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What is the big deal with this book? It wasn't bad but I didn't find it very memorable.

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I finished this book yesterday and I hated it.
It feels like shitty life advice from your aunt who describes herself as "spiritual".
Siddharta is better, it didn't preach as much.

I'm also disappointed that the treasure was material in the end.
I expected it to be something like a realization of what he truly wants and where his place is in the world but nah he just goes back to that church he slept one night to get a huge chest of gold.

His stuff is easy to read.
He is a poor mans Marquez.

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>Honestly, even his name makes me incredibly angry at times.
You must be an insufferable bore.

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Easily accessible ideas, "everyone can do everything" message, fantasy-type setting, magic and shit, easy read, appeals to the massives

It's just another generic best seller novel, nothings new, it's not great but it's not terrible. It's the literature equivalent of a pop song

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Sorry, I meant "masses" *

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It's easy to read
It has a basic feel good, self-help type of message
It tells people what they want to hear (just be yourself and do what you want and everything will work out fine in the end)

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As your vocabulary has expanded, do you attempt to incorporate this into your speech? Do you avoid using new and uncommon words for fear of not being understood or coming across as pretentious?

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I do this automatically and also with knowledge

Sometimes people say the wrong stuff but I don't correct them

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In the proper context, I will elevate my vocabulary. Not so much as to sound like I'm abusing a thesaurus, but so that I can be better understood.

What's that saying, intelligence is like a pocket watch, only reveal it when asked the time?

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>As your vocabulary has expanded, do you attempt to incorporate this into your speech?
Yes, naturally. You don't really expand your vocab without trying to use the words

>Do you avoid using new and uncommon words for fear of not being understood or coming across as pretentious?

I just avoid using awkward words, or using words in an imprecise way.

Examlpe: pliant can sort of mean flexible, but you would never say "my schedule this week is very pliant." It's just strange.

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Hey /lit/, I want to write a series that would model tv shows in the sense of short episodic escapades with an overarching story. Are novellas the best route to go, or is it better to put them all together in several big books?

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Lads, i know, let me finish first. I also have to apologize in advance, english is not my native language.

Let me start by saying that i will be 24 years old coming next month.
How do you deal with it? When will it stop? All of us have heard this a hundred times before, same story. I have always been that silent kid, well, not exactly silent but let's just say that i was different, not by much. That kid who was popular without doing anything, not trying to be. I just knew what people wanted to hear because people are easy. When i started going to school, i noticed that the other kids where laughing and smiling a lot, they were happy. It's not that i didn't know why, i am mildly autistic, but not to such a degree. For example, them kicking the ball around without a purpose during break, was enough to make them happy for what seemed to be forever. Them seeing their parents after school when they came to pick them up, the bliss in those kids' eyes. I didn't feel it. The years went by and i kept telling myself
>''It's normal, it will go away when you get older''
>''It's normal, you are a teenager, it's the hormones. It will get better''
Well m8's, it doesn't. I will state the obvious again. Depression is just chemicals in the brain. So i tried with working out, serotonin, runners high the usual. It worked, for a while. I am good looking, 6 feet tall and i can talk to women, meaning that i never lacked in that aspect. Love, romance, sex. It's all necessary and natural and it also worked for a while. I found a good job, it make me happy, again, for a short ammount of time. I tried to live ironically, trying to blend in, it's the easiest thing to do, that's why everybody is doing it (being into pop-culture).
Switching hobbies like jackets is also something i tried. And everytime i would get REALLY into them, not just trying them out. Gettign really into music, learning the guitar, reading about classical music and the theory behind it, getting into movies, books, anime, manga, for fucks sake Lads i even got into competitive video gaming, hiking and what not. I was and still am constantly seeking for something meaningful that will last longer than just a couple of months and or years. And the only conclusion i could come up with is, starting a Family. But, what if i am still like this? What if i am still a faggot after having 3 beautiful kids (2 daughters and one son. Mideia, Semeli and narcissus) and decide that this isn't what i want from my life? I just realised how egoistic that sounds. Ok look, we are grown ups, i am not drunk, in fact, i am quite happy right now while i type this, i want a simple answer. I have been through many phases in my life, like most of you, too, that's why i ask you Lads.

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Since this shitty thread is being spammed, I'll still save it but put in my thoughts.

I'm not depressed. I legitimately am not. My life situation isn't the best, sure, but depressed? Wow, that's reaching. You seek to psychoanalize when you have an extremely primitive understanding of the subject. Just because you say a thing is so, does not make it so. Likewise, you choose to be either slave or master of your own mind, which constitutes depression as well. If you let depression affect you, it will. But it is also in your sphere of choice to focus on a different thought. You can meter your sadness simply by understanding that no one, no thing or entity, no discouragement is guaranteed to affect you. Stop allowing it to, you plebeian.

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My mind is too much for me.

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There are so many out there who have been diagnosed depressed only because they rather convinced themselves they are so. It is especially annoying to think that this trend is actually taking away focus from folks with severe depression.
Similar to how morons need to go out and buy pills because they believe they have OCD because they can not look at a crooked picture for a bit.
meh. Prove it.

