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Finished this some weeks ago.

To me it was superior to the Iliad, the Odissey and The Divine Comedy.

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In other words epic poems are big hard, prose much easy for to read

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to be fair the iliad & odyssey aren't supposed to be difficult

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I’m not an English speaker. I read the translation of Federico Lourenço published by Editora Cotovia (I liked Homer better than Dante)

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*to everyone with a brain

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Audrey: You find Fanny Price unlikeable?

Tom: She sounds pretty unbearable, but I haven’t read the book.

Audrey: What?

Tom: You don’t have to have read a book to have an opinion on it. I haven’t read the Bible either.

Audrey: What Jane Austen novels have you read?

Tom: None. I don’t read novels. I prefer good literary criticism. That way you get the novelist’s idea as well as the critic’s thinking. With fiction I can never forget none of that has really happened. It’s all made up by the author.

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never gets old
this ones pretty feels:
>this must be how the-the um-um failure starts, an incompetence in mastering the common tasks of everyday life

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i like that film. the main character's a pretty boring self-insert i think but nick is a great character & it has a nice novelistic story

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What should I read by this dude and in what order. I'm currently in possession of
>Oliver Twist,
>Nicholas Nickleby
>David Copperfield
>Hard times

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Bleak house

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Just read Pickwick Papers, which is just about perfect. Dickens perfected his thing with his first novel, and never quite managed to better it.

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>No pickwick

Cmon lad

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Let's write a paragraph about any topic using these idioms, try to fit together as many as you can
The most ridiculous win

kudos to you
you good sir
ditto that
why yes
this is just meh
just shut up and listen
yes... i'm okay...
let that sink in
yes * yes * and no *
yay for *
it's called being a decent human being
super duper
Why, yes of course
I'm definitely doing this
found this gem
you magnificent bastard
That escalated quickly
Let that sink in
This is why we can't have nice things
Faith in humanity restored
Many tears were shead
That's a risky click
Nailed it
You had one job
Uhm.. no sweetie...
One mississipi, two mississipi, ..

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go away

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logged in just to downvote this, yikes sweaty

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it's actually a lulzworthy idea, but phrases op listed are usually used in comments, not the post itself.
thus, it's only correct to write a book REVIEW using them.
should make a new thread

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Listen! I recently found this gem of an an awefuckingsome band called Hello Kitty Suicide Club that y'all folks need to just shut up and listen to. Yes... I'm okay... yes *yes* and *no*. Many tears were shead on the night I realized they were utterly super duper after years of not being able to endure more than a few minutes, thinking "this is just me". Could the same thing have happened to you, good sir? Ditto that? Let that sink in. Your flawed human brain automagically nailed it to the metaphorical wall of "this is why we can't have nice things" level dipshittery. You ought to tell your brain -
brain, you had one job!" Kudos to you for going back and listening to HJSK. After, you will be able to respect yourself, and, why yes, maybe even like yourself. Yay for you. Nope, wait, is it actually shit? Literally no. Duh. Just thought I'd throw a little curveball in there to leave your mind=blown. What? You're mad at me disrespecting Hello Kitty Suicide Club? That escalated quickly, you magnificent bastard. Looks like I nailed it. Faith in humanity restored? Uhm... no sweetie... There is not one mississippi, two mississippi, or even five. The time I have left to write this is in the red, and to go on any other website now, well that's a risky click. Let that sink in. I'm definitely doing this to fuck around, but I have to go to work. Kudos to you for taking the time to listen to me whine, my good sir. It's caled being a decent human being, and I hope you have a super duper day.

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So what does /lit/ think, will we ever get a chance to read it?

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what did he mean by this?

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He's not going to finish it, is he?

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/lit/ cares about capeshit even less than /v/, chief

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I-it's probably f-finished he j-just needs the show to end first. Then it'll r-release right after.

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if they're into GoT they like capeshit

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how much overlap does the book fanbase have with the show fanbase at this point, excluding the morbidly curious?

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I don't have a problem with fatboi not finishing the series - he's like 75 and 400 lbs. He definitely has better shit to do with the remaining time he has. What gets my goat - and the reason why I think he deserves all the shit he gets - is that he still acts like he's trying to finish it.

Sorry bucko, but people have written greater, more complicated books than twow in significantly less time, so fuck him (and I say this as someone who doesn't enjoy the books).

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What did you think of Lean In?

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If a woman leans in it lets me see down her shirt better, so it's a good thing.

