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Baudolino or the Prague Cemetery. Which should I read first?

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I personally enjoyed Baudolino more, it's much more a "adventure" story than Prague Cemetery, with more playfulness.

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which one is easier?

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baudolino probably

unless you hate jews

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Prague Cemetary certainly changes your perspective on the /pol/ish sentiments on 4chan, if you have other boards aside from this one (like /v/, /fit/, /int/, and /pol/) its a great read. Its also an easy one, and pretty comical.

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Prague Cemetary is one of the most artful takedowns of anti-Semitics I have ever seen.

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Drill me on the art of writing shit stories I don't care about to get better at writing good stories that I want to write about.

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Just think of a short story and write it man?

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Start with imitation.

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le stream of conciousness xD

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Here is the basic story:
Meet interesting person X,
Who yearns for Z.
Witness obstacles A, B, and C,
Rendering Z nearly unreachable.
Now watch X strive
And be rewarded, or not.

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Does /lit/ keep a journal/diary?
Do you think its healthy for teenagers and young adults to keep them?
What about adults?
Would you ever let anyone read yours?
How would you react if someone read it without your permission?

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Yup i just write down whatever comes into my head when i have a chance to sit down. Probably trash but i can sort through it later & maybe improve it

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Yes. I write like 4 times a week. It's usually about life and I tend to get too philosophical sometimes. I would never let anyone read that because I don't even want to read myself.

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>Do you think its healthy for teenagers and young adults to keep them?
i heard it has a positive effect on your mental stability and wellbeing similar to seeing a good shrink or meditating.

i tried it, but i can't help but think of myself as an asshole writing down the same depressing crap day after day. i guess it's more fun if your life is interesting

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most of it is stuff I come up with laying in bed at night, shit I worry about, questions. Writing it down allows me to let these things go--deal with it in the morning

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I do, yeah.
I think consistent reflection is healthy for anyone, and a journal is helpful because it is a physical reminder to do just that.
I have let people read passages, though never the whole thing.
I would be pissed, though only out of principle, a lack of respect. There isn't actually anything I've written in my journal that I'm embarrassed or ashamed about, even the hooker bits.

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Name a track more sp00ky than Giles Corey's Empty Churches


pro-tip: You can't

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Not literature

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Sun O))) - Big Church


Suck it

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Three on the go at the moment!

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I'm not sure. I don't think so, because I'm not sure if Rosa had gone yet. It seems like the professors visit Amalfitano after Amalfitano's section and Fate's section, which makes me think he didn't. However the chronology is difficult and I'm sure I may have missed hints or clues as to when everything is taking place.

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That Portable Nietzsche is great. My first introduction to the big N. I think it has an a short piece called 'Homer's Contest' which is one of my favourites.

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I really need to read Faust. Too many damn books to read & too little time!

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I'm recording these as I go. Updates weekly

The Grand Chessboard


The Shape of Things to Come

Tragedy and Hope a history of the world in our time.

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Hi guys, I'm a /mu/tant who has never been on /lit/ before. Is there something along the lines of /lit/core?

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David foster Wallace and every philosophy book too pretentious to pronounce correctly.

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post suicide note ideas

>"Now everybody-"

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>implying e1 and 2 werent best
4 makes 3 look like 1

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episode 1 is good i havent seen any other star wars movies however. i tried watching 4 but there was this 45 minute scene of c3po wandering around the desert? boring.

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This. Once you stop thinking, the world also doesn't exist anymore, making leaving a suicide note pointless.

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>This. Once you stop thinking, the world also doesn't exist anymore

How does it feel being a three year old?

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Anybody ever read this?

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Yes. It was excellent. Very immersive.

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>reading books written by women.

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>You'll never reach Yourcenar's genius

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>reading books written by women.

there are a few dead lesbians who were excellent writers. don't let your bad experiences with living hetero women cloud your judgment. unlike living hetero women writers the old dead dykes are worth the effort

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Marguerite Yourcenar was bisexual though

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If there is no god, does it mean everything is allowed?

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God was our safety net, now if you fuck up you just die.

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>Implying there is no god
>Going off based assumption with no credibility

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It means that nothing is true and everything is permitted.

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Why do you need a god and a guarantee of punishment to uphold morals and ethics?

Morals and ethics all come from within man. At one point in time some guy sat down and made up all of the biblical stories and analogies which have been the foundation of western law and society. Common interest and empathy uphold them today.

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Depends how you look at I guess, I mean if you discard "God" from the equation, there are most certainly NOT any inherent rules to living on earth as a mammal, or any animal for that matter, you can find example of this at your local park....but then again the majority of us do feel like we are born with a sense of right and wrong, however I believe "morality" is (somewhat) just a delusion of our own consciousness, so I suppose everything is indeed allowed, but that doesn't mean society as it built today will allow it.

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Just finished it, that was so nice to read.

Has anyone else read it?

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No. Is it an overview, analysis or full texts?

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It's just of collection of the most important stories of greece mythology (Prometheus, Theseus, Jason, war of Troy, Odyseus,...). It's well written.

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i've read heraclitus, spinoza, nietzsche & deleuze

who else should i read that belongs to this tradition?

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top tier

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Heidegger obviously.

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he's dead 2

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Why do people still believe in religions when Sciences give more logical and reasonable answers to our questions ?

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They're not the answers they want to hear

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Your question demands far too many answers.

In the words of Philip Roth: "The world will be better a place when no one believes in God."

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>why don't people believe what i believe?

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Science answers your questions, maybe.

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It is a cultural thing. You know most religious people dont actively combat their doctrines with what is scientifically acceptable. The fedoras will tell us how this makes them hypocrites but most scriptures are never taken literally, which is basically impossible anyways since much of it can be interpreted metaphorically, like a fable or something. Only in the last century did people start comparing the two, as if science is some kind of organized order comparable to religion. The purpose of religion in western society is greatly taken for granted because it has been phased out by new social trends.

