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and the ever more deranged, ambiguous and non-sequitur), I swear, at this time in history we are descending rapidly to the point of mouth-sounds.

"TROON! TROON!" said the Cow.

Let's go through the list, in no particular order, of the ones I've recently seen - and add your own; don't forget to define:

Mad, int. col. : "to be angry" (in part a correct medical terminology)
(lit. "to be mentally ill, to be overly-led by pathos, to suffer from a cognitive impairment or mental retardation which produces aggressive verbal or physical responses")

Troll*, int. col. : "someone who disagrees with you/something who you wish to pretend is not serious in their criticism of you/something" (a non-sequitur)
(lit. a cartoon ogre of unusual pigmentation of the epidermis, typ. musclebound and extremely masculine) (abrev. from 'trollop' : "a Woman of easy-virtue")
*Although this has been in use in internet colloquialism since, at least, the middle 1990's, it persists now as a widely used concept in the common psychosocial vernacular; whereupon any differing critique (or engagement at all) is able to be dismissed in the critiqued persons mind as "a practical joke / harassment / persecution" - based upon no evidence, lending itself to schizophrenic-like compartmentalization in the sense of a paranoia (see: Mad, Schizo).

NEW : Troon, int. col. : "a male-to-female, or female-to-male crossdresser (see: Tranny) who is also a hyperreactive pet-political activist (see: Virtue-Signaler, Social-Signaler)" (a medical misnomer)
(lit. unknown, likely abrev. usage) (abrev. from "Poltroon"; a skittish and hyperreactive overly immature person, from lat. Pullus; a chickling or hen which has not reached the age of menstruation)

Schizo, int. col. : "a person who is able to connect together ideas or things which are not immediately apparent" (a medical misnomer)
(lit. a person suffering from compartmentalization of the thought processes and disconnection,e.g. "cannot connect this to that"; and dissonance, as consequence of compartmentalization, escalating unease and hostility as an aggressive-defensive reaction to own neurosis; a cognitive impairment) (see: Mad) (abrev. from Schizophrenia; lit. "split mind", e.g. dissonance; bi polar disorder, see: multiple personality disorder, conflicting ideas or personalities, dissonance)

Tranny, int. col. : "a male-to-female, or female-to-male crossdresser, from the abrev. 'trans-gender" (a medical and geographical and technical misnomer)
(lit. an over-used misnomer from the abrev, see: abrev) (abrev. the shortened form of transistor, transcontinental, transnational, etc.)

more, when i can be bothered.

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