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Mount niggermanjaro

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Wide Niggerman Sea

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The Black Sea**
Circled by pale humanoid mongrels.

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> How'd you like your coffee, sir?
Nigger with one sugar, please.

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How can you still follow Christianity and the Christian "God" after reading this?
How do you justify yourself?

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Thought the book was ok until he started simping for Islamic Spain

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I don't think they were trying to exterminate the population, that strikes me as revised whig history, without knowing specifics (I'm sure there are some Catholic apologetics about it somewhere) but it is at least conceivable that exterminating segments of the political and military elite to conquer a society may be done out of genuine love for God & neighbor, if it is the shortest foreseeable path to peace. Not saying that's what they did either, but that would be the ideal to strive for

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Psalm 18:34 He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.

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How can you not follow the Brahmanic God after reading this?
How do you justify yourself?

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I have faith and I've had several mystical/supernatural experiences.

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Found a job as a security guard in night shift, nothing happens except me reporting every 2 hours and doing some stroll around the facilities
What should I read? something light though im quite the brainlet so no fancy nancy philosophy unless is retard proof.

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>the poor voice of the people
Did you mean hoi polloi you fucking foolish nigger?

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>and doing some stroll around the facilities
This isn't sinecure-maxxing. There's room for improvement. Try to do night shift in an off-site CCTV room.

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okayyy-- I'm listening...

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Another good one (not as good as off-site CCTV dude) is being a field service technician with NCR or something. A dude I know repairs ATMs. He drives to the site, spends a few minutes figuring out what's wrong, calls in a delivery, and then sits around reading for a few hours until the delivery arrives. He'll do two or three of these a day.

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godspeed anon

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What should someone who hasn't read much of substance read? Philosophy? Old novels? I don't know anything about books.

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I think you should stick with tranime and leave this board

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I appreciate that advice anon.

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Philosophical wisdom comes as much from personal experience and thought as from reading books. Old novels can provide similar value, but they can also tell good stories and teach you about people in their specific time period.
While not as deep, you could even read Light Novels and other YA fiction. It's trashy, but it's trashy enough that it can inspire you to start writing, and writing is a worthwhile experience, even if you don't publish.

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Read pic related
It's really good and one of /lit/'s favorites
Also, read the classics. They're easy to read, contrary to what most people believe and then you progress to Philosophy

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Watch some shakespeare plays, the 1970s British ones are great. Read the play as well. Start reading some "easy" entry level post-romantic novels: Dickens, Zola, Hemmingway. Read some short Emily Dickinson lyrical poems.

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Books about the attainment of true freedom and knowledge of the Good.

It seems to me that very few have attained even a modestly clear view of what is truly Good. Those who do prefer that Good to life itself. I am thinking here of Socrates, Boethius, St. Ignatius, etc.

And a very few seem to actually attain to it. Pic related. And Chesterton's Saint Francis.

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You should read the mystics, they're good for this.

The saints should be read more than they are, even by Catholics. What could possibly be more admirable in a writer and thinker than them actually living out their stated ideals? But what are the saints, but men and women who did exactly that?

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A philosopher who doesn't live out their philosophy, and one who is incontinent, rash, and all around a "bad person," is a decidedly modern concept. Even the pagans demanded that, if someone were to speak about how to live and claim to be wise, they live up to their own standards. This is why asceticism and time spent in contemplation were always part of philosophy before the modern period.

I agree with you on the saints. Pic related is great and is extremely applicable outside the context it was written for.

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Obviously the Philokalia is another gold mine. I had read Evargrius and St. Maximus before discovering that great treasure trove, but not most of the other authors.

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>Even the pagans demanded that, if someone were to speak about how to live and claim to be wise, they live up to their own standards
I find it interesting that such a sentiment is almost considered anti-intellectual these days. At least the sciences have the excuse of being something you can practice anywhere, but academics in the humanities will actively hole up in an ivory tower. It's very detrimental to academia as a whole.