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Thoughts on a hundred years of solitude? I like it a lot but I think that a lot of my enjoyment is derived from understanding and recognizing the characters so well due to my close connections to the author's cultural background. What do Non-latin americans like about the novel?

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Everyone likes it MOVE ON bean boy.

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How many psychedelic enthusiasts on /lit/? describe your experiences.
Have you ever read/written/philosophized while tripping?

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>awesome apart from the come up

i really don't get this, the come up is AMAZING

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this was so good

>> No.7070665

I am interested in them

I have some San Pedro cactci growing in house, but it will take a couple of years until I have a dose that is big enough for at least two people. I might just mail-order some shrooms, that will be less time consumptive.

Anyone have experience with mescaline cacti?

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Horrible panic experience. I hallucinated/met the saint Peter of Buddhism (which makes no fucking sense). I threw up and farted in a chair for about 10 minutes while caught in an endless cycle of cotton mouth, head splitting, high, and shakes... I thought I was going to die, and that my friend who was there with me was the devil.

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what substance specifically?

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I'd like to read Nietzsche's books but I'd don't know what should I pick first.

Which Nietzsche's is the best one to start with this author ?

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No. You are redefining words for him.

You are projecting hard.

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Start with The Birth of Tragedy to get a sense of his simplified early work. Then read The Gay Science which flushes it out in a more "technical" way. finish with Zarathustra, which is basically gay science shrouded in flowery language.

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Btw. Don't get caught up in the whole ubermench thing

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Nietzsche a nihilist?

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The Birth of Tragedy.

People underrate it because Nietzsche himself later disliked it but I find it to be a monumental piece of thinking.

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Favourite quotes from literature. Let's help each other sound more pretentious and more well read than we really are.

"... the bourgeois today burns as heretics and hangs as criminals those to whom he erects monuments tomorrow."

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but that's wrong Hesse what are you talking about

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What do you guys think about Orson Scott Card?

I loved Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow, but dropped the shadow series on the third book, because it became boring political strategy, and the characters of Bean and Peter were literally destroyed.
Also liked Speaker for Dead, though it took me some time to get into it. I like both the cold and strict way he makes his children characters, and also the over emotional stuff. And he makes excellent atmosphere and interesting plots.

But what really amuses me about him
>writes about being completely tolerant towards strangers and their actions no matter how extreme and harmful they are, forgiveness to an alien race that killed millions for nothing and heart tearing pigs

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>he tries to fit incest into the narrative
Wat? where?

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>Raptor Roger
everi tiem

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First book was good but the quality sank in the later ones. But at least he isn't as awful as Terry Goodkind.

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I think everyone liberals hating him when he started disagreeing with liberals, which goes to show that liberals don't really believe in freedom of expression, which isn't surprising since so many of them are closet Maoists.

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Closeted, self-hating homosexual who writes reddit-tier sci-fi.

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Any other albums similar to this? So fucking good

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Oops, wrong board :(

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Can we talk about this for a second? Can we just talk about this shit?

As a violent mostly cis male, I don't believe there should be no d u discrepancy between art and artists - as the ideal

As someone who's trying to break into the scene, I more than feel censored; I feel isolated; castrated
The modern male isn't a masculine or violent one, unless we're speaking of blacks who funny enough are being fetishized for it

This is the scene near me. Where am I expected to turn to? The PUA scene?

Before I discovered that this mindset was prevalent I messaged a local writer a story of me meeting a girl, by most accounts my actions would be considered aggressive
No response
I met the girl without telling her who I was. I think I was one of the few that wasn't a regular and she specifically seemed to be warm/welcoming to me. I messaged her again to kind of follow up, showing I was the same person, and got no response
I now realize the next time I see her, I may be asked to leave, effectively being ex'd out of opportunities to network and show my work

It's a fucking joke

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I believe there should be no discrepancy*
I believe an ideal artist lives his art

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Identity politics is poisonous. Its corruption takes the form of both affirmative action advocates and pathetic "reverse marginalized" people like you.

You did a strange thing. You can't just send your work right off the bat to a writer you have a fondness for. You have to build a conversation first. This isn't a networking hint or anything, it's just common courtesy. Based on your bearing and this story I think you're probably 18 or under and are looking to take your rage out on identity politicians because you simply don't know how to present yourself.

Christ, how difficult is it to actually stay on the fence and look at the identity struggle objectively without manipulating the conversation for your own personal gain? You sound like a redditor.

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When I messaged her, I didn't think I'd ever meet her and was asking what she thought

I'm ambivalent toward any gender politics. My issue is with censorship; that effectively the minority is silenced so the majority feel more comfortable

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>and we need to do better. We have publications— with good intention! — looking for visceral, gut-wrenching, interesting work, that are open to poetic work critiquing and deconstructing the misogynistic, patriarchal climate in which we are all operating. That’s so great, but it matters who is writing the poem; it matters who is doing the critiquing

She's not only saying her viewpoint should take precedence, she's literally saying that even that work should seek to be published by authors similar to her and not judged on its own merits

How affirmative can action get

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If you don't toast toast, is it still toast?

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yes. your starting point is toast, and you're not toasting it further.

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Toast becomes toast through the process of toasting bread.
Henceforth, if you do not toast bread, it is not toast.
If it is already toast though, it cannot be toasted again. Because repeating the same process on toast will simply turn it into burnt toast. Thus the process is simply burning toast. It can't be called toasting, as it is not producing toast.

The OP is completely wrong, and facile, as you cannot toast toast.

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science answers real questions
philosophy answers pseudo questions

>> No.7070061

science answers nothing

>> No.7070066

No. It's bread. Duh.

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