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As someone who snapped out of depression through a drug: you have no idea what you're talking about.

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Tell me about it. How long does it take?

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Who are some authors like Kierkegaard? Can be fiction writers or philosophers, doesn't really matter

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>Can be fiction writers or philosophers, doesn't really matter

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No idea but dropping this to keep the thread alive.

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that the Pagan writer (Tolkien) is superior to the Christian writer (Lewis)

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Just because he studied something doesn't mean he believed it. He was a very devout Catholic, in fact it was his faith that actually brought CS Lewis into Christianity, though Tolkien was very disappointed that Lewis chose to join the church of England.

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>this is what bagans actually believe

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He was so Catholic he even lamented on the Church's decision for mass to be held in native languages, making sure everyone heard him participate in Latin.

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Critique thread.

Please critique others before or after posting your own work

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In the end, who was really the delusional one?

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I'm irreligious, but I don't care for nu-atheism ideologues and hold the same view of religion as much of this board.

I haven't read this. Tell me where he's wrong. A cursory reading of the wikipedia article doesn't raise any objections from me.

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I guess Aquinas is just failed physics - the idea that particles have to set in motion by a god in order to move at all is ridiculous. I think people are ethical, not religions.

All these flavours and you choose saltiness :(

I can't disprove it - but by that same reasoning I can't disprove the Hellenic gods either, or Darth Vader. If I can't dismiss it, can you assert it?

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This is one of the reasons I find atheists so obnoxious to talk to. Every time I talk to one about the first cause they will inevitably try to shift the conversation to Christianity and they want me to prove that instead. It's so far out of the scope of discussion and they don't understand why.

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The whole point of the Incompleteness Theorem demonstrates that even Mathematics relies on un-provable assertions (axioms). Your attitude would prevent us from going past 1 + 1 = 2.

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I'm a philosophy student who's an atheist. I never bring it up in everyday conversation.

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What are some good /lit/-worthy twitters to follow? Mainly looking for philosophy-related ones

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This, take your brain dead shit somewhere else. Sage

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They're too busy self-publishing and making YouTube rants.

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beardson and spacegiko

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Norm she isn't going to fuck you give it a rest

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How does one into good dialogue that sounds vaguely like Old English?

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Old English would be something like "hwā eom ic?" (Who am I)

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Alright makes sense


Thanks for correcting me, anons

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i hate when people reproduce old text in these awful faux-archaic fonts

like that lower case d, what the fuck is up with it? makes it 90% harder to read than it should be.

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Special end class?

We begin Shakespeare at 12.

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old english:

Mæg ic be me sylfum soðgied wrecan,
siþas secgan, hu ic geswincdagum
earfoðhwile oft þrowade,
bitre breostceare gebiden hæbbe,
gecunnad in ceole cearselda fela,
atol yþa gewealc, þær mec oft bigeat
nearo nihtwaco æt nacan stefnan,
þonne he be clifum cnossað.

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Forever War edition


Science Fiction

NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books:

Previous Threads:

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Anything involving alternate universe traveling? I don't mean "character goes to another world and has an adventure there", as there's a shitton of that, but something where dimension hopping is the main motif.

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>genre fiction database
do it

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I will.
I promise.

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Myth-Adventures series by Robert Aspirin. A fantasy series with magic users that are dimensional travelers. Main character is human who's dimension is called Klah by other dimensions....he's a Klahd.His partner is a demon from Perv....he claims he's a Pervect but every one else calls them Perverts.

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Oh, i see now. Maybe they didn't know who the latinoamericans hate her for do it that, also it's a fucking crime there's not the original by Garcia Marquez

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What are some female supremacist books?

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dunno but my dick's out in anticipation

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me deary days o

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How can modern man go on in life without going insane?

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It's so ugly though. I'd hate to be surrounded by all of those enormous eyesores. I feel bad for the Londoners and Parisians who grew up without skyscrapers and then got older and saw their the beauty of their cities diminished as those hideous towers of commerce were erected.

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By not being a cowardly loser like you

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>saw their the beauty of their cities diminished
Yeah but that wasn't because of the skyscrapers, idiot.

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Fellowship with Christ.

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It's certainly one of the reasons.

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What are the best books that deal with writing in pure technical terms.

I already read Dramatic writing and The story (robert mckee) but now I'm looking books about writing style and poetrhy.

Many thanks if you wanna help me.

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Aristotle's Poetics :^)

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Marxism is the biggest ideology of our days, the kind of ideology Marx criticized so many times.

But not only marxism. Every political ideology is no more than an ideology, a partisanship that rules our thought, and our choices. If a right-wing politician has a policy that is greatly beneficial to our society as a whole, the left-wing will completely disregard it as "capitalist" and "bourgeoise focused". And it goes both ways, left-wing policies will be neglected by everyone just for being left-wing.

Marx, through marxism, divided our society. He thought he were fighting against ideology, while creating the biggest ideology of our times.

