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Thinking about self-publishing a series of brief political books on Amazon at a very low price point. >t. amateur writer

Is self-publishing even worth it?
Are there better outlets to self-publish?
Any advice from e-publishers?

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As someone who knows very little about this, let me tell you one thing: marketing is all up to you. Advertising is the only real way you'll see any success at first, even if you have to go to Plebbit to get the ball rolling.

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Does it impact your chances of trad publishing down the line? Negative or positive

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Is there any such thing as an "obsolete" book?

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Not really. Taking your book as an example, it could serve as a great example to disprove future apocalyptic claims. If someone tells us a list of reasons why the rapture is coming in 2025, for example, we might be able to show them that a lot of their arguments were applied in the past and shown to be wrong.
This doesn't mean we'll convince them specifically (most of the time, these people aren't willing to listen to reason), but nonetheless we could educate others who are standing on the outside.

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Not for a historian. Pro-slavery literature from the antebellum South is still being analyzed and cited in scholarship, for example.

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I dont think so. Your example would no doubt make a humorous comedic read.

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>he thinks the rapture wasn't in '88
>he thinks the elect are still on Earth after '88
>he thinks we are aren't awaiting God's wrath
>he doesn't realize that the 1980s were the tribulation

May God have mercy on our souls.

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Will have my first kid in about 7 months.
What are some good fiction/non-fiction books that I can read for guidance to be a decent father?

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this. you will need to read this. absolutely.

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Dont you have a paper to get done before christmas break?

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Id say just look at who your father was and how he was as a father and what you'd add and subtract from that. Happy to hear, btw OP, congratulations, hope you two have a nice father/son bond/friendship in 19 years

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Thanks anon, but I'm crapping my pants.
I didn't have a father. In the sense that I have no living memory of him. He died not long after I was born.

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Ok then i'll say let your kid be a kid and discover the world, but warn him about everything dangerous and dont give him too much autonomy

Don't let him think education and saving money isn't important when the time comes, in fact id save maybe 10% of his allowance at first so that he'll start saving already as a kid and just teach him the importance of all that

Those are my biggest gripes with my own father, he gave me too much autonomy and didn't let me in on what a huge life improving benefit saving money as early as you can is.

What he did right is

Read to me big illustrated childrens books at an early age and told me about the value of friendship and all that. Good luck anon, i am not a father but i'm warming up to preparing myself. If only i could find that gf or have my ex be miraculously interested in me again, she' was my dream future divorced mother of my children. Have a good life OP

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Why do people try to compare films to novels, when films are clearly better suited to being like short stories and novellas and TV dramas like novels?

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From the
>"John Huston's"
to the awards, consider me triggered

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the weeper cuts out ppls eyes because that's how the others get em

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What should I read before this nigga?

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start with the greeks

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Read his facial expressions. What is he trying to tell you by his countenance---what is he using words for to cover up deep inside?

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a book

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He and the bible are the starting points of literarure so, nothing, thats who you read before you read plato and aristophanes and ovid and especially virgil

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You don’t really need to read anything before him. One thing is he doesn’t really give any explanation of the various gods, but those are easy enough to get a handle on with googling. If you wanted to you could Homer and Hesiod in tandem with one another, as they inform each other and work as good compliments.

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ITT: Post a book you want to read, anons give you their thoughts.
I'll start - already infosorbed the first story, and it was alright, but is it worth continuing?

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join /lit/cord

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is this the discord run by the funny looking chink neo-liberal redditor who insists that people who dont have the reading habits of women (ie only read fiction) are brainlets?

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Are these worth reading for someone with no interest in genre fic? What other genre fiction is actually worth reading and is of literary merit? Also, I know they're all known as being difficult in genre fic circles, but are any of them actually difficult for someone who reads literary fiction?

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They aren’t difficult in the slightest if you’re not a low iq sci-fi pleb

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Didn't think so, are they worth reading?

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So I'm working on a book, nothing special just going to self publish it, but I'm putting my name on it and I want it to be good. We're about a 1/3d though the story and I'm introducing a new character. It's a fantasy novel, his thing is he's a Paladin, he can judge whether or not people are telling the truth and no one man can defeat a paladin in single combat.

I have him ride into town (A town our main characters are in route too, so I'm setting him up before they meet him)

As he rides into the city a young boy is marveling at his gleaming silver armor and asks his dad (they are two unnamed characters) who he is. and then his dad proceeds to info dump what a paladin is and what his powers are.

Is this okay? I can't think of a way to get this information out of the way.

I kind of need this character (He's the final fight of the book, he can tell the villian isn't lying but the hero kills him anyway for selfish reasons then goes one on one with the paladin in the final battle)

I'm still editing the chapter (for like the fourth time...) but I want to know if an infodump like this is really hacked and corny

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If you can't think of another way of getting this info to the reader then just tell the bare essentials, don't get too specific and lengthy. The difference between an info dump and just getting info to the reader is how specific you get. Only tell what is absolutely necessary.

