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>His gurps campaign is better than the majority of shit suggested here

No, it isn't. In fact it is pretty hard to think of a fantasy book which is even slightly popular and worse than Malazan. Malazan combines immense long-windedness and PoV bloat of WoT or late ASoIaF books with Abercrombie-tier implausibility of characters and world building on Terry Goodkind's level of stupid.

>or on reddit.

You also have to go back.

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>new writers thinking they can just start with a novel
Why do people do this?

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Who the FUCK is this "Alysia Gonzales" and why is she suggesting dogshit edits everywhere?

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wowe so deepe!!
the likes of sophocles are just a footnote compared to this titan of thought
how can we even comprehend his full genius

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>Chapter One
>Describes setting

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