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Why was this year so special?
>Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith killed on this year
>Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels met on this year
>Marx wrote the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts on this year
>Friedrich Nietzsche was born on this year
>William Miller predicted Jesus would come on this year
>Ellen G. White said Jesus began the investigative judgment on this year
>The Bab announced himself on this year
>Abdul Baha, son of Bahaullah, born on this year
>Max Stirner wrote the Ego and Its Own on this year

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Because dubs

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Are we really living in the best of times? I recently read ISAIF and couldn't agree more with Uncle Ted, we got to destroy the System!

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>leaderless world revolt
good luck

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What am I in for? Should I read it as part of Mahabharata or reading it byself would be fine?

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>reading it byself would be fine?

Absolutely. It's not really connected to the rest of the Mahabarata in terms of story. Mahabarata is really just a word for Indian Canon.

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Based translation, well done

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I would say Cicero, Cato, P. Manlius, you know, the best ones. But I would love it if someone said they like Nero or Brutus or some crazy shit like that.

I once read a quote about the love "winners" claim from the gods, and the love "losers" claim from Cato, which I liked.

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Compact, severe, with as much substance as possible, a cold malice towards ‘fine words’, also towards ‘fine feelings’

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dum spiro spero

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What’s your favorite book on chess?

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The Amateur's Mind by Jeremy Silman. If you're looking to improve your chess then mainly just analyse your games. Don't bother learning openings too much; it's a waste of time for the most part.

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Silman is good. If you want to develop thinking and tactics further read Arthur Yusopovs studies. Avoid anything that advocates for shortcuts or "the best games ever!"

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For training:
>GM's Secrets by Igor Smirnov (you can get it as a pdf)
>Manual of Chess Combinations vol I-III
>Understanding Chess by Nunn
>The Art of Attack in Chess by Vukovic

For games/analysis:
>My 60 Memorable Games by Fischer
>Life and Games of Mikhail Tal by Tal
>Kasparov's "My Great Predecessors" series

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>anti war books

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Good. Hopefully less retards spend money on shit books this way.

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Midwit tier

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Happy weekend /lit/izens. Suggest some great non-fiction books you've read. Better if they're on a diverse range of subjects.
Here are my recommendations:

-The Diversity of Life by Edward O. Wilson

-Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

-The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements by Eric Hoffer

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The Worm at the Core

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History of the Royal Society
by Thomas Sprat

Logick, Or, The Right Use of Reason
by Isaac Watts

The Myth of the Eternal Return
by Mircea Eliade

The Evolution of Civilizations
by Carroll Quigley

Weapons of Mass Migration
by Kelly M. Greenhill

Mein Kampf
by Adolf Hitler

The Conservative Revolution in Germany 1918-1932
by Armin Mohler

Church, Papacy and Schism
by Philip Sherrard

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based Londonfrog

>Mein Kampf
Is this put up as a meme or he actually has something valuable to say?

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>Thomas Asbridge
He supervised my dissertation. Nice guy

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It sets forth his ostensible worldview, which though flawed, can be instructive.

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Happy weekend /lit/izens. Suggest some great non-fiction books you've read
Here are my recommendations:

-The Diversity of Life by Edward O. Wilson

-Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

-The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements by Eric Hoffer

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I've always been very interested in the way food, and the way we eat together shape our behavior and culture and vice versa.

For instance did you know that in old times children were made to stand at the table and were not allowed to speak? Nowadays we invite children to sit down with us and dine as our equals, this is indicative of a paradigm shift in our culture.

Any recommended reading on food history?
Pic related is, in my opinion, the quintessential researcher on the role coffeehouses played in shaping the way we view gender roles in post-restoration England, Brian Cowan.
Kind of an arcane subject I know but surprisingly interesting, I actually think he posts here but I can't confirm.

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I took a history of food course in grad. Surprisingly not terrible.

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Really? You gave this guy and A and failed me for my "Condiment Continuum: The history and future of salt" ?

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perhaps if your work had displayed a little more originality, it would've received the same marks!

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He's living the academic dream. The guy gets sabbaticals. Every spring, women flaunt their bodies in fleshy spectacles across the campuses, sunbathing sorostitutes, co-lotioning ethnic study groups, egg-laden wombs churning ova and spunks in subtle parts per million spoutings that so coil and ensnare the nostrils in especially the less HVAC-served basements of unaffiliated campus book stores, it's nearly as powerful as the heavily perfumed recreation and sports facilities that nearly leave feminine films upon the sensate mucosa, vast rooms enriched by hundreds of bright acidic humidities, inexpensive soaps and shampoos entwining with the gyno-perspirome fluttering flute songs adrift upon enclouding coitamonal convections.

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Yes because you shamelessly plagiarized pic related.

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is there anything it can't do?