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Kind of feel like with the failure of Hillary clinton that "we need more women ceos" white woman feminism has basically died and looks passe to the extremely online social justice crew now.

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eternally and unequivocally this

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Now it's "we need more black women CEOs."

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Hey, fellow Anons!
My name is John and I am a German trying to become a writer. Yes, I am retarded enough to try to get into a market so over saturated, that I have better chances to be an abuse-free hooker. Anyway, I am sharing this link to my FREE ebook here, so all of you can murder me in the review section in a few days and I might be able to work on my writing skills (English is my second language; so the translation is probably fucked at some parts and I am too broke to hire someone). So far, from my close environment, I only get the classic: “Yeah that’s great”, blablabla and desu I don’t want to bother them with a story, they won't fully understand anyway, and my implicit fear of achieving nothing substantial in my lifetime. I know you are all high IQ monkeys and I would be honored to get dissected, straight up murdered, by your greasy neckbeard fingers in a heartbeat.


I am not sure how common it is to have this here on /lit/, maybe I will get bombarded with snarky comments, but I know to at least get a good laugh out of them so here I am.
The story is not breaking into new grounds. Someone told me their story; of a low lifer finding no meaning in jobs, love, family or friends and who turns to violence. I will be real with you, it is slow as hell. The first 100 pages are just cheap set up for the moment he tries to fight back for control. But after I think, I have something special on hand.

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Post a screenshot. I don't use amazon

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Yeah, you are right, while I write for all these reasons you are stating to some extent, I would not say, they are the reasons why came here with my 2nd Class Book.

I want to earn money with writing, I just don't feel good enough. I want you to read about my inner workings, I just feel like I should be ashamed for it. I want to fuck with people, just doesn't make a good USP in itself.

So yeah, it is not my decisions to be read, I might not even deserve to be read at all, but in the end it is my decisions to say: "Here, I want you to read it", if you then go out of your way to take the time to do it, that's your decision.

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Underrated post

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Stop watching anime.

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Brother, just go with the flow. I'll pour my self a pint of mead in your honor tonight. That'll be my prayer for you.

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Read the first half of this last night and I thought it was really good. Anyone else read this?

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Or you know, good old random chance.

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It's good, especially if you've read the stories and watched the movies it references a lot. I liked it more than Ghosts of My Life, but I didn't grow up in the British music scene of the 70s and 80s so ymmv.

I don't think you need to read Capitalist Realism for a good understanding of The Weird and the Eerie - they're not really all that related. I would recommend reading CR before reading Ghosts of My Life though - those two are a bit more intertwined.

If you like The Weird and the Eerie, I'd recommend spring-boarding into Eugene Thacker's Horror of Philosophy books. They pick up very nicely where Fisher left off.

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I really like the idea that the second half of Mullholland Drive is just as dreamlike as the first half. I had accepted the standard reading of the film for years and it was cool to hear an opposing view. Should probably give that film a third watch. Seen Blue Velvet 5 times (its my favorite film) and Eraserhead twice.

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Well, then we all just exist as actors in anon's solipsistic reality. Or we in yours, or you in mine. It's propably me though and the moment I cease interaction you will collapse into ethereal nothingness. So have fun with that.

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>This is because, in private, Engels criticized male homosexuality and related it to ancient Greek pederasty,[2] saying that "[the ancient Greeks] fell into the abominable practice of sodomy [original German Knabenliebe, meaning "boylove" or pederasty] and degraded alike their gods and themselves with the myth of Ganymede";[3] Engels also said that the pro-pederast movement "cannot fail to triumph. Guerre aux cons, paix aus trous-de-cul [war on the cunts, peace to the arse-holes] will now be the slogan".[4] Engels also referred to Karl Boruttau as a Schwanzschwulen (faggotty prick) in private.[5]

>The Encyclopedia of Homosexuality volume two is unequivocal on Marx and Engels view of homosexuality, stating that, "There can be little doubt that, as far as they thought of the matter at all, Marx and Engels were personally homo-phobic, as shown by an acerbic 1869 exchange of letter on Jean-Baptiste von Schweitzer, a German socialist rival. Schweitzer had been arrested in a park on a morals charge and not only did Marx and Engels refuse to join a committee defending him, they resorted to the cheapest form of bathroom humor in their private comments about the affair."[6]

Why can't you criticize homosexuals and women in modern leftist circles?