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I'm tired of reading about complex philosophical topics or form breaking prose. Gimme a simple fun story with a heart

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FYI I've already read:
Dairy of A Wimpy Kid

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The Empty World by John Christopher
Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

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>The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier
based big black COCK enjoyer

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It's Earthsea

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I really like the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins. I remember liking it more than her Hunger Games series when I was younger. Cool stories, fun world, and big animals.

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>goes on an endless offtopic rant about political theory, ontology, epistemology, ethics, pedagogy and aesthetics
>still fails to refute Thrasymachos' initial claims about justice

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My criticism is that megillus just fucking disapears

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I don't pay attention to the names when they're speaking. Those are irrelevant, really, to the discussion at hand. Although it is typically the Athenian stranger talking, I do find that more often than not it doesn't matter who is talking in any dialogue as long as they are exploring and setting up some kind of overall Platonic dialogue-style rhetoric, to explore concepts.

It's not like you're reading a play at all.

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But i liked him :(

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>lol X word means whatever I want it to mean
sit down and listen to the wise discourse, retard. Or did you take my sentence to mean to kill yourself? who knows.

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How long can they maintain the illusion?

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Has browsing /lit/ made you a better reader?

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being smart is a CIS white male construct

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I have to say I'm glad I got addicted to 4chan rather than reddit

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Redditors don't tell the truth because they want upvotes. That's why all the posts you see from there are mid.

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Lol no. /lit/ is neither the horse nor the carriage, but more like the frills on the cushions, something you can do without. At a certain point you get nothing out of this place

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I only read books with this cover vibe.

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Not so sure on the cover, but the title is fucking based.

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I love the dresden files
I love all the inhumanly sexy faeries

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>dresden files
>storm front
>kind of looks like a menorah in the background
for a second there i thought this was going to be some 20s weimar kino, too bad

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How is Conan constantly always clean shaven?

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There's lots of art that depicts Conan that appeared on the covers of the original Weird Tales magazines. All depict Conan clean shaven. Howard would have seen those. If he didn't like it, he could have written about Conan's big bushy beard in the next one.

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He carries around a sharp edged object.

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We have to assume it's a part of Cimmerian culture that he took with him over time and shaved his face with whatever blade he had

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He can’t grow a beard
Many can’t
Have you considered that?

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Shaving is for nancies, real men, like the Germans, pluck.

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which one should I read first?

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Obviously Machiavelli. You stupid?

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discourses on the first decade of titus livius is where it's really at, ignore the name

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Better to absorb Aurelius's Meditations first. Then I'd skip Machiavelli and tackle The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. It is far more instructive while also opening the gates to further reading that most people miss.

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>skip Machiavelli and tackle The 48 Laws of Power
Powerful bait

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How can I stop falling sleep mid reading?

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Read while leisurely walking around your house or land. It is easy to do.

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caffeine pill

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Perhaps try building a most foul pungency on your person and using the stink as a stimulant. In most dire situations you may rub your fingers upon your unwashed oily member making sure to coat your digits prodigiously in the penile grease and thus bring your fingers to your nostrils and inhale most deeply. I am quite sure you will find this even more invigorating than smelling salts.

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funny, i just started having this problem again recently. i'm dozing off every time i pick up a book now.

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read when you wake up instead of at night/midday

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What are some books you want to read in the near future and what are your reasons for wanting to?

