious"

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It's my birthday today.
I expect a present from all of you:
give me the title of a book that you enjoyed, but have never seen on /lit/ before.

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The cloven viscount by Italo Calvino
Very funny, easy to read and quite short, you could read it to your kids

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Happy Birthday Anon!
Underground Man by Gabriel Tarde

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Thank you anons! Please, have some cake!

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The Poor Mouth by Flann O'Brien. A fantastic short satire of Irish life, originally written in Gaelic. Apparently Flann O'Brien was one of the last authors Joyce read before he died, can't shill him enough. Enjoy your birthday

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Happy Birthday!

The Hawkline Monster by Richard Brautigan. Great little acid western you can knock out in a train ride.

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What does /lit/ think of Steins;Gate?

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makase best girl. where my autistic red head waifu

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Great visual novel.

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makise* retard

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It's trash like all VNs and other forms of literature for teenagers and manchildren.

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>90% of people crying about neoliberalism on 4chin (or any social media platform, really) don't know what neoliberalism is
>at least 50% of those people think the term "neoliberals" mean pink hair fat tranny twitter marxists cancel culture mob

How did we get here?

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Are there any /lit/-approved choose your own adventure type books?
Why not?

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Yes, Rayuela by Cortazar. Have fun

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House of Leaves, maybe? If you're talking about shit like litRPG or Goosebumps, it's because they're extremely poorly written.

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>one decision in the whole book
>choose your own adventure

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Naked lunch encourages you to skip around and read sections you like, so it's kinda like a choose your own adventure but with alot more heroin and pedophilia

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>Are there any /lit/-approved choose your own adventure type books?
Not really.
>Why not?
CYOA was a type of book product for children. If you study the history of CYOA, and interactive fiction generally, you basically find out that its ancestor is not "books" or "stories" or "poems" or even "games". CYOA's great grandpa was "riddles". Riddles may be many things, but they are not particularly literary in the sense that they don't serve the same purposes as literature. I don't think most people who write CYOA, Twine games, or old school interactive fiction actually understand the form they are writing in, either. Inevitably they put their foot wrong because they think they are writing a story or designing a game, but actually they are providing answers to a riddle or mystery.

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>be me, 25
>go's to eat some pringles
>puts my huge fucking hand in the can
>it fucking gets stuck
>trys to pull my hand out
>the can pulls me in
>im still there today

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I'm 1/4 in and it's pretty good

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Seems like a lot of the major poets are depressed sacks of shit navel-gazing all the time. I like the kind of poems that deal with death, injustices, the woes of the world, unrequited love,etc. but I don't know a lot of 'canonical' works that are completely life-affirming, positive and funny without any irony, without any dark themes.
Do you, anons?

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True. Thanks for the tip.
I tend to agree but wish it weren't so. Any beautiful poems you want to share? I would also accept tender and melancholic ones if they aren't too overtly about misery and death.

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>Touch (Thom Gunn)
Getting into bed in a comfy way

>somewhere i have never travelled (e e cummings)
Nio-one not even the rain has such small hands

>You're (Sylvia Plath)
Sylvia has this child

>Full Moon and Little Frieda (Ted Hughes)
Ted has this child

>This is just to say (William Carlos Williams)
Plum-stealers should be hung up by their toes

>Not To Sleep (Robert Graves)
tfw gf

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Pablo Neruda is pretty wholesome

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If you're including love poetry then Abu Nuwas and Kuffiyah are the obvious answers.

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