>> No.9431195

>Marxism is the biggest ideology of our days,
Where the fuck are people getting this from?
Don't buy into the Marxist Boogeyman. Marxism is a historical philosophy that has very little impact on contemporary politics.

>Every political ideology is no more than an ideology,
Holy Tautology, Batman! Do you mean to tell me that an ideology.... is an ideology? STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES! BREAKING NEWS!

But more seriously, you seem to think that Ideologies are bad things. That "being ideological" is a bad thing. There is no escape from Ideology, there is no neutral objective position from which to grasp and understand the world. Republicanism is an Ideology, Catholicism is an ideology, Scientific Materialism is an ideology, Nihilism is an ideology, and yes, so is Marxism.

>Marx, through marxism, divided our society. He thought he were fighting against ideology, while creating the biggest ideology of our times.

This is stupid revisionism. Marxism is not to blame for whatever is driving contemporary partisanship. You seriously believe that a hundred year old book is why lawmakers refuse to work together? Could it be that there are simpler, more recent, more direct reasons for such squabbling? Could it be the structure of democracies being centered on majority rule (thus providing little incentive to work with a minority party)? Could it be that popular elections force poiliticians into simplified thinking and extremism, not because they believe such things are helpful, but because to do otherwise means someone more extreme will replace them in the next election? Or in other words, is partisanship just a cynical tactic to maintain job security?

To put contemporary politics problems on the shoulders of Marx is a fucking joke dude. He's not a fucking vampire or werewolf, he isn't satan reaching across the ages preventing democracies from functioning.

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Write what's on your mind.

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>Idk telling anons you want to hug them ususally is a good sign of being at least tipsy
Im very drunk, yes

whats your point?

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I love you, dear sister. I know that our parents will never accept it, especially because you are eight, and they are some close minded people without goals in their lifes, but I will always keep a secret room for us both in my little heart.

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>whats your point?
nothing wrong. It is good.
I'd join you if I didn't have to get up early tomorrow.

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dont get up early

Join me please.

I love you so much just for replying to me

we are on lit, what are you reading currently?


drink a little or whatever


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I feel you anon. I've got a decent job and a cute gf, but whenever I'm alone I immediately fall back down on drugs and drinks. It's awful. Every day I juggle my job and relationships with extreme effort, because I'm still experiencing come downs from the nights. I live in fear of exposure.

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is this the best book written by a female in the past decade?

its really good

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I wish my gender would stop writing narcissistic whiny drivel about their boring inner lives and start writing something meaningful.

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yes desu senpai

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Reminder that if you don't write either longhand, or with a typewriter, you're not patrician.

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Or, in the case of St Alexandr here, compose long works entirely in your head before writing them down.

Jesus H Peterson

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>"There are no moral facts, only moral interpretations of facts".
From Beyond Good and Evil

>"There are no facts."
From Will to Power

So... is Nietzsche a nihilist or not?

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This gave me a chuckle but Hedonism is not Nihilism. I'm a theist and I still wouldn't strawman that hard about the "opposition".

>> No.9431549

No, haven't you read anything by him? He's an anti-nihilist.

>> No.9431633

Not really.
His framework is inherently nihilistic, but he rejects the common conclusions reached by his fellow nihilists (mainly the new brand of Schopenhauerian nihilism that became extremely relevant in Germany in the '60s), reaching instead a life-affirming, but not blindly hedonistic one.

Nietzsche always believed that the meaning we can associate to things are just made up, but at the same time he thought that the fact we despise them only because they're not true is a prejudice too (in which we value "truth" more than "falsehood", even when it will hurt hs in the long run). To prove that he does something new: he rethinks from scratch the human existence, using the phisiological aspect of living as the basis for his thought. Keep in mind that, in his mind, all he says is still pure speculation with NO basis. He takes it seriously, but with a smile on his face, always ready to destroy it, reshape it and eventually overcome it.

He is a actual nihilst who not only rejects the fact that all meanings are false, but also the fact that this falsehood is, ultimately, insignificant, fictional, and from then on he build a new system based on entirely arbitrary principles, while being honest about said arbitrariety: it's what every other philosopher, scientist and artist have done so far, after all.

>> No.9431640

His stance is anti-nihilistic but he doesn't manage to solve anything.

Nihilism won.

>> No.9431676

>His framework is inherently nihilistic

No it's not. He just has his own idiosyncratic definition of what constitutes nihilism.

Traditional nihilism would say that life has no intrinsic value, but Nietzsche argues that nihilism are actually values that are life-denying and otherwordly, because nihilism is the direct consequence of the historical evolution of Christian slave morality to the present day.

When Nietzsche talks about nihilism, he is talking about people being gripped by one perspective out of a million and not that it is actually true.

He says in the Gay Science that having a shitty life, getting sick, or all manner of other suffering need not necessitate nihilism in the individual because there are people who live shitty lives but they don't turn nihilistic.

So what's the difference then between the actual nihilist and the person who lives a shit life but doesn't succumb to nihilism?

The difference really is perspective.

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