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When do you use this fucking thing

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I use it just because it looks cool; I am not a writer.

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when you have two clauses that need more separation than a comma, but will not flow very well if you separate them with a period.
>pic rel
new hart's rules, 2nd ed

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>I saw this thread on /lit/ the other day, this dude made a shitpost about semicolons; he obviously doesn't know how to use them.
a good example sentence

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I absolutely love it but only use it only when absoutely necessary, like confusing long sentences that can't really be split.

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>Susan Hurley
420 blaze it bruh

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that time i raped my wife

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When I toke it up breh, whos waiting for 4:20 today wit me niqqas? B)

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That time I made a concession in my education, career and love life to concede my passions in favor of security

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I've let my entire life pass me by and have always taken the path of least resistance

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Has 21st century literature produced a writer greater than LD?

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Fuck off

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This old chunk of coal

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Looks like a motherfucker that likes to bite the heads off of chickens, with that fucking big fat fucking face. Bet he has real smooth hands too.

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He writes outlines which people improv. The best Seinfeld episodes were written by Spike Feresten and other jews. LD stinks

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Ok failed screenwriter.

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Would you date an analytic?

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I thought that was a 40 year old woman.

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I would have dated Susan Hurley in her prime.

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if he shaved the hideous beard I would desu

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I've liked Kane B's channel for years even though I hate analytics. Nice to see it on /lit/.

Someone sit on his face. He's made nice videos for years.

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>A writer of books for boys. Certainly better than Conrad. Has at least a voice of his own. Nothing I would care to have written myself. In mentality and emotion, hopelessly juvenile. Loathe his works about bells, balls, and bulls.

Was Nabokov right about Hemingway?

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>Finnegans Wake. A formless and dull mass of phony folklore, a cold pudding of a book. Conventional and drab, redeemed from utter insipidity only by infrequent snatches of heavenly intonations. Detest it. A cancerous growth of fancy word-tissue hardly redeems the dreadful joviality of the folklore and the easy, too easy, allegory. Indifferent to it, as to all regional literature written in dialect. A tragic failure and a frightful bore.

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>Detest it
>Indifferent to it

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>Finnegans Wake
>easy, too easy
h-ha yeah totally

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puffed up muh aesthetics pseud chimping out because he doesn't get braplord Joyce's Chad schizo insight into the true depth of simultaneous sadness and humour in everything

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I have ascended.

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top row are the true top brass of future civilisation

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Schelling and Novalis.

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No you haven't lol

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I influenced Whitehead and Deleuze anon, why haven't you read me yet?

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(you can skip to 3:00)
What this fellow is saying actually resonates perfectly with the knowledge that I feel was given to me by God. What should I read?

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Good goy. Love everyone!

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Hello devil.

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Nice projection. Everyone in your reality bubble is a 'false shepherd'. FUCKING COPE.

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What are you trying to convince me of here? Nothing of substance

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Thanks for posting this, I had seen the thumbnail but not saved it and was looking for it, I thought it was kind of funny. But the video and the mans advice are very good and I am glad to have watched it

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*simultaneously refutes guenon*

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How will guenonfag recover?

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Wtf Sadler

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>w-well ... I d-don't agree with that but I'll avoid attempting to explain why it's wrong

What's there to recover from, Sadler is simply coping because he has no real answers

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haven't read either of them, but do they even contradict themselves?

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Yes Guénon and Parmenides retroactively refuted Whitehead and the process philosophical tradition.

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>That is how most people on this board actually say Guenon and Parmenides

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Which books do you have to absorb to keep a girl like this who will kill your balls and sincerely ask you why you haven't killed yourself yet every morning?

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Fuck off

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Katie Loves Classic Books is a more powerful bio-woman (female) icon for the /lit/erary community. Katie's body is strikingly feminine, almost as if several women's worth dwells inside her, whereas OP's chicken-sausage skinned cabin-girl seems a poster girl for frankly gross below-deck depravities that at a glance indict the entire nautical culture for it's systematic ruination of, at some point young and redeemable young women, instead entrapping them to a life of ink-parlor-documented self-destruction and meaningless penile mileage. OP's picture could have been a mother, could have fostered infants, toddlers or children. Instead, she drinks goblets of semen and perfects a twisted repertoire of vaginal, anal and oral engulfings, most of which is not under any sort of medical supervision. Completely inured and enslaved to the circus, OP's whore would hiss like an over-done roast if ever her Americana goggles were momentarily suspended and she saw plainly what the rest of us see. Rather than dwelling on this cipro-infused block of Boar's Head, we should instead open ourselves to a truly heavensent contemporary, a muse made mortal. Pic related.

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If you sincerely can't get a girlfriend nicer, better looking and less fucked up than this... girl, then I feel sorry for you.

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