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Huge Mistake
>drinking then reading prose

Best Thing since sliced bread:
>drinking then reading poetry

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don't do hard stimulants, kids

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>protagonist makes eye contact with a woman
>next paragraph is of them fucking

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>twice six eight seven makes seven eight nine

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>be at bookstore
>book catches eye
>don't know author
>buy it and read it anyway
>it's good

what book was it?

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I am incredibly impressionable. Chad memes are able to convince of what type of life I should live. Books for this vapid man feel?

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great idea i just had, [sppoiler[ it about a pige. [/spoiler]

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>mfw can't even read the handwriting 90% of the time so notes in used books don't bother me

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I worked at a charity shop once and 90% of the books donated went straight into the trash. It was all obvious trash we could never sell, but people get mad when I tell them this anyway because books are so precious.

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Be honest and tell me how much of your book collection is unread

Me, I have over 3500 books and I've only read 50 or so.

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there's a short story I'm trying to find but I can't remember its name.
It's about a guy who can't resist the urge to dig, and everyone around him is doing the same. IIRC it's later revealed that they're all insects, can't remember anything else. Help me /lit/

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What do you think about those contemporaries promoted by new york times circles...rank them.

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This started a little under a week ago. I can normally read fine, but here lately my mind seems to wander and I have to read the same paragraph like 20 times before moving on. What could cause this?

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I am sweepy
feel like pee pee
feel like poopie
i call "mommy, mommy"
mommy fucky daddy
i cry
"fuck jannie"

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having a case of the mondays, but i'm 4/9ths of the way through the second draft. expecting to be done before i start my summer job. we're all gonna make it, friens

think of a person. think of a situation they'd hate. imagine what they'd do if they were in it. badda bing, you got a character, a plot, and an inciting incident

60,000 to 80,000 for a first novel, unless you're writing genre (fantasy, scifi, romance) stuff with lots of characters, in which case you can go anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000. my advice would be to start small

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Reminder that if you read just 10 pages a day, in one year you can read:
>In Search of Lost Time
>Don Quixote
>War & Peace
>The Magic Mountain
>The complete works of Shakespeare
>Les Miserables
>The Tale of Genji
>all 7 Harry Potter books
>Infinite Jest
and still have plenty of reading time left over for other books.

Happy reading for 2019!

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Hey OP get a tablet thats around 8 inches or so screen size and download books on it and read. You will find plenty of apps such as moon reader+ that make the reading experience top notch. On the other side when youre not reading you can watch some content and shit. I do this and I dont regret it since I can download image heavy / large pdf files and read them comfortably which I wouldnt be able to do say on a kindle or some shit. and I can save 1000s of books on there if I have to because of the expandable memory on samsung tablets at least

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The moment you are aroused, jing – the productive essence stored in your kidneys – starts to transform into Qi and reproductive fluids...They are an extremely dense form of Qi and information, and take a lot to produce and regenerate. For this reason, sexual activity is a rather depleting form of entertainment...Chinese emperors, who held a small army of the most beautiful women as concubines, lived in relatively sanitary conditions and had access to the best food and medical treatment, enjoyed notoriously short lifespans. When your jing runs out, you lose your vitality; you become brittle, listless, and ill.

I just want to know what the pornstars here make of this

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Do you take notes or underline while reading books? I don't.

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What is the point of trying being a novelist? You will most likely never make a comfortable salary and if you do somehow become a good writer you will be unrecognized by the current reader base who desires thrills over quality. Self fulfillment can only last you so long until you are left with regret and anger.

I believe the best chance at making it in writing is screenplays or novels written with the intent of being sold for adaption.

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If nonfiction means it really happened then how come you can write a book filled with made up BS and libraries and bookstores have it in the nonfiction section anyway?

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What books should I read if the only reason I want to become a writer is because I'll never be able to make movies and have decided to settle for writing novels?

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my history teacher mentioned that he was
wanted to start an argument, but i want a good grade in the class

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Hi everyone ,I wanted to ask for advice on how to get one of my friends to read. Basically im worried about him,he has no goals in life,does not work,does not go to university yet (he is going to enroll this week to start next year but until then he is doing nothing) and he does nothing but browse the internet and play video games all day,he barely even leaves the house.

I want to get him to read because it would be good for him,it would serve as training to study for when he gets into university(if you can read for several hours then you can study for several hours,most people cant sit down and read without getting distracted).

I asked him what kind of universe he likes in video games, I figured out that he likes fantasy he cloud read fantasy books for example,but he just responds with "Uh-uh I dont know I never tought about it". I also asked him if he has any interests or things he would like to do so he cloud read about that but he said the same "I dont know".

I want him to start reading so he does not become a failure at life and so he can start doing something productive with his time but I dont know what to do,he is not stupid,he has a 99 IQ,but I dont know how to get him to read,any suggestions?

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