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Finished this yesterday, pretty enjoyable. In terms of setting it's somewhat similar to the Sabriel books by Garth Nix, the main character is a warrior-priest, with significantly more emphasis on the Priest side than usual, who by happenstance ends up at ground zero of a primordial dragon waking up, which brings with it all sorts of supernatural shit that had been sealed away for centuries. Dragon is mostly a name, it's a six legged walking mountain (the five other include a stormcloud, a windly, human shaped blob, and a window into somewhere else).
Most of the plot is kind of a Jack the Ripper story, the main character has to track down this thing called Janus, which doesn't particularly like humans, and has been murdering priests by turning them into gory works of art. It also has a magical dick joke which cracked me up.

Tended a bit more toward action in the latter half of the book, which I didn't really think was its strong suit, but it was adequate.

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