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I almost decided to read that a few years ago but I got sidetracked

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Sima Guang's Zizhi Tongjian which is the most popular and proclaimed chinese historical work. A massive tome with hundreds of chapters covering 2 thousand years of chinese history

5 chapters – Zhou (1046–256 BC)
3 chapters – Qin (221–207 BC)
60 chapters – Han (206 BC – 220 AD)
10 chapters – Wei (220–265)
40 chapters – Jin (266–420)
16 chapters – Liu Song (420–479)
10 chapters – Qi (479–502)
22 chapters – Liang (502–557)
10 chapters – Chen (557–589)
8 chapters – Sui (589–618)
81 chapters – Tang (618–907)
6 chapters – Later Liang (907–923)
8 chapters – Later Tang (923–936)
6 chapters – Later Jin (936–947)
4 chapters – Later Han (947–951)
5 chapters – Later Zhou (951–960)

Just waiting for a complete english translation

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I would like to read The Sunlight Dialogues by John Gardner
I would like to read this book because I have already bought it and it's sitting on my desk mocking me
Thank you for asking anon

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I remember some anons speaking highly of this book years ago

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> Buk Lu took power
> 12.7 million perished.

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What are the best books about him?

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Appian's civil wars.
Cassius Dio.
Let me guess, you need some tard writing 2,000 years later to regurgitate vastly superior writers into your stupid head.

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He's saying you should read ancient historians instead of modern ones.

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John Edward Williams

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Is Moby Dick a post modern novel? What exactly makes an artistic work "post-modern"?

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yeh self reference and challenging the idea of a straight narrative and taking breaks from the narrative are some ideas of what I think of as "post-modernism". It seems to go beyond what would one expect from a simple novel by including a large amount of outside-the-narrative material such as the whiteness of the whale and the whale as a dish.

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The essay format has precedence in early novels, the main points for postmodernism deal with Ishmael's narration of events he had no ability to see or hear and the glib and self referential preface that makes it a fictional book. Also the break into play format. Asides to the reader add to the case, but are otherwise common in period literature. I think the greatest case is that it skips over modernist styles and structures to do so. Nigga never read Flaubert and the later modernists were pulling from it more than Flaubert. I also don't think postmodern literature exists as anything other than a modernist style for the most part, mostly due to it.

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>The essay format has precedence in early novels, the main points for postmodernism deal with Ishmael's narration of events he had no ability to see or hear and the glib and self referential preface that makes it a fictional book

I see, I see. And yeh, that break into the play format was very noticeable and one of the biggest reasons why I made this thread in the first place. Is Ishmael meant to be the one narrating this whole time or are some of the chapters (like the ones mentioned in the post above) meant to be the author speaking?

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Is Duck Amuck postmodern? That's that classic cartoon where Daffy Duck is fighting the animator the whole time and the animator keeps changing what genre it is and disrupting any attempt by Daffy to establish a normal narrative.

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Postmodernism is often touted as the rejection of narrative but in practice it's more often the realization that common and accepted narratives are ultimately constructed. This realization gives one power and freedom to follow a narrative in one moment while rejecting it in the next and substituting something new. In the case of the White Album, there's a deliberate juxtaposing of songs that obey conventional standards of what 'sounds good' (Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, despite the weird title, sounds very normal) with songs that are radically different (Revolution 9, Helter Skelter) that are nevertheless quite enjoyable (to some, at least). It's a philosophy that's lived in the boundaries of things, in the subversion of existing standards while ultimately reaffirming what's important about them.

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>/lit/‘s fw it’s time to read

What are you reading?

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Are you a female?

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Lol yes you are. I knew it by the way your post is shit.

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You are low IQ if you think there are women on this board.

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Delusional incel lol.

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What topics to write on for maximum chaos and disruption?

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Chaos Theory

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Basketball players

>> No.23610317

All correct answers btw.

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Are these books worth reading?

>> No.23610025

As a starter, why not? Seems like one of those books that offers a little info about a lot of things and if you're into science, sure. Pretty neat way to stumble into new interests.

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I have the Philosophy edition & it's great

I'd recommend these for a good overview

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Apart from Don Quixote, Ficciones and One hundred Years of Solitude, what are other essential works in Spanish?

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Not 'anything'. Certainly not most of his poetry.

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The Kingdom of this World
The Feast of the Goat

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Spanish literature is irrelevant but I wish it weren't

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Second this. Absolutely anything by Mario Vargos Llosa.