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I want to read Pynchon, /lit/. But in my country I can only find Mason & Dixon, Against the Day, Inherent Vice and The Crying of Lot 49. I've already read TCoL49, so which one should I pick next?

>inb4 the translation meme in its real form

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Actually, you can't find TCoL49, but you can find V. for ten bucks here http://www.betadeaquarius.com.br/
and if you're in Belo Horizonte, I know for a fact GR and Vineland are ALWAYS available for rent in the public library (I suppose you can find some of his stuff on UFMG as well, but I'm not sure).
V.'s translation is old and pretty bad tho, I'd recommend you getting a english edition, but the rest are good, they're translated either by Paulo Henriques Britto or Caetano Galindo, the guys responsible for bringing the complete meme trilogy to brhue.

Also, since these books are rare as fuck and / or Cia. das Letras, even with the dollar at 4,something, it's still pretty much the same price getting them through amazon.

Sorry for deleting the post, I just wanted to showcase my collection

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Oh, and another thing, even though AtD usually goes out for R$100 and something, it ALWAYS, ALWAYS goes on sale on every bookstore there is, I gave it to a friend for christmas, it was something like 50 bucks on amazon (bought it with some other stuff, so I don't remember exactly)

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No problem. Nice collection there. I think I'll buy Inherent Vice first and then M&D. Thanks again.

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Thank you mate. M&D is pretty hardcore, though it's my favourite book ever.

I know the lad up there said AtD is bad but it really isn't, it's just a very...out there book, so it has it's bad moments, but it also has some of my favourte Papa Pynch

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also ye i imagine IV is better translated since M&D is written entirely in a pynchon's take on a 18th century style english with semi-irregular capitalisation and odd punctuation to boot...?

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What did Fortunato do to insult Montresor?

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beat him 1v1 fox no items final destination.

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It's not mentioned in the story. Could be possible he never even did insult him, and Montresor is just a murdering maniac.

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>Dies almost immediately after he's totally sealed away

I'm confused as to why Poe did this. Wouldn't it be more horrifying if Fortunato were left to rot, still screaming?

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>"delete this"

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It never says he dies right away, just that he stops making noise.

Also, Montresor throws a burning torch into the place to burn up all the air.

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burchase book?

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so why is this masterpiece hardly ever discussed? It may not be the most crescendo-core friendly, but the album has tons of bleeps and blops, but still holding true to the crunchiest of post-rock accolades.

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wrong board bud

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Who else has peculiar reading habits here?

I usually put my books in the microwave for twenty seconds so they come out toasty and warm. I like warm books in my hands. In the summer, I leave them in the freezer overnight. It feels great.

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Kek >>7549696 kek

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I just wriggle in my straps waiting for brenschluss to be honest.

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>using something you'd have to pay back if wrecked
>not using a stephen king novel you hated

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I have this weird habit of fucking your mother before reading, it helps me relax and helps me relax my selfie too.

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>relax my selfie
>my selfie

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Hey /lit/,

I consider myself a future writer. I'm not published and I've never tried to get published. I have a job. I've always considered any past work I've completed to be practice, basically. That I would somehow "know" when I was ready.

Recently, an idea for a novel has, over quite a long time, started to really take shape in my head. I've been thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it, and the pieces are really starting to come together. I've begun writing it. The words and ideas are beginning to flow. I feel like I have a direction and I feel like this might be "the one." I don't necessarily mean "the one" that hits the market and becomes a smash debut novel. It's not that I think it will be a masterpiece. If anything, I mean it feels like it may be "the one" that I'm confident enough to take to someone and say, "I wrote this. This is mine. Will you publish it?" That'd I'd be okay with hearing "no" and continue to move on to the next person and over and over again and still be proud of it, even if I never hear a yes. My point is, for the first time, I'm confident in what I'm doing. It feels good.

But I have a problem.

For the most part, I'm only interested in writing literary fiction. I'm only interested in reading the titans of literature. I'm only interested in writing something that withstands the test of time, so to speak. And, while I appreciate all types of writing, the only work that I feel true interest in doing is work that, at least in my opinion, attempts greatness. Naive and callow, I know.

The problem is that when I distill this new idea I'm working on to its most basic, if I'm being honest with myself, it sounds relatively formulaic. Yet, when I think about the possibilities and where I intend to go with it all in my head, it sounds extraordinary.

I guess I'm asking you guys for help in breaking down great works of literature to their cores. Help me get over this hurdle in my head.

Whether it's green text or a brief summary or however, what great books sound formulaic when you break them down as far as they can go?

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Isn't this what English class is for? Also writing workshops

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ITT: we post liberal propaganda

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>Ayn "free will exists because I feel like it does" Rand

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So much this.

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grrr i hate things. feed me red pills.

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Anybody interested in a Toronto /lit/ meetup? Email me at
[email protected]

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not with someone who posts 276x183 sized images

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r u a qt girl tho op

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>wanting to meet up with people from 4chan

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Are people who write characters lastingly affected by them. Can this happen and are the known instances?

So that e.g. if you write a strong character with good qualities, that you eventually start to adopt those? Is this something natural to happen?

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Monkey see Monkey do

Youre probably easily impressed

and nothings wrong with emulating "strong" characters

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I have $25 in Barnes and Noble gift cards, help pimp my cart?
So far I have Infinite Jest by DFW (May God bless his soul) which is $9.44. I have zero opposition to used books.