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tolerance only requires passivity, except some weird forms of tolerance that require weird actions like forcing people to bake cakes

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i only know you are trying to project power by using it

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It's obviously a political construct but I think it does describe an underlying reality which is biological. Just like we have a disgust reflex for sex within the family. To pathologize this instinct seems pathological in itself and to call it a 'phobia' is ridiculous. That's just looking at the male social fear of being seen as weak and feminine and projecting it onto another issue.

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>Schwanzschwulen (faggotty prick)
it literally means dickfaggot

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Butterfly is my lesbian :3

She can be a lesbian all she wants but she and I both know for some reason she wants my cock.

She is thinking about it right now. The fact that it could destroy her credibility if she is caught masturbating makes it even better for her. It's why she posted while she did it last time.

Also, I won't be posting tonight so please don't post butterfly. :3

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Did Eckhart see mystic visions and if so, how did he initiate himself in to this craft?

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You know, just like wittgenstein.

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you mean Dietrich Eckart?

>> No.13002480


Eckhart von Hochheim.

Was Dietrich Eckhart a visionary mystic, though?

>> No.13002488

I meant Eckhart Tolle

>> No.13002507


I wouldn't judge a book the cover, but I can already imagine his books looking gaudy. Has he seen mystic visions and if so, how did he initiate himself in to this craft?

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Is this a good apologetics book? Will it cement my faith? I'm going through a faith turbulence

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It isn't really apologetics, it's more Pascal going through his thoughts and faith as he sees it, without an aggressive attempt to convince the reader in that way. I'm not even a Christian but I found it a very thoughtful and insightful book

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sacrifizio del’intelletto

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looking for comfy books or stories that contain it. best if it's not misery porn and has no american military action in it.

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T.E. Lawrence -- Seven Pillars of Wisdom

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haven't heard of it, seems solid. thanks fren

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i have a big lack of confidence /lit/anons,im looking for a book that will help me with it,not a leddit-tier-corny one plz,thanks in advance

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You don't need books, Corporal training will help you more on that front.

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you dont need books, just win games

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What are some good books with cannibalism in them?

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My diary

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The narrative of A. Gordon Pym by Edgar Allan Poe?

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The Odyssey, you plebs

>> No.13002874

The Terror

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Moby Dick

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I didn't really enjoy this that much. It's not confusing, as some people take it to be; in fact I understood the book pretty well and researching different interpretations just confirmed my theories. However it wasn't as great as people make it out to be. Can you convince me I'm wrong anons? Am I a sociopath?

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Kafka writes nonsense, because he was raped by his dad.

>> No.13002439

He turns into a beetle, an allegory of his own perception of self and his place in the social context. I suppose the degree of enjoyment would be tied to your ability to relate to the character.
The Trial and Kafkas other short stories are better.

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I swear the trial in Brothers Karamzov is making me fall asleep. I don't give a shit about the prosecutor's statement.

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Any books on anger management ?
I'm afraid I might hurt someone

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De ira, De clementia

>> No.13003018

It's not an excuse

>> No.13003033

what's his instagram?

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Anger builds and exploded on its own
It has fucked up a lot of relationships and has caused me to enage in violence

>> No.13003068


Things science has proven:

>will power is not a bottomless well. possible to use up your days worth. if you don't put yourself in situations that require will power, you will have more will power later on to deal with things.

>acting out your rage (yelling into a pillow, punching a pillow, exercising) trains your body and mind to act out your rage. when you're in a situation that doesn't allow you to punch a pillow then your mind and body are still trained to act it out. outbursts more likely.

So, what have we learned? Don't let your anger out even in times of peace. BUT not letting your anger out diminishes your will power, making you just as prone to outbursts later in the day/week. catch 22.

So, don't act out your anger, but also stay away from angering situations.

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What the fuck

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If you want to dive right into him, watch some lectures on yt, familiarize yourself with some common marxist concepts and then maybe start with the sublime object of ideology

>> No.13002575

Yes, it's what I did, just familiarize yourself at least a little with his ideas. Read a few articles on Lacan.com.

>> No.13002577

It's supposed to be his magnum opus. Can someone summarise it to me? I think all continental philosophy is charlatanism btw

>> No.13002600

>can someone summarize a 1,000 page book for me

Yes. Ontological incompleteness.

>> No.13002624

I learned to appreciate it after I realized that a framework to view the world doesn't need to be a natural science in order to be valid, as long as it has an internal rigor

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