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Finish writing your first draft before worrying about editing it.
Have him use his powers. There should be no shortage of potential lies people would want him to detect. The other one less so, but maybe drop something like "dueling a paladin" as an idiom for a futile pursuit, or an ignorant Tough Guy challenging him to try to prove himself.

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Plato was a nigger. Read Heraklit instead.

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Some book about the pre-Socratics. Skip everyone but Parmenides and Heraclitus if you're lazy.

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Thucydides is good background for The Republic.

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These are always fun. Post your bookshelves!

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best ITT right here

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How do you do, fellow /lit/izens?

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Manga is expensive what device should I read manga on?

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uh bro what device are you posting from

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i love you. Where are you from?

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Is there a start with the Greeks chart for Islamic literature/ philosophy? Tangentially, what's the best English edition of the kutub al-sittah

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That is different from saying that the west only got them back because the arabs preserved them.
Again,very few documents were available in the west only in arabic.Almost all of the greeks(that survived) were availble in latin or greek

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From ancient Roman and Greek libraries preserved by early Islam.

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No Ahmed you are wrong
The greek texts never left Europe
Did arabs copied them-yes
Did some of them survived only in arabic-yes
Did the west got them because the arabs preserved them-no
I do not know how simpler i can put it

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Also since you seem to be such a scholar you might want to go to wikipedia and change it.

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persians and syriacs

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was judas carrying out god's will?

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so did he truly choose to betray jesus? or was it predestined by our lord?

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Yes, unknowingly. But so was Jesus, knowingly.

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Man. Sent to Hell on a technicality

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>sent to hell
oh ho ho ho... are you pretending to know the mind of God, anon? :^)

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everyone chooses. God does not force things. God does not need to force things, because things (your obstinate free will) force themselves. ergo, if not judas, then greater humanity, because mankind is largely a sinful and perverse collective.

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>805 pages
>"...written in archaic language and a poetic and confusing style that make it unreadable to the average Japanese without dedicated study"
>Convoluted as fuck
>English speaking readers still try to read it
Why would you do this to yourself? It's one thing to read translations and make the work lose all it's edge, it's another one to do this.

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Some illiterate people are smarter than literate people

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>comparing beowulf to canterbury tales

Canterbury Tales is still easily readable for someone with English as a first language.

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I didn't compare them, I just gave two examples of harder English literature than Shakespeare

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an dey can read beter huh huh huh

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This sounds like an excuse from someone who has tried and failed to learn a language post-formative years

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Have you purged your shelves recently, /lit/?


How does one resist the urge to buy so many books, when one still has outstanding works that need to be read?

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>Alain de Botton
>Carl Sagan
>Christopher Hitchens
he won't be losing anything of value

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Hitchens was okay back when he did general-purpose polemics and trash talk, before the whole Fedora Atheist schtick. I enjoy his books about Kissinger and the Clintons, at least.

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Calling someone racist is only used to police non racists into conformity since racists don't care if you call them racist.

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More like Robin Incel lmao

>> No.12206074

Why do you racists hate being called racist so much?

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*derives an is from an ought*
nothing personal, kid

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*derives his cock inside OP's mouth*
Stop making /b/ tier threads, cockmongling shiteater.

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>Searle cut Ong’s salary in about half without explanation and continued to act inappropriately, according to the complaint. He openly watched pornography in front of her, the complaint states, and asked her to log into a “Sugar Baby, Sugar Daddy” website for him
>When Ong, who is Asian-American, brought up the topic of American imperialism, Searle responded “American imperialism? Oh boy, that sounds great, honey! Let’s go to bed and do that right now!”
Lol why are all analytic philosophers like this

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Sup /lit/, I really like the concept of an epic and had a lot of fun reading the Illiad and Gilgamesh. What else should I read (theory books included)? I want to write a great epic, greatest of all time according to some.

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Second time this thread's dying, does /lit/ hate epics?

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read books that invoke the muse.your invocation of the muse is your starting point.

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so like in dante's divine comedy the first canticle he doesn't invoke the muse until canto 2 he also does not enter hell until canto 2.the first canticle has 34 cantos when the rest have 33

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Perhaps the great Hindu epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The latter is incredibly long, you may want an abridged version.

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Milton, Blake and Yeats.
(Blake and yeats write poems with epic themes)

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wtf im a schizoid now

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sorry to ruin ur parade mr spaniardish

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Fernando Pessoa is Portuguese

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What are some novels where the main character, out of severe depression and acute nihilism, embraces a life of unrestrained hedonism and decadence (rampant drug use, sexual promiscuity, unabashed sadomasochistic desire, moral apathy and dismissal, things of this variety)?

Looking for books which are especially graphic. Things that, if you owned a physical copy, you'd probably keep it hidden.

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this guy

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Severin's Journey into the Dark or Blaugast: A Novel by Paul Leppin

>> No.12205842

No longer human by Osamu Dazai
Maldoror by Lautremont
The torture garden by Mirbeau
Story of the eye by bataille

>> No.12205853

Story of the Eye
Justine by Sade
The Thief’s Diary by Genet
The Death Instinct by Mesrine

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