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not op but i don't want to make a new thread so help would be appreciated:

i'm looking to get into cynicism. what books do i need to read in order to further my views here?

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Yukio Mishima

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Oh and Osamu Dazai.

Japs know their cynicism.

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so garish

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>this was supposed to be Old Testament year
>family wants to read Book of Mormon again

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>"...the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book." - Joseph Smith Jr.

Don't you want your family to be forever anon?

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Who is the greatest satirist of all time?

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Jose Saramago.

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Still won't play, anybody know where I can get this? I am going through a little Shakespeare and I want to see the BBC version because I liked the JC rendition they did.

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How is this shit spelled?

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Is everybody thst stupid and can't read right?

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Bernst[e|a]in, pleb.

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You do realize what board you're on, right?

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Suffering from nihilism and what you might call philosophical depression in the last years, I recently read Dostoevsky's Demons. What the character Kirillow says makes much sense to me. Considering becoming the Man-God, but that would mean I would fall for the suicide meme written by a man who legitimately did not believe in what he wrote the character to believe.

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Read Lucretius

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Do it fag. You would become a /lit/ autist martyr.

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'There is falseness in Dostoyevskys pious and submissive figures, for one feels they are strangers even to the author.'

Trotsky has an interesting point here, Dostoyevskys moral outlook seems like a willing deception. he knows what Kirilov says is true, how could a man describe it so fully otherwise? but he does not have to courage to face it.

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Ok sorry but idk where else to ask I have a 200 word essay due for English by the end of the school day.

It's open subject but its just too long to get done in the time I have. Can one of you fine gentelmen please write this essay for me I will pay you based on the grade. Thanks gentelmen.

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>and I drink a lot of bear

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When did this happen? I thought the board's been kind of shit lately.

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Two weeks ago now, I think? I'm sure someone saved a picture, but there are a lot of newcomers now. (It's slowly returning to normal though.)

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And by slowly I meant not at all.

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This thread

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How does one hold Infinite Jest?

I've tried to read this book several times before and I usually can't make it more than 10 pages before my wrists and fingers start to cramp under the weight of the book. Is there some way I can hold the book without causing some sort of discomfort for my hands?

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i hold it with
my dick

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start squeezing tennis balls until your forearms are large enough to hold the book

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In low esteem

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that's just it, anon- the great irony of it all.... do you really think DFW set out to write a novel? he was shitposting 70% of it, winging another 20%, and let his editor take care of the last 10% in order to create a novel that would hurt the wrists of anyone retarded enough to buy it.

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I recently finished reading Mythology, Fellowship of the Ring, and the first volume of Journey to the West.

I love books that occur in fantastical universes with lots of plot that occurs on a grand scale, but my brain needs a break for a bit.

So what is something short that is largely character driven or just really aesthetically pleasing. Modern would be nice too. Bonus points for anything far east bc I'm a Chinese Major.

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Malamud, A New Life. it's exactly what you're looking for, and is miles ahead of all this horseshit >>7549485

incidentally its protagonist goes by Levin

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yokohama kaidashi kikou

>> No.7549495

Hunger by Knut Hamsun

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Something Strange Across the River by Nagai. Short and aesthetic.

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that's not a book, silly anon

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On wich faze r u?

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the one where i shitpost

oh wait that's you

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some mix of the last three, but i get a lot of jouissance from visiting and trolling /lit/ that i don't want to part with

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Hey /lit/, do you listen to music while reading?

I like listening to soundtracks or ambient stuff softly on the background. Nothing that provokes emotion because that'll have an impact on how I read and interpret it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53CAzh_qCGE I love listening to stuff like this while reading fiction/adventure.

Post your best and let's exchange our music my fellow e/lit/es.

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This 2bh. Also William Basinski, low volume, though.

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I dont know what that is in that bowl but it looks disgusting, not to mention there is no chair that could make reading a book on that surface comfortable. The problems that accompany eating while reading don't even bear mentioning.
Comfyness: 2/10

>> No.7551492

Probably some sugar-coated "bio" cereal with low nutritional value.

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Jazz works well for me.
I like to read to Miles Davis' soundtrack for "Elevator to the Gallows".


>> No.7551522

If it's too quiet or there's some distracting noise, i turn on the TV (usually poker or something), not loud enough to hear. Probably wouldn't do it with music, you can always hear the rhythm

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gately put tooth-brush in butt, hal gets the dmz from a tooth brush
is all very abstract and "converges just out of frame"

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The plot itself is not cyclic though. It's just extremely sparsed out among encyclopedic descriptions of random things that contribute indirectly to what DFW was trying to convey, that humans are being amused to death, that our addictions remove our human component and at the same time are what make us human, and that life in America is one big Entertainment. We always gotta be entertained by something.
I'm not gonna spoil the plot but a good amount of events that *make* the plot are extremely subtle.

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Does a circle have a beginning, anon?

>> No.7553339

Unless you took impeccable notes, there's actually lots of minor mysteries to resolve that demand you to read the book over and over again to pick up on them. The book is "cyclical" in that the end in the beginning and you probably have to read it twice to pick up on everything, but also in that, like the characters who watch the fatal film, you may feel compelled to read it over and over again, to pick up things you missed.

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