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Too much to drink... load up /lit/.... all the threads are about tranny shit, politics shit, race shit, incel shit, stupid shit, dumb shit, moron shit, retard shit. Tired of all the shit.
Talk about your favorite book.

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Also siddhartha by hesse, also kino. I didn't like steppenwolf as much

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Interesting, I tried Steppenwolf when I ran a book club a while back and we all got majorly filtered by it. It really turned me off Hesse, especially since he said that Steppenwolf was one of his favorites. I'll try out Siddartha.
I have a haltf-mexican white nationalist trad christian friend who can be a real headache sometimes. He's one of my only friends that reads books and he has a huge hard-on for PKD. I've been meaning to get into him, to try him out, read and weep, skim and tear, flip and rip, absorb and digest all his works. I've heard great things about VALIS

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The Red Rising series has some pretty cool sword fights. I am training with my roommate in the way of the sword so I can be a cool swordsman like the main character. I have begun reading the Book of Five Rings so I can better understand the sword. I like swords.

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A Scanner Darkly
I'm not going to argue that it's good. I'm just saying it's my favorite book by revealed preference.

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>Steals everything from Alasdair Gray

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more like allstairs gay lol

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that book is about a bunch of canadians right?

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Go on....

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How does one *get* into Western Philosophy?

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The podcast History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps is pretty good

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this but unironically

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no it isn't

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Understand first that the West does not start with the Greeks, Faustian Man is not Apollinean Man. Read Aquinas and Ockham, that's where it all starts and what this whole mess is based upon

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everything in this thread is trash
In all seriousness, just read aristotle along with a cliffnotes guide and lift eights
that is literally all you need
also, anything with mind-body dualism is retarded bullshit

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I like this book series and I would like to share it with you all

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I like it but I stopped reading around the three powers, I should continue to read it. I remember text roleplaying this on wetpaint back in the late 2000s/early 2010s(really mid 2000s late 2000s was when that stuff was at its peak), unfortunately since most of the fans are female its overrun with gender/tranny nonsense fanwise. I like it better than redwall, in ways it's more violent. I still feel bad for Shadowclan though, they just seem very weak/shit and the whole thunderclan is the savior for all the clans stuff gets tiring. I think they could've fleshed out the differences of the clans especially when cats like Stormfur and Greystripe, Tawnypelt join another clan, and made the other clans have more varying dominance(other than just Thunderclan), I get that in Into the Wild and in the following series under Firestar,Thunderclan would probably be at its peak but I think it would be interesting if we see the negatives of Thunderclan and its downfall and the rise of another clan. I never did read the comics or the super editions, I remember when it was a big deal of are they squirrelflight's kits? or leafpool and crowfeather's? Good times.

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A thread for discussing literature from non-english speaking countries.

TQ: What's your favorite non-english piece of literature?

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Extremely broad question. Is this one of those “I’m going to inch into I hate le Anglo’s territory” threads?

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good luck finishing the book, is even on old spanish

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As an latino, I've got to say I'd rather read Shakespearean English than Quixotean Spanish without any annotations. It's quite the monumental task

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I just wasn't sure what else to ask.
You're free to ask questions if you want.

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What did he mean by this?

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It's a Greek word.

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I could never figure out if Stephen was based or cringe

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>What did he mean by this?
Jack isn't the sharpest tack

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>Irish nationalist who prefers English rule to liberation by Napoleon
A more cringe individual does not exist in literature

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Do you have any good ones to suggest? I am about to start reading her Xenogenesis series after I heard about it o QuinnsIdeas jewtube channel, and would appreciate some suggestions of authors like her. Thanks in advance frens.

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sorry i dont read prototrannies

shes not that interesting of a writer despite the themes she deals with

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i must say though she has remarkable surface dermal tone for a black person. its no doubt parallel to her such precise crisp prose

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I think Ted Chiang's short stories have similarities to her short stories. I enjoyed The Parable of the Sower, but I got filtered by The Parable of the Talents just like how I felt about the actual parables. Guess I just find the second one hard to take.

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Paolo Bacigalupi is my go-to recommendation for authors who do depict systems featuring a subaltern, Paolo is especially concerned with what I call hydraulic dystopias where colonization and subjugation revolve around water availability. He does a great job dealing with dehumanization and investigating human nature in how we interact with and try to conquer scarcity, which makes for darkly fascinating narratives.

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What are the best books on the Kennedy assassination? I heard Crossfire by Jim Marrs is a good one.

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Don’t read Crossfire.

Not In Your Lifetime by Anthony Summers is the best book on it.

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Woweyzowey! Chicago sure seems spooky based on Horror’s Call ™ by F Gardner! I bet it’s a really spooky city!

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kill yourself
your parents must be ashamed of you frank

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indeed Chicago is full of spooks

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change the filenames frank this is embarrassing

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Rate this book shelf, /lit/ bros.

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>My trannime is better than their trannime!
The absolute state of weeaboos

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like i said, tranime

im far more cultured than your intro to lit ass, just trust me on this faggot

i can read in japanese too btw

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this bitchass pseud calling someone else uncultured despite buying the default amazon edition of beowulf

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>Porco Rosso

Nice... very nice OP.

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very nicely s oy

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How does anyone get traditionally published these days? Is it even possible? Has anyone here actually done it?

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the new reading is youtube eceleb commentary

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i think you have to belong to what they see as some sort of oppressed group, like if you're a mixed race 20 year old girl from a wealthy family who attended an expensive university and never suffered a day of adversity in your life

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The process hasn't changed at all
Hybrid publishing is not a thing

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>20 year old girl from a wealthy family who attended an expensive university and never suffered a day of adversity in your life
I can't even fathom the suffering

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Share your novel ideas and comment on those of others

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what the fuck is that thing on the left? i hate it

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the storm of steel but about my nihilistic pointless deployments shooting farmers in Afghanistan

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That's a capybara and it's on the right

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his name is Pumba

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so theres this guy and he is uhh depressed and he maybe drinks i dunno he wants to meet a girl but she has a boyfrend and he is derepssed he doest n tant to be with him

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What is a nice refreshing classy thing to read to regain my sanity and mental clarity after several days of doomscrolling and ai smut?

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ESL but not a nig

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What translation?

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penguin has a good one w good notes

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The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles, 1949

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>INB4 why can't you just ELI5!!!!

>I have been only too often and too vehemently attacked by opponents who were incapable of making the simple reflection that their opinions and objections contain categories which are presuppositions and which themselves need to be criticised first before they are employed.

>...there is something stupid — I can find no other word for it — about this didactic behaviour; technically it is unjustifiable simply to presuppose and straightway assume such propositions; and, still more, it reveals ignorance of the fact that it is the requirement and the business of logical thinking to enquire into just this... whether any of these is something true or something actual.

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>when they can't defeat you with superior logic they call you names

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you got filtered by biology
sorry lil bud

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jokes on you little buddy

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All philosophy past the Greeks and Romans is totally worthless, just intellectual masturbation.

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How much of Sartre and Camus can we accurately say is just repurposed secular Kierkegaard? Why are the French existentialists praised so much for writing remixes and reboots?

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all of philosophy either points towards it in analyzing virtue, or tries going the other way, like pessimism and other debauched removals of morality (Christian morality, as expected, and the same it has always been, since it's the universal natural system.)

>> No.22547369

>Christian morality
is a formulation of Absolute Right, a stage on the way, but not the pure doctrine. Calling it Christian implies other formulations of Absolute Right are below the Christian, where as all true religion, regardless of external symbolism, gave essentially the same kernel, the Truth.

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Which Christianity? Weak Christian bros don't even into doctrine and act like the things people died for for 4000 years don't even matter.

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it derives from perfection, that is to say, God.
it is, consequently, Christian.

the proper orthodox belief.

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>the proper orthodox belief.

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What are some books I can buy on Barnes and Noble that I can't find on Amazon? Trying to make the free shipping threshold.

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You get better prices for those B&N special editions. That KJV they sell is actually nice. But they sell other classics (not all illustrated).

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Any recs? I do like a nicely put together book.

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I only have Grimm's and the KJV. Both of those are illustrated, but not all are. They have all the usual from Poe to Homer. Even some modern stuff like Anne Rice. Afaik they're all leatherbound.

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The female -)FORM(- "LICKS" from this??

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>Frank doesn't even know we can see this is his shitposting

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book him boys, the jest is finite

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Does anyone remember Artemis Fowl? :)

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the first book was good and then they milk
ed it and it became trash

>> No.22547113

He should have fucked the elf.
>but thats technically pedophilia and exploitation and grooming and bla bla bla
Don't care.

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lettuce be real, colfer played that shit up intentionally

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What books should i read to master the Talmud and kabbalah? I want to become a high level jewish magician

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You do know you will burn eternally in the disgraceful flames of Hell until your flesh melts and your bones become charcoal, only to be infinitely revived to be toasted again forever and ever, don't you? Of course you do

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If i could I would beat ethan klein to death with my bare fists and kick the shit out of his dead body.

>> No.22547786

You don't need magic for that.

>> No.22547788

How do Jews study the Talmud?
Are they expected to memorise it or is the importance of studying the Talmud more like developing their Talmudic reasoning ability/pilpul?

>> No.22547905

I tried reading the Talmud but it's the most boring shit, literally like the most dry legal document. Think Deuteronomy x1000

I think the Hasidic jews spend their entire life rote memorizing it.